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What to do if a travel delay causes you to miss your cruise

Traveling to your cruise might require you to fly to the embarkation port, unless you’re lucky enough to live close to your cruise port and you can drive.

This summer, travel delays seem to be increasingly more common with horror stories of travelers getting stranded in the airport for hours with cancelations and delays.

Most of this is due to the 2022 summer travel chaos with unprecedented demand for travel, but these kinds of delays can happen at any time when you are flying. 

10 flight hacks to save you money

A lot of people have to fly to their cruise ship, so we wanted to share 10 easy flight hacks to save you money on your airfare in 2022.

Every dollar you save on your flight, is a dollar you can spend on your cruise, shore excursion, or wifi.

Hopefully one or more of these tips will save you some serious cash on your flight!

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