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10 cruise ship tips from a former cruise director

You can find a lot of great cruise tips out there, but tips from a former cruise ship employee come from a lot of experience onboard.

Kabir Rathaur-Bageria is a former Cruise Director for Carnival, P&O Australia and Marella Cruises on Celebrity Cruises, and has been working on ships for 5 years. He now runs his own podcast, Keeping Afloat.

Cruise directors have pretty much seen it all on a cruise, having had many years of experience in so many areas of a ship.

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Cancel Your Upcoming Cruise Just Yet

Since the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's no-sail order went into effect in March, cruise lines have axed thousands of voyages to all corners of the globe, leaving those who are still booked wondering what to do. Should you cancel or take a wait-and-see approach?

We enthusiastically recommend the latter. Here are six solid reasons why you should avoid canceling your cruise right now.

10 common cruise ship mistakes first-timers make all the time

The last thing you want to do is make a major mistake on your first cruise vacation. Avoiding common pitfalls is a smart way to set yourself up for a great vacation.

Unfortunately, a lot of first-time cruisers do not take a little bit of time to learn about these all too common blunders, and they always regret it later.

Here are the top ten cruise mistakes to avoid for anyone going on a cruise.

Bonine vs. Dramamine for Motion Sickness: Which Is Better for a Cruise?

Few experiences can railroad your cruise like seasickness; the last thing you want is to be sidelined by nausea or dizziness when you should be lounging by the pool or taking in a show. Remedies include behind-the-ear patches, wristbands and green apples, but some of the most common are pills -- Dramamine or Bonine -- that can be purchased over the counter.

Should you postpone your cruise vacation?

With almost every cruise line shut down currently, many people are wondering if they should defer, cancel, or push back on their cruise vacation plans.

Cruise lines around the world are trying to tackle the problem of how to restart cruises while keeping guest and crew safe and healthy, so should you wait for cruises to start again or delay that sailing you have booked further out?

Why an inside cabin is the best choice for a cruise

Why should you book an inside room on a cruise ship? Is it a great money-saving idea, or a mistake waiting to happen?

Inside cabins on cruise ships are regularly the lowest priced way to book a cruise, and it is a popular choice for a few good reasons.

Before you decide which cabin to book, check out these reasons to book an inside cabin on your next cruise.

Passport Book vs. Passport Card: What's the Difference?

To passport or not to passport? Fewer than half of American citizens have them; if you're someone who doesn't, you'll want to consider obtaining one before going on a cruise.

Sure, you can travel on a closed-loop sailing -- one that leaves from and returns to the same U.S. port -- with just your birth certificate and a driver's license, but a passport offers more peace of mind in an emergency.

Cruise Ship Illnesses: The Truth About Getting Sick on a Cruise

"Will I get sick on a cruise?" It's a question that many prospective passengers ask, whether they're new to cruising or they've sailed hundreds of times. Fortunately, the answer is "probably not," but, as is the case any time you're in public, there's a risk.

Cruise ships follow stringent cleanliness protocols, but you can further help to prevent both catching and spreading germs by taking the same common-sense precautions you'd employ anywhere else. We've outlined them below, but first, we'll go over some facts and figures to help you feel more confident about your next voyage.

Cruise Packing List: What to Pack for a Cruise

Planning a vacation is stressful enough without having to worry about what you'll need to bring. If you're wondering which things to pack for a cruise, we've compiled a cruise packing checklist that will help to ensure you don't forget any of the essentials, from boarding passes to bathing suits.

Of course, what you pack will depend on several factors, including cruise length, the climate of the destination in which you'll be sailing, whether you're sailing with children in tow and the amount of luggage with which you're willing to travel.

How to sneak alcohol on a cruise and why you should not do it

Many first time cruisers wonder how to sneak alcohol onto their cruise ship.  Most major cruise lines prohibit guests from bringing alcohol onboard their ships because they want their passengers to spend money on alcoholic beverages.  These passengers, on the other hand, wish to save money on their cruise vacation.

Over the years, passengers have gotten crafty in their techniques and sneaking alcohol onboard is a controversial topic.  It is flagrantly breaking the cruise line rules, and it can lead to some serious consequences if caught.

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