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The Best Walkie-Talkies For Cruise Ships

Did you know that there are cruise ships at sea that are longer than the Eiffel Tower? Wonder of the Seas measures a whopping 1,083 feet long, with Icon of the Seas coming in even longer at 1,198 feet. 

With so many activities going on simultaneously, it's rather easy to get separated from your party. Some may want to lounge by the pool, while others want to explore the youth clubs or attend trivia at one of the lounges. 

The best Black Friday deals on Amazon for cruisers

One of the biggest shopping days of the year is finally here: Black Friday. Although most people think of massive discounts on electronics, savvy travelers know that Black Friday is also a great time to prepare for their next cruise.

Camo and weed: Why you shouldn't bring camouflage clothing or marijuana on a cruise ship

When packing for your cruise, you should make sure to review not only what’s allowed onboard your cruise ship, but also the destinations you’ll be visiting. Each cruise line has a long list of prohibited items that are banned onboard their vessels; however, cruise ship passengers are also required to follow local laws and regulations in each port of call.

I cruised to Europe with a first-timer. Here's why she might not cruise again.

Cruising for the first time can be equally exciting as it is nerve-racking. For those who have never stepped foot on a cruise ship before, everything onboard is a new experience — both good and bad.

Are kids free on cruises? How family cruise pricing works

When you go to book a cruise, you will notice that the price is per person, rather than per night like standard hotels. 

This can lead to a bit of sticker shock. If the going rate for a balcony cabin is $1,000 per person, does that mean you will actually have to pay $4,000 for your family of four?

That price does not even include other miscellaneous things, like flights, pre-cruise hotels, shore excursions, and other cruise add-ons

What to pack for a 7 day cruise

The longer your cruise is, the more time you will have to explore everything your ship has to offer. Plus, you will be able to visit more ports of call, allowing you to explore more of the world. 

7-night cruises are popular choices for families. 3- and 4-night sailings can often leave a lot to be desired, whereas it may be difficult to schedule longer cruises due to school and work schedules. 

13 tips to sleep better on your next cruise ship

Even if you plan to make the most of your time on your cruise ship by staying active at all hours of the day, you will inevitably have to devote some time to sleeping.

For some, catching up on sleep is a must-do activity while on vacation. There is no need to worry about waking up to an alarm or worrying about rushing your kids out the door for school.

41 useful things to bring on a cruise

Packing for a cruise is unlike packing for a land-based vacation. If you forget something, you cannot hop in the car and go to a nearby drug or department store. 

While the majority of what you will need to bring will vary based on where you are cruising to (i.e., what you'll pack for an Alaskan cruise will differ from a Caribbean or Western Mediterranean one), some staples can be brought on any voyage! 

Here's a list of 41 useful things to bring on a cruise that will ensure you have the greatest trip possible. 

8 signs you're ready to move up from a cruise ship balcony to a suite

The time has finally come. You are ready to splurge on a suite instead of staying in a standard cruise ship balcony stateroom, or are you?

While suites are not practical investments for many travelers, you may find that it is worth the price tag depending on how you like to travel. 

Cruise ship suites not only offer more living space than other cabins, but they come with better amenities. While what you will actually get varies from cruise line to cruise line, you can expect a more elevated cruising experience. 

This cruise hack works, but the internet thinks it's totally unnecessary

If you’re looking for cruise hacks to make your vacation more enjoyable, look no further than TikTok. A quick search on the app will result in thousands of videos with people sharing their best hacks to simplify your cruise vacation.

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