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15 amazing activities on a cruise ship

In the competitive industry of cruise tourism, companies are pushing the limits with what can be built on their ships.

From roller coasters to climbing walls, the things you can do on new cruise ships is incredible.

Here is a look at the top 15 most amazing cruise ship activities.

Port vs. Starboard, Bow vs. Stern, and Forward vs. Aft: How to Find Your Way Around a Cruise Ship

No matter how many times you cruise, boarding a new-to-you ship for the first time can be confusing. Cabin hallways can look the same, dead ends can force you to retrace your steps to get to dinner, and if we had a penny for every time we found ourselves at the back of the vessel when we thought we were headed to the front, we could buy a ship of our own.

What Is a Galley on a Cruise Ship?

Life at sea is, undoubtedly, different from life on land, lending itself to its own set of rules, protocols, customs and even language. If you truly want to feel like a cruise insider, you'll need to learn the appropriate lingo. What better area to start than the area that is responsible for keeping your stomach happy throughout your vacation?

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