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Guide to weekend cruises: Tips for taking a 3-night cruise

When in the initial stages of the cruise planning process, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options available. You can find itineraries ranging from short weekend getaways to two-week long transatlantic voyages! 

Of course, not everyone is in the market for those longer cruises, whether it is because of budget restraints, schedules, or available time off. 

Guide to flexible dining vs traditional dining on a cruise ship

When you book your cruise vacation, you will notice that you have two options for dinner. You can either select a set time, meaning that you will dine at the same time each evening, or a flexible option that allows you to either make reservations in advance or show up to the main dining room whenever hunger strikes. 

8 ways to do things differently on your next cruise

While onboard a cruise, it is easy to get into a relatively set routine, such as heading straight to the buffet on embarkation day or for lunch each day. Likewise, you may love spending the days sitting by the pool without looking into the ship's activities. 

What to do if your flight gets delayed and puts your cruise at risk

While everyone hopes their cruise vacation will go as planned, unforeseeable circumstances may arise that could threaten you from even getting to the cruise port.

If you live close to the cruise port, like in southern Florida, you will likely have fewer issues getting to the port via car or train. However, if you live far away and need to take an airplane to the port city, you may run into more complications, such as a flight delay or cancellation.

I always stay in an inside cabin on a cruise ship. Here's why I actually like these rooms

When booking a cruise vacation, you will need to decide which type of stateroom to stay in. Most of the time, this is driven by your cruise budget and travel-style.

If you want to stay in a higher-end stateroom, like a suite, then your budget will obviously need to align with a higher price point. Luxurious staterooms can come with lucrative benefits like concierge service, deluxe drink packages and massive accommodations. This can surely be worth it if you’re looking to have an upscale, more exclusive cruising experience.

I boarded my first European cruise. How different is it from a USA cruise?

If you are used to cruising from North America, you should not expect the same experience when taking a cruise to Europe.

For starters, your itinerary is most likely going to be port intensive, meaning that you will be spending less time onboard the ship and more time exploring culturally rich destinations. 

Up until this cruise, I had only taken Caribbean and Bahamas cruises-- 10 of them to be exact! I was excited to board my first-ever Mediterranean cruise onboard MSC Seashore from Genoa.

10 reasons to get off your ship as early as possible on disembarkation day

The worst part about any vacation is when is it over and realizing that reality is right around the corner. It is hard not to get a little upset when you think about returning to work or school, cooking your own meals, and having to clean your home. 

Unfortunately, your cruise will come to an end, but you will return home with precious memories to share with others. You may even be planning another cruise before your current one ends! Before you can get home, though, you have to disembark the ship one final time. 

27 First time Alaska cruise tips (2024)

Planning a cruise to Alaska differs from the tropical Caribbean, and those cruising here do not expect to spend leisurely days by the pool and soaking up the sun on the beach. 

When sailing to Alaska, you will encounter snow-capped mountains, abundant wildlife, beautiful glaciers, and once-in-a-lifetime shore excursions!

Cruise tips that sound like a good idea until you're aboard

Prior to your cruise vacation, it is important to read about different tips and tricks that will help you have a better experience. Some, however, sound better in theory than when you actually implement them. 

I have taken ten cruises and have four more planned between now and November, so while I am no pro, I have learned some things that help me maximize my time onboard, as well as save time and money! 

16 things to do right after booking your cruise

Once you have decided what cruise line, ship, and itinerary best meets your travel needs, you can book your cruise and officially start the countdown! After that, you will need to start thinking about other logistics. 

Do you, for instance, plan on flying or driving to the port? Have you thought about what cruise add-ons you might be interested in? Do you know who will be able to bring in your mail while you're gone? 

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