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Antarctica Cruises

I took a cruise on a ship with 107 versus 7000 passengers: here's how they compared

​Today’s newest cruise ships are like floating cities, with the largest vessels able to accommodate around 7,000 guests. When accounting for crew members, roughly 10,000 people may be aboard the world’s megaships at any given time.

Needless to say, you can find anything you’ll ever need on these massive ships, from dozens of restaurants to multiple entertainment venues and thousands of cozy cabins. Cruising on a mainstream cruise ship is, without a doubt, a fun way to vacation.

I sailed on a cruise line you know nothing about—here are 5 reasons why you should give it a try

Would you sail on a cruise line you’ve never heard of before? What if the cruise would visit the world’s most dreamy, intrepid destination?

Last month, I did just that, and it was the most worthwhile travel decision I’ve made all year.

It’s far too easy to become complacent when planning vacations. Although there is an immeasurable amount of ways to vacation, from Caribbean cruises to African safaris, many travelers end up vacationing the same way year after year.

7 things that surprised me about my first expedition cruise to Antarctica (there were just 107 guests onboard!)

Expedition cruising is perhaps the most adventurous style of cruising that exists today. Boarding a small expedition vessel gets you up close to the world’s most wild, remote destinations, allowing you to experience these places in a way few others can.

I boarded a cruise to Antarctica: here's what it's like traveling to the White Continent on the Deluxe Sea Spirit

The glistening, otherworldly landscape in front of me could be mistaken for nowhere else in the world. I had arrived at the White Continent—the ultimate destination on any traveler’s bucket list—and an entire day ahead of schedule at that.

Immediately, I was most bewildered by Antarctica’s dramatic contrasts. The continent’s harmony shone in its sparkling white icebergs illuminating the turquoise water below, and in the way such pristine silence was so quickly interrupted by the roaring crack of a glacier.

I cruised to Antarctica in a cabin that costs $1340 per night: take a look inside my lavish, cozy stateroom

Last month, I traveled to Antarctica on the Sea Spirit, a deluxe expedition cruise ship by Poseidon Expeditions. For this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Antarctica, I booked a Superior Suite cabin, which provided spacious accommodations along with an exterior-facing window.

The total cost of a Superior Suite on the Sea Spirit was $26,790 for two guests, or $13,395 per person. I spent nine nights on the ship, which included all meals, onboard activities, and excursions in Antarctica.

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