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I cruised to Antarctica in a cabin that costs $1340 per night: take a look inside my lavish, cozy stateroom

girl sitting on bed in cruise ship cabin

Last month, I traveled to Antarctica on the Sea Spirit, a deluxe expedition cruise ship by Poseidon Expeditions. For this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to Antarctica, I booked a Superior Suite cabin, which provided spacious accommodations along with an exterior-facing window.

The total cost of a Superior Suite on the Sea Spirit was $26,790 for two guests, or $13,395 per person. I spent nine nights on the ship, which included all meals, onboard activities, and excursions in Antarctica.

The cruise fare also included transfers to and from the airport, hotel, and cruise port, and a pre-cruise stay in Ushuaia, Argentina at the five-star Arakur Resort & Spa.

With nine nights onboard the Sea Spirit and one night for the pre-cruise hotel stay, my cruise fare included ten nights of lodging at around $1,340 per night, per person.

Sea Spirit cruise ship

There were only a few add-ons not included in Poseidon Expeditions’ cruise fare. Soda, alcoholic beverages, and optional kayaking and camping excursions came with an extra cost.

For virtually every expedition cruise to Antarctica, you can expect to pay over $1,000 per person, per night. Not only do these cruises take you to one of the world’s most remote destinations, but they offer an intimate cruising experience on a ship with few passengers and an excellent passenger to crew ratio.

Zodiac boat cruising around an iceberg

The cheapest cabins onboard—triple cabins with a small porthole window—were several hundred dollars cheaper per night. I hoped the added comfort of a Superior Suite cabin with a more expansive window view would be worth the additional cost.

Let’s jump in and take a tour of my Superior Suite cabin on Poseidon Expeditions’ Sea Spirit.

My cabin was room 426, located on the fourth deck of the Sea Spirit. Deck 4 is where you will find the ship’s Club Lounge, library, and bar, and my cabin was conveniently located just steps from these venues.

bed in cruise ship cabin

You will also find the Sea Spirit’s wraparound promenade deck on Deck 4, meaning I could leave my cabin and sightsee on the outer decks within seconds.

cruise ship promenade deck

My first impression of the Superior Suite was that it was, as I had hoped, spacious. There was ample walking space around the cabin, and it never felt cramped, even after I had moved my belongings into the room. Mirrors were placed throughout the room as well, which helped make the cabin feel even larger.

bed on Sea Spirit cruise ship

The cabin featured a king-sized bed with a nightstand on each side. Like in most cruise cabins, the bed could be separated into two twin-sized beds if you preferred. I found the bed exceedingly comfortable during my nine nights onboard, which was ideal for catching up on sleep during the busy itinerary.

Vanity on Sea Spirit cruise ship

Next to one side of the bed was the ship’s desk and vanity space. This area offered plenty of storage, with three drawers on each side of the desk and additional shelving behind the vanity’s mirrors.

On the desk was a Cabin Book, which provided information about the Sea Spirit, and two reusable, Antarctica-themed water bottles. Not only were these useful during the voyage, but they were a nice souvenir to bring home, too.

two reusable water bottles

Aside from the bed and vanity, the Superior Suite featured a comfortable living space with a plush couch, coffee table, and television console. From the couch, you could look out through the cabin’s window, which was useful when I wanted to watch the scenery from the comfort of my warm cabin.

cruise ship cabin interior

Speaking of the window, I appreciated that it was designed with one-way glass. Because the window overlooks the promenade deck, I did not have to worry about other passengers being able to see inside my cabin. Whenever I was looking out toward Antarctica’s astonishing glaciers, no one could look into my cabin from the outside.

window in cruise ship cabin

Even though some cabins on the Sea Spirit have a private balcony, I never felt limited with my window view. When cruising to Antarctica, you sail primarily through narrow channels, meaning there are stunning views on both sides of the ship. Because of this, it’s preferred to watch the scenery from one of the decks or lounges with views on both sides of the ship anyway.

On embarkation day, Antarctica guidebooks and maps were placed on the cabin’s coffee table. The guidebook was a wonderful resource throughout the sailing, as it included over seventy pages of information on Antarctica’s landscapes, wildlife, and exploration history.

Antarctic explorer guidebooks

The Superior Suite’s television was placed in a console with additional drawers and shelves. I was grateful for the amount of storage space available, as I had more than enough space for not only my clothes, but accessories like gloves, beanies, and wool socks—necessities when cruising to Antarctica.

TV in cruise cabin

Under the television is also where you can find the cabin’s mini fridge, which was stocked with sodas and spirits.

mini fridge in cruise cabin

Outside of drawers in the vanity and television console, there was even more storage in the Superior Suite. The cabin had a walk-in closet that provided room to hang bulky snow pants and jackets, and you could also store suitcases in the closet (although I preferred to store my luggage under the bed).

Walk-in closet in cruise cabin on the Sea Spirit

Finally, the Superior Suite featured a modern bathroom that appeared to have been recently refurbished, and it included storage under the sink. The shower had two shower heads, and shampoo, body wash, and lotion were also provided.

bathroom on cruise ship

Altogether, I felt at home in my Superior Suite on the Sea Spirit. Being that this was my first expedition cruise, I was not sure what to expect when it came to accommodations, and I was left impressed. The cabin offered a nice blend of traditional design and modernity, and it felt cozy from the moment I entered the room for the first time.

girl in cruise cabin

I also appreciated that my cabin was serviced twice per day, and my stateroom attendant was always friendly when I encountered him in the ship’s hallways.

For a vacation as extraordinary as an Antarctica expedition cruise, you want to make sure your cabin provides an enjoyable stay. For me, I couldn’t have picked a better cabin for this magnificent adventure.

Saying goodbye to my Superior Suite on disembarkation morning was certainly a sad farewell.

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For more details on expedition cruise offerings, contact Poseidon Expeditions directly.

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