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Norwegian Cruise Line

Is Norwegian Cruise Line good? 10 surprising reasons I think NCL is worth it

Over the last two years, I have sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line seven times. From my first NCL experience to my most recent, there is always something new to discover on my sailings, which keeps me wanting to come back time and time again. 

Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the leading brands in the cruising industry, with 19 operating vessels in the fleet and more on the way! With the debut of new and exciting itineraries, Norwegian is one of the go-to cruise names prospective guests look at when considering a cruise vacation.

I crossed the Atlantic on a 12-night cruise. Here’s what it's really like to spend 11 days at sea

This spring, I embarked on one of the most unique cruise sailings I have ever been on: a 12-night Transatlantic voyage abroad Norwegian Epic from the United States to Europe. 

The cruise consisted of 11 days at sea and only one port stop, making it the longest stretch I've ever spent at sea! Prior to the journey, I was curious to see what 11 days in the middle of the Atlantic sea onboard a cruise ship would be like. Would I find it relaxing or boring? 

I went on a 2-week Transatlantic cruise by myself and only packed a carry-on: Here are 13 products that made it easy

Last month, I embarked on my first Transatlantic cruise sailing onboard Norwegian Epic. Preparing for this voyage felt a bit daunting at times when it came to packing. After all, I would be gone from home for 2 weeks and was planning on taking only a carry-on suitcase! 

This cruise was a 14-day sailing that embarked in Orlando, Florida and disembarked in Civitavecchia, Italy with two scheduled stops at Gibraltar, United Kingdom and Alicante, Spain. 

12 reasons I like this poorly rated Norwegian Cruise Line ship. Are the critics wrong?

This past month, I sailed onboard the only ship in Norwegian Cruise Line’s Epic Class, the Norwegian Epic! 

I was able to get to know the Norwegian Epic quite thoroughly after a 12-night Transatlantic voyage from Orlando, Florida to Rome, Italy. I had plenty of time to explore each deck and adequately see everything the Norwegian Epic has to offer its passengers, as well as investigate why this is one of the least popular ships in the Norweigan's fleet. 

I sailed on Norwegian Cruise Line’s worst rated ship. Here's what it was really like.

Having previously sailed onboard seven other Norwegian Cruise Line vessels, I was curious to see what the worst-rated ship in the fleet was really like. 

Is Norwegian Epic really as bad as people say? Why do some passengers consider this the worst ship in Norwegian’s fleet? 

After spending 12 nights aboard, I have a lot to share about this unique ship, from the vessel's layout to the onboard offerings. 

A nude cruise is coming to Florida in 2025

There's a cruise perfect for those who prefer to sport their birthday suit. Dubbed the "Big Nude Boat," this 11-night sailing encourages guests to bring, quite literally, just the bare necessities onboard with them. 

Departing from Miami, Florida on February 3, 2025, the cruise will visit Norwegian Cruise Line's private island, Great Stirrup Cay, as well as San Juan, Puerto Rico; Philipsburg, St. Maarten; Roseau, Dominica; Fort-de-France, Martinique; and Castries, St. Lucia. 

Norwegian Cruise Line Freestyle Dining Explained

Before booking a cruise, it's important that you research the line to know all the ins and outs that can make your sailing more enjoyable. All have their quirks that make them unique from competitors. Norwegian Cruise Line, for instance, differentiates itself from the rest of the cruise line industry in their approach to onboard dining. 

Norwegian markets itself as a cruise line that gives its guests the ultimate freedom to create their ideal vacation onboard. One of the ways they do this is through their Freestyle Dining approach. 

15 things I loved and hated about Norwegian Epic

After spending 12 nights onboard Norwegian Epic sailing from Florida to Italy, I was able to explore every nook and cranny of the ship. 

The Norwegian Epic is one of its kind, and I was interested to see how this unique ship compares to others that I've been on. Because I was able to take a lengthy voyage onboard, I had plenty of time to pick out some things I liked and some things I disliked about the Norwegian Epic.

I tried the newest ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian. Here’s how they compare

Few travel experiences come close to the excitement of stepping foot on a brand-new cruise ship. Similar to driving a brand-new car with all the bells and whistles, the experience of cruising on a newly built cruise ship is unmatched. It’s undoubtedly exciting to see the latest and greatest that a cruise line has to offer.

I spent $20 at NCL's Ice Bar, and it was the best-kept secret on Epic

During a 12-night transatlantic voyage from Orlando, Florida to Rome, Italy, I found perhaps the best-kept secret onboard Norwegian Epic: the Skyy Vodka Ice Bar. 

While devout NCL fans are probably aware of this relatively hidden feature, it's easy to miss if you're new to the brand! In my personal opinion, this venue is a must-see when sailing onboard Norwegian Epic! 

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