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Norwegian Cruise Line

How to get free wifi on Norwegian Cruise Line

Staying disconnected from those on land while on a cruise can be difficult! Whether you want to check in on your kids (fur babies count, too!) or need to have access to your email, one non-negotiable cruise add-on might be wi-fi. 

Norwegian Cruise Line does not give every passenger onboard unlimited wi-fi, meaning that you will have to appropriately budget the cost of an internet package into your vacation cost.  

Norwegian Cruise Line Check-In Process

You have decided to take the plunge and book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line-- this is exciting! We believe that cruising is truly one of the very best ways to travel, and we know that you will make many wonderful and meaningful memories onboard your cruise. 

See exactly what a cabin designed for one person includes: solo traveler cruising

Did you know that Norwegian Cruise Line has exclusive Studio Stateroom cabins designed for solo travelers? 

If you are someone looking at going on a solo adventure, and you’re considering a cruise for your next journey, Norwegian Cruise Line’s studio staterooms may be just the perfect option for you. 

I sailed on some of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest and oldest ships: Here’s what its like to cruise on new ships vs. older

Over the last year, I have had the privilege of sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line four times. I have been lucky to sail on some of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ships as well as one of the cruise brand’s oldest vessels. 

Norwegian Cruise Line ships by age — from oldest to newest

Norwegian Cruise Line was founded in 1966. Their first ship, Sunward, operated as a ferry between Southampton and Gibraltar and was a mere 8,666 tons. It was not until 1971 that they started operating cruise ships that lacked the ability to carry vehicles. 

10 Things Norwegian Cruise Line’s largest ship got right

I recently returned from a quick 4-night sailing onboard the Norwegian Encore, and I was thoroughly impressed with some of this ship’s offerings and amenities! 

I stayed in a $457 studio cabin on Norwegian Encore - Take a look inside my tiny cabin

When most people think about cruising they think about the experiences they will share with others, whether it be family or friends, often times cruising can be about making memories with loved ones. 

How The Norwegian Encore & Norwegian Bliss cruise ships compare

This year I have had the privilege of sailing on both the Norwegian Encore and the Norwegian Bliss cruise ships. These massive Norwegian Cruise Line vessels are very similar, but they have some small differences as well. 

10 Things I loved and hated about the Norwegian Encore ship

This week I returned from my first solo cruise experience with Norwegian Cruise Line, aboard the Norwegian Encore. This was my second time sailing on one of Norwegian Cruise Lines’ Breakaway Plus Class ships, and I really enjoyed this quick 4-night sailing! 

I tried the cheapest Norwegian Cruise Line cabin I could find and here's how it went

Cruise vacations in my opinion are one of the absolute best ways to travel! Cruising delivers the best of travel experiences at minimal planning, reduced stress, and a fair price. 

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