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Norwegian Cruise Line

Guide and tips to Norwegian Cruise Line’s The Haven

For the ultimate luxurious experience aboard Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) vessels prospective passengers should consider booking accommodations in Norwegian exclusive, The Haven.

NCL advertises The Haven as an exclusive enclave "that has a number of white glove amenities along with 24-hour butler service and personal service of a concierge."

How to visit Norwegian Cruise Line's Great Stirrup Cay on zero dollars

Guests visiting Great Stirrup Cay can enjoy a private island paradise completely complimentary with the price of their cruise!

10 Things I learned on my first NCL cruise

I just got back from my first cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, and my first cruise in almost 10 years.

I was excited to experience what it would be like sailing with a new-to-me cruise line. This was also my first time on a cruise sailing as an adult, and planning my own trip. I had a lot of learning to do, and I am excited to share some of my experiences.

I sailed on Norwegian's new Prima cruise ship to see everything new you can do

The latest and greatest big cruise ship hit the water in the last week of August when Norwegian Prima made its much-anticipated debut. This 20-deck-high, 3,100-passenger ship is the first of six planned for Norwegian Cruise Line in its new Prima Class of vessels.

Norwegian Cruise Line changes from Pepsi to Coca-Cola on its cruise ships

Today, September 1st 2022, Norwegian Cruise Line announced their newest partnership with the beverage company, Coca-Cola.

This announcement closely follows the debut of Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ship, the Norwegian Prima. “Norwegian Prima will be the first vessel in NCL’s 18-ship fleet to carry Coca-Cola as its official soft drink, with the remaining ships to follow in the coming months. We are so excited to be partnered with this classic brand and be able to provide our guests with the comfort of the familiar Coca-Cola taste onboard”, states NCL about the partnership.

All about Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest ships, the Prima Class

The new class of cruise ships in Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) fleet is the Prima Class.

The long awaited release of the Norwegian Prima brings with it all-new amenities, activities, and experiences for guests to explore and enjoy.

“To the trailblazers and the tastemakers. To the first-time seekers and explorers of the extraordinary. This one was made for you. Welcome aboard Norwegian Prima, the first in a new class of ships designed to elevate every expectation,” states Norwegian Cruise Line about their newest vessel and ship class.

Norwegian Getaway Live Blog - Day 7 - Sea Day

When prospective cruise line passengers are comparing and contrasting different cruise itineraries, they may be hesitant to book a sailing with multiple sea days. Maybe they think they will be bored, that the ship will feel claustrophobic, or just that it's simply a waste of money because there won’t be enough to do. However, this trip with Norwegian Getaway has taught me many things, and one of them, is that days stuck at sea can be a good thing!

Norwegian Getaway Live Blog - Day 6 - Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Good evening from the middle of the Caribbean Sea, aboard the Norwegian Getaway!

We spent our sixth, and final port day visiting Amber Cove, in the Dominican Republic. I have several interesting things to note about our journey to one of the Caribbean’s newest cruise destinations.

Norwegian Getaway Live Blog - Day 5 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Cruising is one of the most unique vacation types one can choose to take. The aspect of boarding a floating vessel full of limitless entertainment, dining experiences, fun times, and gorgeous ocean views doesn’t even scrape the service of what a cruise vacation can be. Traveling via cruise ship means you only have to unpack once. This is something we have commented on at least once a day, and have said how we find it incredibly helpful.

Norwegian Getaway Live Blog - Day 4 - St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Norwegian Cruise Line’s ‘freestyle’ approach to cruising means that guests are free to choose the exact cruise experience they desire. So far aboard the Norwegian Getaway, we have seen fellow passengers embracing this mindset as they take their vacations at their own pace. NCL’s branding empowers guests to take charge of the vacation they want, and customize their experience as they see fit.

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