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Carnival Cruise

How does Carnival Jubilee compare to Carnival Celebration and Mardi Gras? A complete guide

Carnival Cruise Line is one of the most popular cruise lines in the world, best known for having the most fun ships at sea. Although the cruise line operates a large fleet with vessels of all sizes, Carnival’s Excel Class offers an unparalleled cruising experience.

6 things I wish I knew before sailing on Carnival Jubilee

Carnival Jubilee is the latest Texas-sized cruise ship to debut for Carnival Cruise Line. She is the third ship in the Excel Class, preceded by Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration. As the newest “fun” ship, Carnival Jubilee packs a punch when it comes to entertainment, dining, and onboard thrills.

I stayed in three different cabin types on Carnival’s newest and largest cruise ships to see which is better

Carnival Cruise Line has a wide variety of accommodations onboard for guests to book while sailing on their fun-packed, family-friendly ships. From cheap interior staterooms to higher-end suites, Carnival’s ships have cabins for every budget and travel group.

8 things you might not know about Carnival Cruise Line’s President

Since joining the company in 2015, Carnival Cruise Line's President Christine Duffy has led a fleet of 30 ships that welcome more than six million guests annually, as well as overseen the introduction of seven ships, including the brand-new Carnival Jubilee

Cruisers claim they were "degraded" for sneaking a washing machine onboard a Carnival ship

Would you ever think to try and smuggle a portable washing machine onto a cruise ship? Most likely not. Those on vacation typically don't want to think about doing household chores. 

Even if you find yourself needing to wash a few articles of clothing, many ships have self-service laundromats in addition to valet laundry service, albeit the latter is more expensive. 

Is Carnival Jubilee worth the hype? My honest review

Although the debut of a new cruise ship is undoubtedly exciting, not everything can live up to its hype. Even the most highly-anticipated cruise ships have kinks that need to be ironed out. Glitz and glam aside, brand-new cruise ships can also bring about disappointment when the bar is set high.

New law forces Carnival Cruise Line to change advertised price for cruises

California's new consumer protection law will alter how Carnival advertises its cruise fares. Starting on July 1, 2024, the price must include many components of the current taxes, fees, and port expenses that are left out. It's meant to provide guests with a clear price upfront, rather than leave them surprised by additional fees later on during the booking process. 

Can I share my Carnival beverage package with someone? What you need to know

Whether you're looking forward to a family-friendly getaway or celebrating a friend's birthday, you've likely thought about purchasing a drink package for your upcoming Carnival cruise. With the CHEERS! Package costing as much as $74.95 per person, per day, splurging on one isn't a cheap investment. 

I tried the newest ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian. Here’s how they compare

Few travel experiences come close to the excitement of stepping foot on a brand-new cruise ship. Similar to driving a brand-new car with all the bells and whistles, the experience of cruising on a newly built cruise ship is unmatched. It’s undoubtedly exciting to see the latest and greatest that a cruise line has to offer.

I tried Carnival's older cruise ships and never want to go back

When I took my first Carnival cruise on Carnival Celebration, I was impressed by the modern accommodations, variety of dining options, and an array of onboard activities. Five months later, I found myself boarding one of Carnival's oldest ships, Carnival Elation, for a 5-night cruise out of Jacksonville, Florida. 

Though it was obvious the ship has been well-maintained throughout the years, including an extensive dry dock in 2017, the limited number of dining choices and onboard activities left much to be desired. 

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