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Carnival will remove at least six ships from its fleet

During Carnival Corporation's second quarter earnings results, the cruise giant announced it plans to transfer at least six ships out of its fleets over the next 90 days, although did not specify which ships they would be.

Carnival announced a a net loss of $4.4 billion and revenues of just $0.7 billion during its second quarter. With those dire numbers, ditching vessels is one of the cost-cutting moves it intends to do.

Carnival Cruise Line cancels all North American cruises through September 30

Following up on last week's CLIA announcement, Carnival Cruise Line announced it will cancel all of its North American cruises through September 30, 2020.

Carnival Cruise Line President Christine Duffy indicated that Carnival would voluntarily extend its pause in North America by cancelling all cruises through September 30.

Photos of Carnival's new Port Canaveral cruise terminal

Port Canaveral shared a look at the nearly complete new cruise terminal for Carnival Cruise Line.

Terminal CT3 was toured by Carnival Cruise Line representatives, which will be the home of the Carnival Mardi Gras cruise ship.

Recently declared "substantially complete", the new terminal will be the biggest construction project in the history of Port Canaveral, and cost $163 million.

Carnival Cruise Line will add thermal camera systems to its cruise ships

Carnival Cruise Line has partnered with Infrared Cameras Inc to add thermal camera systems for passenger and crew member temperature screenings. 

ICI claims their cameras have the highest level of accuracy — within 0.1 to 0.3 of one degree Celsius. 

ICI's comprehensive three-step solution to temperature screening includes a thermal camera,  blackbody, and a computer. The inclusion of a blackbody temperature reference source is an FDA recommendation to ensure accurate results. Without all three essential elements, crew and customer safety may be compromised.

Carnival Corporation announces employee layoffs, furloughs and reduced hours

Carnival Corporation issued a business update on Thursday that includes various steps the company is taking to strengthen its financial future.

Most notably, Carnival announced it has no choice but to a combination of layoffs, furloughs, reduced work weeks and salary reductions across the company, including senior management. The reduction in workforce will contribute hundreds of millions of dollars in cash conservation on an annualized basis.

Carnival has extended its sailings break through May 11 due to COVID-19

Carnival Cruises announced today it has extended its pause in operations through May 11, 2020.

Following other cruise lines, Carnival announced that the global impact of COVID-19 has forced them to cancel all North America sailings through May 11.

Carnival shared a short statement on the news:

All North American Sailings through to May 11, 2020. As COVID-19 continues to impact global health and commerce, we are sorry top extend our pause in our operations until May 11.

Carnival promises decision on if more cruises need to be cancelled due to coronavirus by Friday

Carnival Cruise Line tweeted it will make a decision if it needs to extend its suspension of operations by Friday, March 27, 2020.

With Royal Caribbean announcing it has added an additional 30 days to its suspension of sailings, Carnival felt obligated to let its customers know it is still mulling over the decision.

All cruise lines are in some sort of temporary pause to prevent the spread of coronavirus around the world.

President Trump says Carnival offering to provide cruise ships for COVID-19 relief efforts

During a coronavirus daily update with reporters on Thursday, President Donald Trump indicated Carnival Corporation CEO Micky Arison has offered the government use of some cruise ships to lessen burden of land-based hospitals.

President Trump indicated Mr. Arison reached out to provide the ships. 

“In addition to the big medical ships that you have coming, if we should need ships with lots of rooms, they’ll be docked in Los Angeles and San Francisco — different places,” the president said, so I want to thank Micky Arison. That’s Carnival Cruise Lines.”

Carnival to borrow $3 billion in financing to boost liquidity

Carnival Cruise Lines announced on Monday it was taking out a $3 billion load to offset the impact of the Coronavirus has had on its business.

The cruise giant said it would cut costs, in addition to providing notice to lenders to borrow about $3 billion under facility agreement for a period of six months. Cost-cutting measures include a reduction in capital expenditures and expenses.

Carnival announced last week it would suspend cruise sailings in North America for 30 days.

Carnival Cruise Line cancels cruises for next 30 days due to Coronavirus

Carnival Cruise Line will suspend all of its North American cruises between March 14 and April 9, 2020 due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Carnival, along with all the major cruise lines, opted to halt sailings for at least 30 days.

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