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Carnival Cruise

Things I've done that I'll never do again on a Carnival cruise

Carnival Cruise Line is known for having the most fun ships at sea. Attracting a young demographic, the cruise line caters to an upbeat, party-like atmosphere onboard; the fun starts from the minute you wake up! Additionally, you can find the best sailaway parties and nightclubs at sea.

I’ve sailed on four different Carnival cruises in my lifetime. First, I sailed on Carnival Destiny, which is now known as Carnival Sunshine, back in high school with my family. This was a spring break trip with quick stops to Cozumel and Key West from Miami.

Comparing Carnival Cruise Line ship sailings to Alaska in 2023

With the continued popularity of cruises to Alaska, Carnival Cruise Line is offering a number of sailings to this northern destination in 2023, even adding an extra ship to the lineup.

The best things Millennials and Gen Z will like about Carnival Celebration

My sister (a Millennial) and I (a Gen Zer) recently sailed on Carnival Cruise Line’s newest ship, Carnival Celebration. We have not cruised on Carnival very often, but we were excited to see what Carnival Celebration would be like for us as young cruisers in our 20s.

5 big changes coming to Carnival Cruise Line in 2023

2022 was a big year for Carnival! First, they welcomed the second Excel-Class vessel to their fleet: Carnival Celebration. Second, they broke ground on their new cruise port on Grand Bahama Island. 

If you're planning a Carnival Cruise in 2023, you might want to become familiar with the upcoming changes and additions that the cruise line is making. 

I stayed in a $1,300 stateroom on Carnival Celebration — see what my room on this new cruise ship looked like

I sailed on Carnival Cruise Line's brand-new cruise ship, Carnival Celebration, in the cheapest cabin available. 

I tried the best specialty restaurants on Carnival Celebration

Carnival Cruise Line just debuted its newest mega-ship, Carnival Celebration - and there's more to eat onboard than you can even imagine. 

While Carnival Celebration shines in many ways, one of the most impressive features was the sheer number of dining venues available onboard. 

The brand-new Carnival Celebration can hold nearly 6,000 passengers, so it only makes sense the cruise line added more than a dozen dining choices to accommodate the onboard crowd.

10 things Carnival got right with Carnival Celebration

Stepping onboard Carnival’s newest cruise ship, Carnival Celebration, was nothing like I expected.

Trendy, stylish and modern were three words that came to mind when I boarded Carnival Celebration for one of its first sailings.

Best Carnival ship yet? My Carnival Celebration review

Carnival Cruise Line is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a gift not only to itself, but the entire cruise industry. 

Carnival Celebration is the cruise line’s biggest and most modern cruise ship to date; she is the second ship in the Excel-class for Carnival. With sister-ship Carnival Mardi Gras debuting in 2021 as the first in this new era of ship class, she paved the way for Celebration to make her grand entrance in 2022. 

Top 10 reasons a new Carnival cruise ship is perfect if you’ve avoided Carnival

It seems like cruise culture is divided into two very different groups: people who love Carnival and people who love to hate on Carnival.

Those who love to cruise on Carnival are passionately loyal to the brand for its fun, energetic atmosphere and overall laidback style of cruising.

On the other hand, those who love to hate on Carnival Cruise Line compare it to Spirit Airlines or the Walmart of the Seas.

Is Carnival cruise’s roller coaster worth $15?

Cruise lines continue to one-up each other by adding revolutionary concepts to their newest ships. From ice skating rinks to go-karting and skydiving, it’s becoming hard to find things on land that you can’t do at sea!

Yet, I never imagined someday I would be able to ride a roller coaster at sea. 

Cruise ships have certainly come a long way within the last decade in regards to how many onboard activities, amenities and thrills they can squeeze on each deck. 

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