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Carnival Cruise

10 lessons learned after trying Carnival for the first time

Whether you've been loyal to one cruise line for some time or are new to the industry, stepping foot on a new-to-you line can be daunting. 

My partner, Sarah, and I recently returned from a 5-night spring break cruise onboard Carnival Elation, a Fantasy Class ship that debuted in 1998. Although I've had prior experiences with Carnival, it was a first for my partner. During our time onboard, she kept track of things she wished she had known beforehand. 

The surprising reason Carnival expects your cruise ship to visit less ports

If you take a 7-night Caribbean cruise, you'll likely visit at least three ports of call. Those sailing to the Western Caribbean tend to be able to cram four stops into a weeklong itinerary. However, according to Josh Weinstein, Carnival Corporation's President, CEO, and Chief Climate Officer, you may start to see sailings visiting fewer ports of call to save fuel and reduce emissions. 

What is free on Half Moon Cay?

Nestled in the Bahamas is Half Moon Cay, Carnival Corporation's private island that boasts crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and an array of attractions. Though not as large as Perfect Day at CocoCay, spanning just 50 acres, you're sure to enjoy your day on the island, as it offers a unique charm and is known for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. 

Things I Don't Pay Extra for on Carnival Cruises To Save Money

As someone who cruises frequently, I've found that by avoiding certain add-ons, I'm able to save a significant amount of money on each of my Carnival cruises. 

I don't fully restrict myself, either. What's the point of going on vacation if you can't indulge a little? While the base fare includes a lot, there are certain experiences that I'm willing to splurge on since they make my cruise more memorable. 

Photos show Carnival Cruise Line's newest and most impressive ship yet

If Carnival’s newest ship could talk, she would likely say, “Welcome aboard!

I have been on Carnival Cruise Line’s oldest and newest ships: Here are my top 11 tips

Although part of the same cruise line, my experience on a Carnival ship launched in 1998 differed significantly from the week I spent onboard the almost brand-new Carnival Celebration, which debuted in 2022. 

After sailing on some of Carnival's oldest and newest vessels at sea, I've gained some unique insights into the varied experiences offered by the ships within their fleet. 

4 things I loved about Carnival Elation (and 4 I didn’t)

I recently returned from a 5-night cruise onboard Carnival Elation, Carnival's smallest ship at sea. 

After cruising on three other classes of ships, I wanted to see what made their Fantasy Class ships so appealing, especially considering they're rather tiny in terms of modern-day cruise ships. Plus, I was interested in sailing out of Jacksonville, as it's just a little over five hours from Charlotte, making it an easy port to access. 

I took a spring break cruise on Carnival's smallest ship. Here’s why I wouldn’t do it again

Debating on booking a Carnival cruise over spring break? Following the winter holidays, spring break is often the first chance families have to vacation together without pulling children out of school. Since many breaks across the United States line up, this leads to an increased demand for cruises, which is why you'll often pay more for a cruise in March or April than in January, February, or early May. 

14 things I loved and hated about Carnival Jubilee

They say everything’s bigger in Texas - and that’s certainly the case for the newest cruise ship in town, Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Jubilee!

I stayed in the cheapest cabin on Carnival Elation. It was small and windowless, but for $145 a night, it was a great deal — take a look

After sailing on Carnival's Excel, Vista, and Conquest Classes, I decided to book a cruise on their oldest, most seasoned class at sea. 

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