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Carnival Cruise

Top 10 reasons a new Carnival cruise ship is perfect if you’ve avoided Carnival

It seems like cruise culture is divided into two very different groups: people who love Carnival and people who love to hate on Carnival.

Those who love to cruise on Carnival are passionately loyal to the brand for its fun, energetic atmosphere and overall laidback style of cruising.

On the other hand, those who love to hate on Carnival Cruise Line compare it to Spirit Airlines or the Walmart of the Seas.

Is Carnival cruise’s roller coaster worth $15?

Cruise lines continue to one-up each other by adding revolutionary concepts to their newest ships. From ice skating rinks to go-karting and skydiving, it’s becoming hard to find things on land that you can’t do at sea!

Yet, I never imagined someday I would be able to ride a roller coaster at sea. 

Cruise ships have certainly come a long way within the last decade in regards to how many onboard activities, amenities and thrills they can squeeze on each deck. 

First Look: Carnival's new stylish Celebration cruise ship

Everyone sing it with me, "Celebrate good times, come on!". That's been a popular song choice here onboard Carnival's brand-new, stylish Celebration cruise ship - and for good reason. 

Carnival Celebration is the newest ship in the Excel-class, preceded by the Carnival Mardi Gras, which was launched last year. These new ships are nearly 40% bigger than anything Carnival Cruise Line has built before. 

I'd also argue Carnival Celebration is one of the most stylish cruise ships that Carnival has ever debuted.

6 reasons why you should get a Carnival drink package

Your Carnival cruise vacation is booked, and you have started to daydream about margaritas at the Blue Iguana Tequila Bar, flagship beer at the Red Frog Pub, and innovative cocktails at the Alchemy Bar. 

You're probably also wondering if you should purchase a Carnival drink package, which costs $59.95 per person, per day. 

While answers vary depending on drinking habits and itineraries, here are six reasons why you should get a CHEERS! Beverage Package on your next Carnival cruise!

Carnival suite vs balcony - what’s the difference ?

Balcony staterooms and suites are popular cabin categories. The appeal of an ocean breeze and private outdoor space is a draw for many when booking a cruise, and Carnival provides its guests with lots of great options to choose from.

Making the choice even harder is a wide range of suites with even more indoor and outdoor space as well as a range of amenities and benefits that many cruises love.

So how do you pick between them? What is best for you and your family, and maybe most importantly - your wallet?

Carnival Cruise ship classes guide & explanation

If you’re thinking of sailing with Carnival Cruise Line but don’t know which ship to book, you’ve come to the right place. Carnival Cruise Line considers its fleet as having the most fun ships at sea, so you’re certainly in for a great time during your Carnival cruise!

With nonstop fun from the minute you step onboard, you'll love everything that Carnival has to offer on its cruise ships.

5 things I liked better about Carnival than Royal Caribbean cruise

I recently cruised with Carnival Cruise Line for the first time in a decade. As someone who loves cruising with Royal Caribbean, it was fun to experience something that felt totally different than what I am used to. 

Every cruise line adds their own special flair to cruising and each cruise ship has their own personality. While Royal Caribbean’s mega-ships are packed with onboard thrills and stunning entertainment, Carnival Cruise Line focuses on having a party-like atmosphere on its ships.

I tried the new Carnival testing procedure and here's how it went

Traveling in the post-pandemic world has involved constantly navigating COVID-19 requirements for vaccination, testing and masking. As someone who loves to travel, the hassle of jumping through these hoops is definitely worth it - even as protocols seemingly change all the time. 

What it's like on a weekend Carnival cruise

When it comes to weekend cruises, no one does it better than Carnival Cruise Line. 

In fact, Carnival was the first cruise line to really market itself as the best option for weekend cruises. This is unsurprising, as weekend getaway cruising perfectly aligns with Carnival’s brand of having "The Most Fun Ships at Sea."

I tried the best Carnival Cruise food options and here's how I'd rank them

One of the best parts of cruising is all of the amazing food that's available. Between complimentary food and specialty options, I love indulging and trying everything that a cruise ship has to offer.

On a recent cruise aboard Carnival Ecstasy, I was surprised to see most of Carnival’s signature venues available. Even though Ecstasy is the oldest ship in the Carnival fleet and heading to the scrapyard in a few weeks, the ship was outfitted with plenty of complimentary options for dining. 

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