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Royal Caribbean’s CocoCay versus MSC’s Ocean Cay, which is better?

What’s not to love about visiting cruise line private islands in the Bahamas? Soft white sand, crystal blue waters, and incredible views. That's a yes, please, any day of the week for me. 

Royal Caribbean’s Perfect Day at CocoCay (CocoCay) and MSC Cruises' Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve (Ocean Cay) both have two fantastic private islands located in the Bahamas. 

What is the MSC Daily Program?

Heading off on an MSC cruise and wondering how you will find out about all the great things to do onboard  ? The Daily Program is the best tool to guide you through all the fun stuff to do on your cruise vacation. 

There are tons of details about every aspect of your cruise vacation - from the moment you board to when you leave, and everything in between. 

How to save money on an MSC cruise

Wanting to stretch your cruise budget? There are some major savings to be had on everything from your cruise fare to all those onboard extras like drink packages. You just need to know where to find them.

MSC provides a lot of inclusive benefits as part of the cruise fare, numerous activities, fantastic kids programs, daily live entertainment, comfy cabins and a wide range of food options.

12 Differences between big and small MSC cruise ships

Thinking of taking an MSC cruise but not sure what type of ship to book? There is no right or wrong answer – much of it boils down to personal preference.

The cruise line has a wide variety of ships, including its newest and biggest to date -  MSC World Europa, along with 20 plus others.

What not to bring on an MSC Cruise

Packing for a cruise and can’t decide what to bring?  Trying to whittle down that enormous pile of stuff to fit in your bag, you may be surprised to know what’s not allowed on an MSC cruise ship.

And then there's stuff you can probably do without. You do, after all, need to leave room for souvenirs and great bargains you find in ports. 

10 Things MSC Cruises does well

MSC Cruises just had its best month ever, with nearly 400,000 bookings, and they launched their biggest cruise ship to date, MSC World Europa.

While new to many in North America, the European cruise line is a growing presence in the cruise market, with 20 plus ships and plenty more on the way.

How to have a great time at MSC’s Ocean Cay without spending any money

One of the best things about cruising is the great places you get to visit, but excursions can be pricey, some even costing hundreds of dollars for families. 

But there is good news for MSC cruisers visiting the cruise line's private island in the Bahamas. You can have an incredible day without spending any extra money. Not a penny

10 Things I learned on my first MSC cruise

I recently sailed on my very first MSC cruise aboard MSC Seashore, touring the western Caribbean as well as the cruise line’s private island in the Bahamas.

I was very excited to try out this new ship from the European cruise line, which is growing its North American presence.

Overall, I very much enjoyed my inaugural MSC cruise, relishing all that the ship had to offer, as well as some incredible port stops.

Here are some of my main takeaways after my weeklong cruise.

6 Things I liked better on MSC Cruises than Royal Caribbean

I have been lucky enough to travel on some fantastic cruise ships, and up until this last voyage, they were all with Royal Caribbean. Just this summer, I got to experience the cruise line's s newest vessel, Wonder of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. My family and I toured the Mediterranean on a truly memorable vacation.

MSC Seashore Live Blog - Day 7 - Sea day

Today is a sea day and, sadly, the last day of my cruise.  It is amazing how quickly a week goes by, especially with four port stops to fill the days.

I am jealous of those people doing a back to back cruise; I can definitely see the appeal of another week onboard.

I have very much enjoyed my first MSC cruise, and the ship has a lot to offer. Even today, I found some new spots I had not visited before, proving I do need to spend more time on this ship. 

Here is what I did to enjoy the last bit of my fantastic cruise on the MSC Seashore.

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