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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises’ latest network shift features 9 new routes launching summer 2025

MSC Cruises has unveiled its summer 2025 itineraries for the North American market. With offerings ranging from 7-night voyages on the brand-new MSC World America to weekend getaways on MSC Seascape, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

“We want our guests to experience MSC Cruises’ most modern and innovative ships, whether they’re on a quick weekend getaway or the vacation of a lifetime. The Summer 2025 season will be an exciting one for us," said Rubén A. Rodríguez, President, MSC Cruises USA.

I sailed on MSC’s newest and oldest ships: Here’s what it's like to cruise on new ships vs. older

Does age really matter for a cruise ship?  I’ve sailed on MSC’s oldest and newest ships in the Caribbean and found some major differences between the classic ships and newcomers in the fleet. 

Price, size, service, itineraries, and amenities all vary between ships, especially when comparing the senior ships of the fleet to the newly launched stars. 

20 things I loved and hated on my MSC Seaside cruise

How does MSC Seaside compare to other cruise ships I have been on? I recently flew to an exotic French island in the Caribbean to take an unforgettable tour of the southern Caribbean on this classic MSC cruise ship. 

After sailing on some of MSC’s newer ships, like MSC Seascape, I was a little apprehensive about cruising on the oldest ship in the Seaside Class, but with its fantastic price and itinerary, I decided to give it a try.  

Why I left Royal Caribbean for MSC Cruises

Despite four wonderful cruises on Royal Caribbean, I have now become an avid MSC Cruises fan. This may be shocking to some; in fact, I am a little surprised myself by the switch.

While I really enjoyed my Royal Caribbean cruises and love the design and amenities of the Oasis Class ships, like Wonder of the Seas, I have found MSC Cruises to be a compelling alternative, mainly due to the incredible value they provide. 

20 mistakes I saw people make on my MSC cruise

I am just off my latest MSC cruise, where I spent seven delightful days touring around the scenic southern Caribbean on MSC Seaside.

While I have ten cruises under my belt, I seem to learn something new on every cruise, and I still am shocked by some of the mistakes I see people making, many of which I have made at some point or other.

I stayed in a 300-square-foot suite on an MSC Cruise that starts at $6,000 for a week. Here's a look inside

Is a suite upgrade worth it? After four sailings in interior cabins, I recently stayed in a balcony suite on MSC Seaside for a week-long cruise in the sunny southern Caribbean. Was it worth the extra money for a luxury accommodation on my MSC cruise? I was a little nervous to find out if my money was well spent. 

MSC Cruises: Pros and Cons

If you are new to MSC Cruises and thinking about giving them a try, there are a lot of benefits to sailing with this European cruise line. They offer some of the cheapest cruise fares in the market, making their voyages an incredible value. 

20 things I loved and hated on MSC Divina

I recently sailed on MSC Divina for the first time on a super cheap four-night cruise to the Bahamas. Being an older ship, I was able to get a fantastic deal. I paid $185 per person, including Wi-Fi and a drink package

The cruise was such a great deal and as a last-minute add-on to another trip that I was on, I did not do much research about the ship itself, something I rarely do. 

Why are MSC cruises so cheap?

Want a cheap cruise? Well, MSC Cruises might be just what you are looking for. They have some of the lowest cruise fares around, beating giants like Carnival Cruise Line, who are known for great value. 

5 mistakes I made and 4 things I did right on my MSC Seaside cruise

Making mistakes on a cruise is often inevitable, and each mistake can cost passengers time, money, and regret later on. Even as someone who cruises frequently, I find myself making mistakes on every sailing, and my most recent cruise was no exception.

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