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20 things I loved and hated on MSC Divina

I recently sailed on MSC Divina for the first time on a super cheap four-night cruise to the Bahamas. Being an older ship, I was able to get a fantastic deal. I paid $185 per person, including Wi-Fi and a drink package

The cruise was such a great deal and as a last-minute add-on to another trip that I was on, I did not do much research about the ship itself, something I rarely do. 

Why are MSC cruises so cheap?

Want a cheap cruise? Well, MSC Cruises might be just what you are looking for. They have some of the lowest cruise fares around, beating giants like Carnival Cruise Line, who are known for great value. 

5 mistakes I made and 4 things I did right on my MSC Seaside cruise

Making mistakes on a cruise is often inevitable, and each mistake can cost passengers time, money, and regret later on. Even as someone who cruises frequently, I find myself making mistakes on every sailing, and my most recent cruise was no exception.

After 10 cruises, here's what I love and hated about sailing with Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises

The very first cruise ship I ever sailed on was Oasis of the Seas. At the time, I did not realize that I was setting my cruise vacation bar so high. It was an incredible trip, and I immediately fell in love with cruising. 

The endless sea views, onboard fun, and tons of tasty food made it a great family vacation, not to mention the fantastic ports of call that we visited.  

I visited MSC’s private island for the first time. 7 things I wish I knew before I went to Ocean Cay

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is MSC Cruises’ private island in The Bahamas, and it’s everything you could hope for in a tropical paradise. With countless palm trees, eight beaches, a spa, and included food and drinks, it’s the ideal place to relax and unwind on an MSC cruise.

Is the food on MSC Cruises as bad as they say? I gave it a try

The food is inedible. 0/10.
It just keeps getting worse.
MSC has the worst food in the cruise industry.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from the internet, it’s that people love to complain, and there is no shortage of complaints about MSC Cruises’ food online.

8 things I loved and hated about my MSC Seaside cruise

On any cruise vacation you’re bound to come across things you enjoyed and, unfortunately, those things you would rather forget. Regardless of whether you book the cheapest or most luxurious cruise, no cruise vacation is perfect, after all.

I recently returned from a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise on MSC Seaside. For the most part, I enjoyed everything about my week onboard, from the food to tropical destinations and fun activities.

Is a drink package worth it on MSC? I tried it to see whether it was worth the money.

Alcoholic drink packages are an extremely common add-on to purchase for an MSC cruise. Being able to enjoy an unlimited amount of tropical beverages while onboard is well worth the cost for many passengers. The cost of a drink package, however, can add up to over $500 for a weeklong sailing.

Even though I’ve been on nearly two dozen cruises, I’ve always been hesitant to purchase a cruise line’s drink package. While I enjoy drinking a cocktail or two each day, I never thought I would be able to “break even” on the cost of a drink package.

15 Photos Show Why Booking a MSC Cruise Is Worth It

Every cruise line has their haters and fans. Carnival, for instance, is often referred to as the “Walmart” of the seas by those who prefer to sail on lines like Royal Caribbean or Norwegian. 

While not a brand-new cruise line MSC Cruises has started to gain a following in North America, as they have begun to deploy some of their newest ships to sail from Florida and New York. 

How to save hundreds of dollars on your MSC cruise with this one simple trick

MSC Cruises is known for their low prices and is becoming increasingly popular with cruisers who want to make the most of their vacation budget. 

While the European cruise line has a number of ongoing sales and promotions to help save you money on the price of your cruise, there is one strategy I use to make sure I get the most bang for my buck. 

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