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MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises releases new update for World Europa cruise ship

Today, May 19, 2022 MCS Cruises announced new details and updates pertaining to their newest ship, MSC World Europa. Updates include new restaurants, family offerings, and stateroom designs aboard World Europa.

MSC newest ship is six months away from its debut, and welcoming onboard its first passengers. MSC World Europa is said to be the cruise line’s most innovative, most environmentally advanced, and its most exciting ship to debut so far. MSC World Europa is said to become the cruise line’s flagship once it is completed.

MSC announces extensive list of shore excursions for summer 2022

Announced today by MSC, the cruise line will be offering more than 1,390 different shore excursions to passengers this summer. To date, this is the most amount of shore excursions MSC has ever offered.

In a statement by Marialuisa Iaccarino, Head of Shore Excursions for MSC Cruises, “We are dedicated to offering an outstanding range of high-quality shore excursions to guests, so we’re proud to be offering guests the widest range ever this summer.”

Why MSC Cruises is a great option for a family cruise

MSC Cruises is known for its signature European flair and cuisine, sailing to ports all over the world. However, some may be surprised to know that they are also a great option for a family cruise.

Their large ships and growing fleet rival any of its competitors, and MSC’s mega-ships have all the bells and whistles that cruisers have come to expect. Kids areas, family oriented activities and amenities are all part of the MSC experience. And, their family discounts are a nice welcome to any family.

13 of the best tips and tricks for an MSC Cruise

MSC Cruises continues to grow in popularity, and with this week’s announcement that MSC Meraviglia will be sailing year round from New York, there are even more ways to sail with MSC.  

For those new to the cruise line, there are a whole host of destinations and great ships full of diverse food and entertainment options.

Whether embarking on an adult’s trip, family vacation, solo or with friends, there are lots of ways to relax, have fun and even save some money.

Here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your MSC cruise.

What you need to know about MSC Cruises wifi and internet onboard

A cruise is a great vacation, a chance to get away, relax and disconnect. But sometimes we may need to access the internet to keep in touch with family and friends or perhaps quickly check in with work.

The use of wifi is not complimentary on MSC Cruises and even if your cell provider has a plan that covers Mexico, it won't cover you in the middle of the ocean. If you want to stay connected, you will need to purchase an internet package.

Overview of MSC Cruises Drink Packages and Prices

A drink package is a popular add-on for cruisers who want to save money or are worried about an unexpectedly large bill at the end of their cruise.

MSC Cruises offers its customers five different drink packages to suit different preferences and needs. Whether you want a few beers and a glass of wine, or a more extensive package that provides top-shelf spirits, champagne, and specialty coffees, there is an option for everyone.   

MSC Cruises Cabin Overview – what you need to know

As with most cruise lines, MSC Cruises has a wide selection of cabin options across its fleet. Whether it be a cozy interior cabin or the ultimate deluxe suite, there is something for every traveler.  

Ships offer a variety of accommodations to meet diverse needs, including solo travelers, those guests requiring accessible rooms, and solutions for larger families or groups who want to share common spaces.

All about MSC Cruises Seaside Class of ships

MSC Cruises made a big splash into mega-ship cruising with the successful Meravilgia class of ships. Veering in a different direction, the Seaside class of ships embarked upon a new strategy that is not reliant on the bigger is better philosophy.

MSC Yacht Club: An overview of what’s included

MSC Yacht Club is a special tier of rooms and services within MSC cruise ships. Termed a ship within a ship, MSC Yacht Club is the ultimate in luxury for MSC cruisers.

This all-inclusive style of cruising includes ungraded suites, personalized service and dedicated venues onboard such as a private lounge, restaurant and deck area. 

MSC Cruises new ships on order

MSC Cruises continues to pursue an intensive growth strategy, welcoming a number of new ships over the next couple of years, with two launches in the latter part of 2022.

New ships are planned across four different classes of MSC ships including the new World Class series, Meraviglia class, Seaside class and Explora Journeys.

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