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How to plan your own shore excursion

After you book a cruise vacation, you will likely want to take your family on a fun tour in the ports your visit.

Certainly your cruise line will offer a simple way to book a tour, but you also have the choice to do something on your own to help save money. Certainly a tour on your own can save money, and also offer something to see beyond what is offered by the line.

Top 8 best cruise ships going to Alaska in 2020

Think this is the year you will take the family to the Last Frontier and go on an Alaska cruise? Sounds like a great plan, but you might be wondering which is the best ship to go on an Alaska cruise.

There are a lot of great ships that will traverse the Inside Passage from May through September, each with their own assortment of amenities, activities and fun things to do.  In fact, you will find a great range of value with options that run the gamut of ship size and offerings.  

Here are our picks for the best ships cruising to Alaska this summer.

Trump administration bans people-to-people travel to Cuba

Effective today, the Trump administration imposed significant new travel restrictions on visits to Cuba by U.S. citizens that appears to mean the end of cruise ship visits to the island.

The Treasury Department announced that the U.S. will no longer allow cruises to Cuba or the group educational and cultural trips known as “people to people” travel to the island. This ends a heavily used form of educational travel.

Top first time cruise mistakes to avoid

If you are going on your first cruise vacation, here are ten rookie mistakes to avoid. Not only will these tips help you have a better vacation, but you will feel like a cruising pro!

Booking a flight too early after the cruise

Typically we see first time cruisers book a return flight home that cuts things too close.  The problem is guests see that the ship returns to the port at some early hour, like 6am, and assume that is when they can get off the ship.

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