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I used Royal Caribbean’s new loyalty status match program on my Celebrity cruise. While I didn’t love every perk, I saved so much money

Loyalty can go a long way in the cruising industry. The more you choose to travel with the same cruise line, the more you will be rewarded for doing so.

Cruise lines have loyalty programs to encourage travelers to continue traveling with the same brand or company. Repeat customers are an important component of a cruise line’s clientele. As such, many cruisers find themselves continuing to travel with the same cruise line to reap the benefits of loyalty programs.

5 things that Royal Caribbean does better than Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean are two of the biggest names in the industry for mainstream cruise lines; however, the cruise lines are also major competitors for affordable, family-friendly vacations. Even still, there are many differences between the two cruise lines.

Royal Caribbean's weekend party ship is officially here

Royal Caribbean took delivery of Utopia of the Seas during a ceremony held at the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France, increasing the number of their operational ships to 28. 

Man who tried 274-night world cruise shares 20 lessons

Could you imagine living on a cruise ship for 274 days? Well, that's what a handful of passengers lucky enough to sail onboard Royal Caribbean's first-ever world cruise have been doing since December. 

The voyage, however, hasn't been without its drama. Sharing the 90,090 gross registered ton (GRT) Serenade of the Seas with nearly 2,500 other guests is like living in a small town, after all! 

Man was sick on a cruise and was hit with a big bill before being sent home

Nobody wants to receive an unexpected bill on vacation. Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened to Vincent Wasney and his fiancée, Sarah Eberlein, while cruising on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas. Before they were allowed to disembark, they had to pay over $2,500 in medical bills for services that Wasney received onboard as a result of a series of seizures. 

Photos show what tiny crew-only cabins on Icon of the Seas look like

Even if you haven't had the opportunity to cruise onboard the world's largest cruise ship, you've likely seen photos of the cabins and public venues. Glimpses into crew-only areas, however, are more difficult to come by. 

Royal Caribbean cancels visits to private destination in Haiti through September 2024

If you're considering booking a Royal Caribbean cruise to Labadee, their private destination located on the northern peninsula of Haiti, you'll want to hold off. Due to the civil unrest in Haiti, Royal Caribbean has decided to suspend operations in Labadee through September 2024, prioritizing the well-being of both passengers and crew members. 

Cruiser complained her cruise ship balcony room is obstructed in viral video, and the internet let her have it

One Royal Caribbean cruiser received backlash from social media when she asked her followers on TikTok whether a railing near her cabin’s balcony should be considered an obstruction.

Diver leaps from 55 feet in the air on Royal Caribbean cruise ship

Royal Caribbean's AquaTheater is one of the most unique entertainment venues at sea. Dancers and divers alike captivate the minds of audience members performing an array of synchronized dancers and daring feats. 

One performer, Ginni van Katwijk, took to social media to give a behind-the-scenes look into the adrenaline-fueled stunts that high divers perform onboard some of the world's largest cruise ships

I tried the newest ships from Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian. Here’s how they compare

Few travel experiences come close to the excitement of stepping foot on a brand-new cruise ship. Similar to driving a brand-new car with all the bells and whistles, the experience of cruising on a newly built cruise ship is unmatched. It’s undoubtedly exciting to see the latest and greatest that a cruise line has to offer.

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