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6 Best Destinations for Short Cruises from North America

Short cruises might conjure up images of party hardy vacationers drinking away a few days at sea, but not all three- to six-night itineraries are created equal. Cruise lines are adding more of these micro-sailings to their deployment schedules – diversifying the options and redefining the jocularly-coined “booze cruise” as a safe and peaceful getaway for folks who aren’t yet comfortable with spending a full week or more onboard a ship.

Eastern vs. Western Caribbean Cruises

If you're new to cruising, one of the most classic go-to places for a warm-weather getaway is the Caribbean. But, because the region is divided into three areas -- Eastern, Western and Southern -- choosing an itinerary can be daunting.

Here, we'll guide you through the main similarities and differences between two of the three Caribbean sub-regions -- eastern and western -- so you can choose the destination that's best for you.

Bahamas vs. Bermuda Cruises

Trying to decide between Bermuda vs. Bahamas cruises? Yes, they're both warm-weather destinations that start with "B," which can be confusing to new cruisers, but there are many nuances that set these island chains apart from one another. We'll give you the details to help you decide which destination is right for you.

Caribbean vs. Bahamas Cruises

Cruise itineraries offer a variety of ports in varying combinations that quench passengers' thirst for new experiences. But, the same variety that makes itineraries intriguing can also make them confusing, and it's even more head-spinning when destinations overlap.

What is the difference between the Caribbean and The Bahamas? Is the Bahamas part of the Caribbean?

Below, we explain the difference between Bahamas vs. Caribbean cruises, which focus on two of the industry's most popular areas -- ones that evoke thoughts of sand, sun and fruity cocktails. 

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