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Viking Ocean Cruises

How much does it really cost to take a luxury cruise?

Are you someone curious about what it means to cruise in luxury? When it comes to considering or looking into a luxury cruise, the first thing likely to be on your mind is the price. 

Luxury cruise lines do cost more than the average cruise line. But why? What is so special about luxury cruise lines, and do they really offer their guests anything more than what can be found on a mainstream line? 

I tried my first luxury cruise. Here's what surprised me and what I loved about this kind of cruising

What comes to mind when you think of luxury cruise lines? Probably how much they cost! Let me tell you why I think you should still consider a luxury cruise line for your next cruise vacation, and how it might be more reasonable in price than you think. 

One of the greatest things about cruising is that there is a cruise line out there to fit nearly every style, itinerary preference, and budget. 

What it's like to take a European cruise in the winter

Are you someone who loves the idea of exploring Europe in the snow? What about visiting authentic Bavarian Christmas markets? Sipping mulled wine as you explore historical sites? Or maybe you just like the idea of seeing Europe during the off-season when its less crowded.

I recently retuned from a two-week cruise experience traveling Europe in the winter. Let me tell you why exploring Europe during the winter time should be at the top of your travel bucket list!

Viking Cruises temporarily suspends operations due to Coronavirus

Viking Cruises announced due to the coronavirus COVID-19 situation, it will temporarily suspend river and ocean cruise operations operations until May 1, 2020.

The cruise line will temporarily suspend river and ocean vessels embarking from March 12 to April 30, 2020.

Viking Chairman Torstein Hagen issued a letter to currently booked guests.

Dear Viking Guests,

Viking launches Great Lakes voyages starting in 2022

Viking Cruises announced you can soon take cruises on the Great Lakes to ports in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Ontario.

Beginning in 2022, Viking said it was building two expedition ships, which will both serve the Antarctic. The first — the 665’x77’, 378-passenger Viking Octantis being built in Norway by Fincantieri’s Vard – also begins sailing the Great Lakes in April 2022, visiting Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin and Canada’s Ontario province. The second expedition vessel, Viking Polaris, is due in August 2022 and will sail both polar regions.

Viking Sky cruise ship evacuated after ship loses power

The Viking Sky cruise ship lost engine power over the weekend, which resulted in all guests needing to be evacuated.

Poor weather made it too dangerous for rescues in lifeboats, so all passengers were airlifted by helicopter and brought to land in Norway. Hundreds had to wait hours for the boat to be towed to shore.

The Viking Ocean Cruises ship was on the end of a 12-day sailing when it ran into high winds and rough waves on Saturday. As the ship began to experience engine problems, the crew issued a mayday call. 

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