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Where do Disney cruises go?

Disney Cruise Line visits destinations around the world, and despite having a relatively small fleet of ships, can offer cruises to lots of places.

If you are curious where you can sail on a Disney cruise, here are the regions of the world they offer cruises.

Bahamas & Caribbean

Castaway Cay aerial

Compare: Norwegian vs. Disney Cruise Line

If you're considering a Norwegian cruise versus a Disney cruise, your head is likely spinning as you mull over the major differences are, like fleet size, price and appearances by Mickey and friends.

Whether you're a parent planning to bring your brood onboard or an adult with no kids to speak of, we'll help you compare these lines on things like cabins, dining and activities.

Compare: Carnival vs. Disney Cruise Line

If you're considering a Disney cruise vs. Carnival, you're likely wondering what the major differences are, apart from the obvious ones like fleet size and characters magically appearing onboard.

Whether you're a parent planning a vacation with the kids or an adult who has no kids but enjoys feeling like one, we'll help you compare these lines on things like dining, accommodations, things to do and of course, price.

Compare: Royal Caribbean vs. Disney Cruise Line

If you're considering a Disney cruise vs. Royal Caribbean, your head is probably spinning. Whether you're a parent planning to sail with kids or simply an adult who enjoys feeling like a kid again, we'll help you to navigate the nuances of both lines in areas like dining, cabins, entertainment and, of course, price.

What I wish I knew before going on a Disney Cruise

Before you go on your first Disney cruise, there is quite a lot of good tips and helpful information out there to ensure you have a great cruise.

In order to avoid some common first-time cruise mistakes, here are some of the critical things I wish I knew before I went on my first Disney cruise.

Get an early check-in time

Captain Mickey and Minnie Mouse

What you should book before your Disney Cruise

If you want to avoid disappointment of an activity or offering being unavailable because it is sold out, here are some important thinks to prebook prior to your Disney Cruise.

With the growing power of the internet, and more and more cruisers knowing the "tricks of the trade", certain activities can be unavailable if you wait to reserve them on the ship.

Disney Cruise Line has a ton of activities to choose from, so here are the ones you really want to book in advance to avoid missing out on.

How much is a Disney Cruise?

A Disney Cruise sounds like the best of both worlds: the amazing library of the Walt Disney Company combined with a cruise ship vacation.  However, you might be wondering "How much does a Disney Cruise costs"?

Before you buy matching Mickey ears to wear onboard, here is an overview of how much a Disney Cruise costs.

Prices vary, but it's not cheap

the AquaDuck water coaster

What is the cheapest month to take a Disney cruise?

Disney Cruise Line is a very popular choice for families that want to combine a family cruise vacation with their love for all things Mickey, but it is not a cheap vacation.

If you are trying to find the least expensive time to take the family on a Disney Cruise, there are some good times of the year to lock in the lowest fares you will find.

Sail off-peak

Disney cruise ship waterslide

Is a Disney Cruise worth the extra money?

Disney Cruise Line is known for fabulous entertainment, well-themed ships, and an expensive price tag.

While Disney cruises offer family vacations similar to other mass-market cruise lines, Disney's cruise costs tend to be significantly higher than other contemporary cruise lines. Then again, Disney Cruise Line fans will tell the Disney cruise product is a higher quality product.

If your family is considering booking a Disney cruise, here what you should consider to figure if Disney cruises are worth the extra cost.

Top 10 Disney Cruise facts you didn't know

If you have ever sailed on Disney Cruise Line, then you probably have been impressed by the large size of the ships, and hundreds of dedicated cast members who work onboard to deliver a fantastic cruise vacation.

But what you might not know is all of the impressive facts, statistics and tidbits that are part of making Mickey's cruise line operate on a daily basis.

Here's a look at the most impressive Disney Cruise Line facts you might (or might not have) known!

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