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Disney Cruise Line

Comparing Disney's Largest and Smallest Cruise Ships: What It's Like to Sail on Each

Since its inception in 1998, families around the world have experienced magical vacations onboard Disney Cruise Line. 

With five ships in service (and two more on the way), you will have a few options to choose from when deciding which ship to sail on. One of the considerations is the size of the ship, as they varies quite a bit. 

Disney Cruise Line’s latest ship, Disney Wish, is their largest, while the first two ships (sister ships Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) are much smaller. 

I am going on my first Disney Cruise: Here’s what I think I should do

I am so excited to be planning my first Disney cruise! Disney Cruise Line is one of the biggest names in the cruise line industry, and I am thrilled to be checking out this popular cruise line for the first time as an adult. 

10 things you won't find on a Disney cruise

Today's cruise ships seem to have it all. They are like floating cities, where everything you want and need is readily accessible. There are even ships with rollercoasters, sky diving simulators, and 20+ dining options onboard! 

One of the best parts about planning a cruise vacation is researching the different cruise lines and ships to figure out which one meets your travel party's needs. The experience on one cruise line will not be what you would experience on another! 

Guide to Disney Cruise onboard booking discount

If you are like me, you want to start thinking about your next cruise before you even get off of your current one! By booking your next cruise onboard, you might find that you get some pretty sweet perks that get you even more excited for your next adventure! There is nothing better than knowing you got the best possible rate for a cruise vacation. This might allow you to purchase some cruise add-ons that will make your trip extra special!

Disney Cruise Line’s newest private island Lighthouse Point: Everything we know so far

This month on March 9th 2023, Disney Cruise Line officially announced that their newest private island paradise will open next year, in summer 2024! Along with this announcement, Disney shared some concept art photos and revealed further details regarding the newest cruise line private island in the industry. 

Disney and Royal Caribbean announced new beach resorts: here's how they compare

Both Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise Line have announced that they will be opening new beach resorts in the Bahamas in 2024 and 2025. The exact dates have yet to be released. 

Disney's Lighthouse Point will be located on the island of Eleuthera, while Royal Caribbean's Royal Beach Club will be on the western end of Paradise Island in Nassau. At just about 700-acres, Lighthouse Point is the larger of the two destinations. In comparison, Royal Beach Club is only about 17-acres. 

Disney Cruise Ships by Size

With only five ships currently in operation, Disney Cruise Line is one of the smallest mainstream cruise lines, and each ship is part of one of three classes: Magic, Dream, and Triton. 

Disney does not have as long of a history, either. Disney Magic, the cruise line's first ship, debuted in July 1998, followed by Disney Wonder in August 1999, Disney Dream in 2011, Disney Fantasy in 2012, and Disney Wish in 2022. 

Guide to Disney's Alaska 2023 cruises

When planning a summer cruise, most people default to searching for itineraries that visit warm destinations, like the Bahamas, Caribbean, or Mediterranean. It isn't a proper summer vacation if you don't get a little sunburnt, right? 

Yet, many families opt to sail to Alaska and trade in their swimsuits and flip flops for rain jackets and gloves. From the diverse history and culture, to breathtaking scenery, exciting port adventures, abundant wildlife, and delicious seafood, Alaska has something to offer everyone.

Guide to Disney Cruises in the Bahamas

Located just a little over 300 miles off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is an ideal location for a shorter-duration family cruise. High temperatures generally range from the high 60s to the high 80s and typically feel comfortable year-round.

The Bahamian currency, the Bahamian dollar, is set at a fixed exchange rate equal to the US Dollar. English is the official language.

What Does Disney Cruise Concierge Include?

While any Disney Cruise can definitely be a splurge, Disney Cruise Line's concierge level is an even bigger splurge. Concierge guests get access to upgraded and exclusive amenities that can really make your entire cruise vacation special. To get these concierge benefits, you’ll need to book a room in the concierge category. Concierge is not a service that you can add to a standard booking.

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