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Top 40 Cruise Hacks & Tricks

Cruising is a wonderful way to travel, a fun vacation that offers so much to see and do.

Today’s cruise ships today are like floating cities with tons of activities, venues and non-stop activities, visiting incredible destinations throughout the world. A lot to choose from.

A first-timer's guide to planning a cruise – 13 things to know

Going on a cruise has become increasingly popular, with modern ships providing a host of amenities and activities, along with great port destinations throughout the world.

For a first time cruiser, all of the choices and options can seem somewhat overwhelming. Cruise lines provide a wealth of information but it doesn’t hurt to get the help of a travel agent (free of cost), especially for the first time.

Whether it's deciding where to go, what cruise line, or which itinerary to pick, there are a few key items to plan to make the most of your first time cruise vacation.

15 things to do the week before your cruise

The week leading up to your cruise is filled with anticipation and excitement! It won’t be long before you’re stepping on board your cruise ship and ready to sail the sea. However, it's important to make sure you've planned for your vacation accordingly to ensure your cruise goes off without a hitch.

You're spending precious time and money for your vacation, so preparation will be key for a great cruise!

There’s a lot to do before you’re relaxing on the pool deck with a drink in hand, so here are 15 tasks to complete the week before you depart:

Where do crew members live on a cruise ship? (And 12 other really common cruise ship questions)

The cruise ship industry reached a stunning peak of 55 billion in economic activity in the United States alone in 2015 - but there’s a lot you might not know about them.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about these massive liners - including why they’re registered in Libera of all places!

Top 8 most all inclusive cruise lines

Promoting worry free vacations, all-inclusives have become increasingly popular in recent years. To the dismay of cruisers, most of the major cruise lines have gone in the opposite direction using more of an a la carte pricing model, with plenty of extra fees.

What are the different cruise lines known for

For first-time cruisers, choosing the perfect cruise line can be overwhelming. From modern lines to luxury ships, no cruise line is identical to another. This can make it difficult to know which cruise line is the right for you and your travel group.

How do I choose my first cruise?

If you’ve never stepped foot on a cruise ship, planning your first cruise can feel a bit overwhelming. There are itineraries (literally) all over the world with multiple ships to choose from. Cruises can vary from 3 night samplers all the way up to month-long, transoceanic voyages. On top of this, there are different cruise lines that each cater to specific demographics and offer distinct styles of cruising.

Your really dumb cruise ship cabin questions answered

When you’re new to cruising, you’re bound to have a ton of questions about the basics of a cruise vacation, especially regarding accommodations. You might think your cabin questions are dumb, but only stupid people don’t ask for the information they need and end up booking the wrong room or being surprised about what is and isn’t included. 

Consider this FAQ your personal “Cruise Ship Cabins for Dummies.” We swear you’ll feel smarter and more confident about booking a cruise cabin after you’ve read it.

Can you go on a cruise without a passport?

First time cruisers often ask if they need a passport to go on a cruise. The answer is that you generally need a passport to travel to a foreign country, but select itineraries sailing roundtrip from U.S. homeports do not require passports as travel documents.

Here, we answer the most common questions about passports for cruises. Remember: It’s always the traveler’s responsibility to make sure they have the correct identification and documentation for your cruise. Otherwise, you could get turned away at the cruise port.

Inside cabin vs. oceanview on a cruise ship

Should you book an inside cabin or an ocean view if you’re trying to save money on your next cruise? These are typically the cheapest cruise cabins, but that doesn’t mean one isn’t perfect for your next sailing. Learn what inside and ocean view (aka outside) rooms are on a cruise ship, their similarities and differences, and why you might want to pick one style of cabin over the other.

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