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How much is a 7 day cruise in 2024?

You are ready to take a cruise vacation, but have no idea how much it will cost and what to account for in your budget.

This is a pretty common concern among first-time cruisers who may be hesitant to give cruising a try but struggle with the price. Just like cars, televisions, restaurants, and watches, the average price can factor heavily into your decision to pursue that purchase.

28 first time cruise tips that really work (2024)

One of the major appeals of cruising is that there's something for everyone, from mouthwatering cuisine that will satisfy the foodies to ultimate thrills that will keep the adrenaline of the most adventurous rushing.

Whether you're a seasoned cruiser or looking forward to your first sailing, there are cruise tips and hacks to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation. 

How to Choose Your First Cruise

Congratulations on deciding to book your first-ever cruise! Like with any vacation, you will want to do enough research before placing a deposit. With over seven different mainstream cruise lines and 100 ships sailing worldwide, choosing your first cruise can seem overwhelming. 

I'm an avid cruiser who always recommends MSC for first-timers. It's barely a step down from pricier competitors — and usually cheaper.

Have you ever considered trying an MSC cruise? While I have sailed on other cruise lines and had a good time, I recommend MSC for first-timers. 

There are a whole host of reasons why you may want to try this European-based cruise line for a cruise. Incredible prices, a growing fleet of large and innovative ships, a wide range of onboard activities and entertainment, and a vast array of itineraries are just some of the advantages of cruising with MSC Cruises. 

Cruise packing list: Essentials to bring on a cruise

Once you have booked the perfect cruise and the countdown has officially begun, you're going to need a cruise essentials packing list.

Packing for a cruise varies on the duration and destination, among other things. What you will want to bring on a Caribbean cruise, for instance, will differ from an Alaskan cruise

What’s a good amount of days for a first cruise?

When beginning the search for your first cruise vacation, you will notice that there are different itinerary lengths. 

While the majority of cruises offered are usually 8-nights or fewer, longer cruises are offered to meet the needs of those with different travel needs and preferences. For the most part, longer voyages are more destination-focused or are offered as a means to get the ship from one port to another, such a ship repositioning from Miami to Barcelona for the summer, meaning that they often come with more days at sea. 

17 mistakes you shouldn't make on a cruise ship sea day

When planning your cruise vacation, the itinerary is one of the most important considerations. And while the destinations themselves are important, so is the number of sea days that you will have-- you want to be able to enjoy everything that the ship has to offer!

Sea days are great for relaxation, staying busy, or a combination of the two! Unlike port days, you will not have any scheduled tours that will keep you preoccupied for a chunk of the day. Instead, you can plan the day around your interests and preferences. Maybe that means not having a plan at all!

10 Reasons People Leave Their Cruise Ship Vacation Disappointed

Nobody wants to go on a disappointing vacation. It is a time that you are supposed to relax, have fun, and escape from your day-to-day life. Not to mention the fact that you are spending your hard-earned money on the experience!

Cruises are popular vacations for many reasons, including the convenience and ability to visit different destinations in a single trip. If, however, you do not manage your expectations and take steps to help ensure a smoother vacation, you may find yourself swearing off cruising for awhile. 

Cruise Door Decorations: How to make your cabin door stand out

Planning any cruise is exciting! From booking fun shore excursions to browsing onboard activities and cruise add-ons, there is so much that goes into making sure you have the perfect vacation. 

If you are brand-new to cruising, you might bypass some fun traditions, one of which being cruise door decorations. 

What is a cruise ship muster drill?

Amidst all the excitement of embarkation day, you will have to complete the required safety drill. Do not worry, though. It must be done before sail away, so you will still be able to sip on a drink while watching the shore disappear into the horizon. 

While emergencies at sea are rare, the safety, or muster, drill is meant to familiarize you and your travel party with your assigned assembly station and other protocols. It is mandatory for all passengers, even those who have cruised before, as the assigned location will most likely be different on each sailing. 

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