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How shoulder season cruises can save you a lot of money

Regardless of where you want to sail, the sunny Caribbean or majestic Alaska, there are ways to save money on a cruise vacation.  

Sailing during shoulder season, that is, the period near the beginning or end of the peak cruising times, is one of the best ways to save money.

Savvy cruisers who book during this period can benefit from major discounts, often 30- 40%. Money to keep for the next cruise, a once in a lifetime excursion, or other fun onboard activities like specialty dining or a massage.

How to plan a cruise on a budget

One of the reasons I love cruising so much is because it’s incredibly affordable! Cruising is so convenient because everything is in one spot, including all of your food, entertainment, accommodations and transportation. You can kick back and truly relax when you decide to cruise for your vacation. 

With your cruise fare including so much, you’ll feel like you’re at an all-inclusive resort without blowing your vacation budget. 

Why you shouldn’t fly the same day your cruise begins

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to live within driving distance of a cruise port. Plenty of people onboard a cruise ship have to fly from their home into a port city before boarding their cruise.

Even if you live close to a cruise port, you might want to cruise to other destinations, which often requires airline travel.

20 Alaska cruise must-do excursions

Unlike on a Caribbean cruise where most days are spent at a beach or a Mediterranean cruise where most days are spent exploring cities, shore excursions on an Alaska cruise are all about outdoor adventures. From kayaking near glaciers to ziplining through the rainforest, exploring the state’s vast wilderness is a must-do while on an Alaska cruise.

Are cruise excursions worth it?

There’s no question that cruising can offer an affordable, convenient and fun vacation. Unlimited food, tons of entertainment and plenty activities will certainly keep you and your travel group busy each day. You’ll also be waking up to a new city each morning - what more can you ask for?

Cruises are great because you can see so many places in a short amount of time. In general, cruising requires very little planning because everything is taken care of onboard. However, you will want to do a little research to ensure you do and see everything you want while docked in each port.

Are cruises worth it?

There are pros and cons to every type of vacation, including cruises.

Those who love cruising are typically repeat cruisers when it comes to vacation planning - and for good reason! Cruises are very affordable, relaxing and convenient. You get to see multiple countries and cities without unpacking your suitcase.

Others would argue that they might feel trapped onboard a ship or might worry about seasickness. Additionally, there's not as much flexibility and onboard expenses can add up.

The worst cruise ship packing mistakes

Packing for a cruise can be a bit daunting if you’re unfamiliar with cruising or a first-time cruiser. Deciding what to pack for a cruise will ultimately depend on the length of your cruise, the ports on your itinerary, and the time of year you’re traveling.

How much is a 7 day cruise?

You're ready to take a cruise vacation, but have no idea how much it will cost and what to account for in your budget.

This is a pretty common concern among first-time cruisers who may be hesitant to give cruising a try, but struggle with the price. Just like cars, televisions, restaurants, and watches, the average price can factor heavily into your decision to pursue that purchase.

20 things not to forget when packing for a cruise

In the excitement of an upcoming cruise, packing all that you need, those key must-haves can get lost in the shuffle. And while some things are nice to have, others are essential.  

Ever changing health protocols have added another layer of complexity to travel, making it easy to overlook some of the basics.  The last thing you want to do on a port day is run around looking for a forgotten item or pay 3 times the price for sunscreen. Time and money can be better spent elsewhere, especially on a cruise vacation.

Cruise Clothes for Women: What to Wear on a Cruise

Ladies - this one's for you!

Are you cruising soon and need to start packing? After 25+ cruises and spending 105 days on a ship for a semester in college, I feel pretty confident in my ability to pack well for a cruise. 

While some might get overwhelmed packing for a cruise, I find that packing for a cruise is very predictable. 

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