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What I wish I knew before my cruise about my cruise ship cabin

Between exploring new ports of call, enjoying the onboard amenities, and indulging in delicious meals, you'll need a place to rest while on your cruise— enter your cabin. Also referred to as "staterooms," your onboard accommodation, whether an inside room or lavish suite, offers a retreat amidst the excitement of your cruise adventure. 

10 Things to avoid if you want a cheap cruise

According to a report released by the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), cruise lines are projected to see passenger volumes reach over 35 million globally this year. While the cruise industry has experienced strong demand throughout 2024, resulting in higher prices and less availability, if you're smart and play your cards right, booking a cruise doesn't have to be expensive. 

How cruise lines are preparing for an active hurricane season this year

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1. Less than one month into the season, flood concerns have risen in Florida, with some areas predicted to have double-digit rainfall totals this week. While reports from the National Hurricane System predict a 10% chance of the system developing into a named storm, those with cruises booked are wondering what this means for their upcoming voyages. 

How much does a 3 day cruise cost?

Looking to cruise on a budget? Rather than spend a fortune on a weeklong cruise or cut corners to make it more affordable, consider a 3-day cruise. 

With popular cruise lines like Carnival charging as little as $174 per person for 3-day cruises, they make for an affordable getaway, whether you're new to cruising or have a strict budget. Additionally, since you are onboard for fewer days, your overall cost for add-ons, including drink and Wi-Fi packages, will be significantly less. 

Do you need a passport to cruise? The answer explained

Planning a cruise differs from other international vacations. Rather than worrying about booking multiple hotels, arranging transportation between cities, and planning daily itineraries, those embarking on a cruise enjoy the convenience of unpacking once, as their floating hotel will transport them to different destinations. 

The worst months to cruise to Europe

Though there are year-round sailings to Europe, the peak of the European cruise season falls in the late spring, summer, and early fall.

Post reveals how much you should tip cruise ship porters (it's more than you think)

While on your cruise ship, the only acceptable form of payment for drinks, souvenirs in the shops, specialty restaurants, etc., is your cruise card. At the end of the sailing, your onboard account will be settled using the payment method you provided at check-in. 

Plus, with cruisers having the option to pre-pay their gratuities before sailing or automatically charge them to their onboard account, new sailors often wonder how much cash they should bring. 

Why You Should Book Cruise Ship Cabins for Two Even As a Solo Traveler

With the popularity of solo cruising on the rise, there's no better time than the present to plan your first-ever solo adventure at sea. 

From flexibility to making new connections, traveling by yourself offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth and exploration. You can relax on white sand beaches in The Bahamas or learn about ancient European history in cities like Rome without coordinating with others. 

10 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid at Cruise Ship Embarkation And Disembarkation

Traveling to and from your vacation destination is rarely the highlight of your trip. Between flight delays, traffic jams, and the overall hassle of travel, it is easy to feel drained before stepping onboard a cruise ship. 

Similarly, after non-stop fun onboard, from long days spent ashore to indulging in delicious three-course meals each evening and staying awake for lively entertainment, returning home can sometimes feel even more exhausting! 

12 Surprising Things That Aren’t Included in Your Cruise Fare

Cruises are a popular vacation choice due to their convenience and affordability. The base fare includes many amenities, from accommodations to unlimited food, entertainment, transportation between ports of call, and more. Rarely, however, are cruises all-inclusive. 

Add-ons like shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, and Wi-Fi can substantially increase the price of your vacation before stepping foot onboard, so you'll want to understand what is and isn't included before booking your cruise. 

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