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Best things to do in St. Thomas cruise port

At 32 square miles, St. Thomas is one of the three largest U.S. Virgin Islands and is a popular stop on Eastern Caribbean itineraries.

While the island is known as the shopping capital of the Caribbean, St. Thomas is also known for its pristine beaches, snorkeling, and sport fishing opportunities. More than 1.5 million cruise ship guests visit the island each year to enjoy the duty-free shops, historic attractions, and beautiful beaches. 

Guide to Short Cruises

A short cruise can be the perfect weekend getaway and has the added bonus of being budget-friendly. 

There are tons of short cruise options sailing from popular ports in Florida, the East and West Coasts, and Texas, meaning there are choices no matter where you live. Even in Europe and Australia, there are some great two and three-day itineraries for a fun weekend away. 

With limited vacation time or simply wanting to pack in more travel during the year, short cruises are a fantastic way to have a mini vacation to relax and refresh. 

Best things to do in San Juan, Puerto Rico cruise port

San Juan is a popular cruise port on Eastern Caribbean itineraries, and as the island's financial, cultural, and tourism hub, San Juan has a lot to offer cruise guests. It is a great place for beach lovers, foodies, and nature enthusiasts alike! 

What to do in Nassau, Bahamas cruise port

Nassau is one of the busiest cruise ports in the world, receiving around 3 million cruise passengers per year. Plus, they record for most cruise guests in a single day continues to be broken.  On February 27, 2023, for instance, Nassau set a new single-day record with 28,554 cruise ship passengers in port in a single day!

Kids Sail Free Cruise Deals for 2023

Are you looking to take your family on a cruise this year? There are currently lots of promotions to help make a cruise vacation more affordable. 

A couple of the top cruise lines are currently offering Kids Sail Free sales as well as other deals to help save you money. 

While some cruise lines don’t offer specific discounts for kids, they have other promotions that can help stretch your budget even further, with third and fourth guests sailing free. Complimentary wi-fi and extra onboard credit are always welcome benefits for any cruiser. 

The best Bahamas cruises you should try

Many cruise lines offer cruises to the Bahamas year-round, so choosing the perfect one can be difficult. 

Most are either 3- or 4-night cruises that depart out of Florida. You can, however, opt to take a longer Bahamas cruise that leaves from a port further north, like New York or Charleston. 

Everyone's preferences are different, and you might be looking for a quick weekend getaway! On the other hand, you might not want to fly all the way to South Florida just for 3 or 4 nights. 

15 reasons why a solo cruise is a great way to travel

Have you ever thought of cruising on your own? Some people can't imagine the idea, but for others, it is a fantastic way to travel. I recently took a 10 day solo cruise and loved it. In fact, it turned out to be one the most relaxing vacations I have ever taken. 

More and more people are enjoying solo journeys for a whole host of reasons. Cruising, in particular, is an excellent option for solo travelers, especially for first-timers. 

With a wide range of itineraries, tons of activities, incredible food, and entertainment, it's the vacation that has it all.  

Ultimate Alaska cruise packing list

When people think of a summer cruise vacation, they often default to images of crystal clear waters in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Mediterranean. 

Yet, many families opt to sail to Alaska for the diverse history and culture, breathtaking scenery, exciting shore excursions, abundant wildlife, and delicious seafood.

30 cruise ship embarkation tips and tricks

The day has finally arrived, the start of your cruise vacation! Everyone is excited and wants to get on the ship as quickly and as early as possible.

How much cash should you bring on a cruise?

When getting ready for a cruise, many people are unsure how much cash to bring. The cruise has been paid for, and most costs have already been purchased through drink and dining packages, and pre-booked shore excursions for days in port. 

So how much money do you need? The answer to this question varies a lot by person, their travel habits, spending preferences, length of the cruise and destination.

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