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What is the cheapest cruise line?

Looking for a great deal on a cruise or want to stretch your budget as far as possible? Figuring out what is cheapest cruise line is not always a straight forward task.

Whether you want a quick weekend cruise or a mid-winter week long break to the Caribbean, there are some great savings to be found among the major cruise lines, offering serious bang for your buck.

We spent some time looking at cruise lines, along with a wide variety of itineraries, in search of the cheapest prices out there.  

Who came out on top? Here is what we found.

What is Europe's busiest cruise port?

Cruise travel bookings are seeing a major spike in demand, as cruisers are anxious to return to their favorite vacation activity.

What is the best month to cruise to the Caribbean?

Images of palm trees, white powdery beaches, crystal clear and warm ocean waters are why so many people choose a Caribbean cruise.

No longer just a winter break, sailings to southern destinations run all year long. But which is the best month to cruise? That depends on a number of factors. Budget, crowds, weather and activities can all play a role in deciding the optimal time to set sail.

With diverse geography, amenities and culture throughout the Caribbean, the are different advantages to each month during the year. 

10 Best Cruise Lines for Families

Family cruising has become a popular getaway. Exciting destinations, tons of activities and entertainment, there is something for everyone at every age.

Cruise lines are offering plenty of promotions and family friendly discounts, making it an economical way to travel, especially with kids.

In this guide, we take a look at the best cruise lines for families, with the big names you would expect and a few that you may be surprised to see.

Here’s a look at the top cruise lines for families.

20 things to pack in your cruise carry-on

Nothing is quite like that moment when you step on a cruise ship to start a much anticipated vacation.  

While you grab a cocktail and get some lunch, the crew loads and starts delivering luggage to thousands of passengers. This can take some time, a couple of hours most often.

Given this delay, everything you need for that first part of your day, items like flip-flops, shades and valuables, should be in your carry-on. 

10 reasons to spend extra for a suite on a cruise

As many people return to cruising after a long pandemic pause, they may be asking themselves if an upgrade to a suite is worth it.

I packed for a 7-day cruise with just a carry-on suitcase and backpack

Packing for a 7-day cruise with just a carry-on suitcase and a backpack might seem impossible. In fact, that’s exactly how I felt before I tried it myself. 

I travel frequently, both for work and for leisure. Until recently, I had no issue checking luggage with the airline when I would travel. However, with the current chaos ensuing at the airports and people losing their bags left and right, it seemed that traveling with just a carry-on suitcase might be my best bet to having a positive travel experience. 

Guide to laundry on a cruise ship

Doing laundry on a cruise may not be necessary for some, but it can be helpful for longer cruises or for those guests traveling with younger kids who go through a lot of clothes.

Another factor to consider is that cruisers aren’t allowed to bring irons or steamers onboard due to a potential fire hazard, making pressing services helpful at times.

Do you have to turn off your cell phone on a cruise ship?

I was recently on a cruise ship and heard a passenger asking a crew member about his $100 cell plan that he purchased and was unclear as to what was covered. The crew members looked mystified by his questions and were unable to help him.

Cell phone plans and onboard internet are two very separate things and remain a common topic of confusion amongst cruisers.

The last thing anyone wants is to arrive home after a fabulous cruise to a sky-high cell phone bill due to roaming fees. But how best to prevent this?  

How shoulder season cruises can save you a lot of money

Regardless of where you want to sail, the sunny Caribbean or majestic Alaska, there are ways to save money on a cruise vacation.  

Sailing during shoulder season, that is, the period near the beginning or end of the peak cruising times, is one of the best ways to save money.

Savvy cruisers who book during this period can benefit from major discounts, often 30- 40%. Money to keep for the next cruise, a once in a lifetime excursion, or other fun onboard activities like specialty dining or a massage.

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