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Cruise lines best for adults

While cruising is a great choice for travelers of all ages, some cruise lines cater more to adults than others. Depending on your budget and travel style, you will find these cruise lines offer an elevated experience for adults. Picture world-class cuisine, top-notch entertainment and excellent, personalized customer service. 

What are the different cruise lines known for

For first-time cruisers, choosing the perfect cruise line can be overwhelming. From modern lines to luxury ships, no cruise line is identical to another. This can make it difficult to know which cruise line is the right for you and your travel group.

Surprising and unusual items you can’t bring on a cruise ship

People often worry about what to pack for a cruise, but of course, some items aren't allowed onboard, such as firearms and illegal drugs.

How to choose your cruise itinerary

Once you’ve made the decision to go cruising for your next vacation, you will quickly find there are thousands of different itineraries available. It can be overwhelming to know where to start! From the Caribbean to Europe to Asia, every continent can be explored by cruise ship. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow your selection and choose your first cruise.

How do I choose my first cruise?

If you’ve never stepped foot on a cruise ship, planning your first cruise can feel a bit overwhelming. There are itineraries (literally) all over the world with multiple ships to choose from. Cruises can vary from 3 night samplers all the way up to month-long, transoceanic voyages. On top of this, there are different cruise lines that each cater to specific demographics and offer distinct styles of cruising.

New post-pandemic cruise packing list of healthy cruise essentials

I recently returned from my first cruise since the pandemic began, and I realized mid-trip that my cruise packing list needed to be updated. With mask mandates in place and anxious thoughts about getting sick, I had added several healthy cruise essentials to my suitcase. Once onboard, I realized there were useful items I had not thought to bring that would have enhanced my Covid-era cruise.

Here’s my new post-pandemic cruise packing list for all the healthy cruise essentials you’ll want to bring onboard.

Inside cabin vs. oceanview on a cruise ship

Should you book an inside cabin or an ocean view if you’re trying to save money on your next cruise? These are typically the cheapest cruise cabins, but that doesn’t mean one isn’t perfect for your next sailing. Learn what inside and ocean view (aka outside) rooms are on a cruise ship, their similarities and differences, and why you might want to pick one style of cabin over the other.

11 hidden cruise fees you should know about

Whenever you look up cruise fares, the prices are listed as “inside cabins from $399” or “balcony cabins from $649.” The word from indicates that the price you see is the base rate, but you’re going to pay more due to the type of cabin you pick and a multitude of hidden cruise fees.

Can a cruise ship leave without you?

You’re having such a good time at Senor Frog’s with your new friends and that third margarita that you lose track of time. Or your tour bus gets stuck in traffic on the way back to the ship. If you show up at the cruise pier after boarding time, will your ship be waiting for you? Or, can your cruise ship leave for its next port without you onboard?

Missing the literal boat and getting stranded in a foreign port is one of the top concerns of first-time cruisers. The chances of the ship leaving you behind are low, but it does happen.

What Is the Best Cruise Line?

There's a lot to consider when you're trying to figure out which cruise line is the best. It's not a simple question to answer because it depends on the interests, personalities and budgets of you and the people with whom you'll be traveling.

When determining how to pick a cruise line, check out our superlatives below, which are designed to point you in the right direction. Simply find the things that matter most to you, and see which cruise line falls under most of them.

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