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What Do Pink Flamingos Mean?

If you are thinking ahead to your next cruise vacation, you might be thinking about how you want to decorate your stateroom door. It does not matter if you're staying in an inside cabin or a luxurious suite, stateroom door decor is a popular cruise tradition that a lot of people like to take part in! 

Cruise gift cards: What you need to know before buying

Whether you are going on a cruise or want to help someone pay for their cruise, buying a gift card or certificate towards a cruise line may seem like a great idea.

Every dollar helps, whether the money goes towards the cruise fare or buying a popular add-on, such as a drink package, spa treatment, or shore excursion. 

16 Bad Decisions That Could Ruin the Best Cruise

When planning the best cruise vacation, there are some things that you will want to do to ensure that nothing goes wrong. While there are some things that are out of your control (i.e., weather), you do not want to make a mistake that will ruin your cruise. 

Wouldn't it be awful if you returned to the port after a fun day ashore only to realize that your ship departed thirty minutes prior? What about if you decided to cram your entire family of four in a stateroom to save a little extra money, just to end up tripping over each other and arguing the entire time?

Things you'll notice when cruising on the newest cruise ship

What's the difference between sailing on newer cruise ships and older ones?

Today, there is a ship for every type of traveler, whether you are seeking a low-key vacation or one jam-packed with non-stop action. In general, the newer the ship, the better amenities it will have. 

Those who prioritize the destinations rather than the ship will not care too much about this; however, travelers who see the ship as a destination will want to sail on the latest and greatest.

What I like least about NCL, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean

The major cruise lines dominate the market, but they are not without their flaws.

Similar to airlines, hotels, or theme parks, there are aspects to appreciate, but also areas where improvement is needed. It's important to remember that no cruise line is perfect; they all have their unique strengths and weaknesses.

Everything you need to know about cruise line loyalty programs (2023)

Just like with hotel and airline loyalty programs, the more you cruise with a specific line, the better perks you'll get when you sail with them. 

While you won't get much when you first start cruising with a new-to-you line, as you climb the ranks, you will find that you can benefit from daily drink coupons, discounts on internet packages, and even a free cruise! 

Crew member shows what it's like to sail on an empty cruise ship with no passengers

When most people think of cruise ships, they think of vacations with friends and family. What happens, though, when there are no passengers onboard? It is true-- sometimes, crew members get to sail on an empty cruise ship!

Things that can get you instantly kicked off a cruise ship

No matter where you go, you’ll have to adhere to some kind of rules, whether they’re explicit or implied. There are some things that you shouldn’t do on your upcoming cruise, as they could result in the early termination of your vacation!

Cruise lines take the safety of all passengers and crew very seriously, which is why they have a code of conduct that lays out how guests should conduct themselves.

Hurricane Lee disrupts major cruise line itineraries. Here are the major changes so far

As Hurricane Lee continues to strengthen, cruise lines are forced to adjust their plans. In some cases, they have already modified entire itineraries!  

On the morning of September 8, Hurricane Lee reached Category 5 strength, which is the highest category on the Saffir–Simpson scale. The day before, it was a Category 1. A few hours after reaching Category 5 status, the storm did weaken back into a Category 4. As of the morning of September 11, the storm is now a Category 3. 

How Many Cruise Ships Have Sunk?

Today's cruise ships are built to withstand intense weather conditions. Plus, cruise lines actively monitor the weather to avoid storms if possible. That being said, you have probably wondered how many cruise ships have sunk at one point or another. 

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