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Cruise ship travel is changing this year: 7 changes you can expect in 2023

Taking a cruise in 2023 will see a few changes compared to just last year.

2022 was a big year for the cruise industry. Not only was it the first full year of sailings after the shut down, but it also saw record bookings. 

You may be left wondering what's next for the cruise industry? Here are 7 changes that you can expect to see in 2023.

The 5 best cruises for teens

As children turn into teens, they may start to moan and goan when the words "family vacation" are brought up. They have their own likes, dislikes, and often aren't ready to retire to bed at night when parents are. 

That's why cruising is becoming a more popular family vacation, as they offer something for everyone -- think countless destinations; dedicated venues for kids, teens, and adults; and unlimited food. 

What is the average capacity of a cruise ship?

Have you ever wondered what the average size of a cruise ship is? The answer is about 1,000 feet in length. But just how many passengers does the average cruise ship accommodate?

Read on to find out more about the average size of cruise ships sailing in the cruise industry today! 

The cruise line industry is large and an ever-expanding industry. There are ships that range from super small, almost yacht-like, to giant vessels that can best be described as floating cities! 

I asked ChatGPT for the best cruise advice. Here's what it said

Can a bot give you good cruise tips and advice?

“Setting sail, on a ship so grand 
Leaving port, with a heart full of sand 
The ocean breeze, blowing through my hair
I’m feeling free, without a care”

When asked, the artificial intelligent chatbot ChatGPT was able to write a song about cruising that included two different verses, a chorus, bridge, and outro in less than one minute.

If the chatbot could come up with a song about cruising, I was curious as to what it would have to say in regard to the best cruise advice, so I asked!

What happens if I miss my cruise due to a flight cancellation?

You are preparing for your dream cruise vacation, you’ve made all of the arrangements, the bookings, you’ve made it to the airport - and then the worst case senecio occurs. Your flight is cancelled, and the result is that you miss your cruise! Now what?

If you are a savvy traveler, then you might be wondering how to best prepare for the worst case scenario when traveling. So let me help alleviate some potential stress for you! Read on to understand how to best prepare for any situation that may occur when making your way to your cruise.

What are port fees on a cruise and how much are they?

You got an email for a $300 cruise fare, so why is it that it’s well over $100 more when you go to finalize the booking?

It’s because cruise lines rarely, if ever, include these extra amounts, called port fees, in their initial advertisements. What sounds better-- $300 for a 4-night cruise or $425 for a 4-night cruise?

In this article, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about port fees, so you aren’t surprised (and/or) disappointed when you go to book your next cruise!

New cruise ships on order

While it's true that some cruise lines, such as those under Carnival Corporation & plc, have slowed down the production of new ships as an ongoing COVID rebound strategy, there are other lines that are doing the opposite. 

I had to go to a cruise ship medical facility. Here's what happened and how travel insurance worked

No one wants to think about getting sick on their cruise vacation; in fact, it’s the absolute last thing I want to think about when I am enjoying a mojito on the pool deck.

Especially in a post-pandemic world where we are more aware of potential diseases and illnesses, you might wonder what it’s like using a medical facility on a cruise ship.

Spring break cruises: are they fun and should you try one?

For families with school-aged children and college students alike, cruises are a popular way to spend spring break vacation.

What better way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life than relaxing on the adults-only sundeck while your kids hangout in the youth clubs? Or getting a group of friends together for a weekend of drinking, dancing, and eating before (or right after) midterms? 

The Main Dining Room beats dining hall food, that’s for sure. 

Pros and cons: should I book my flight through my cruise line?

If you’re like me, you might not live within driving distance to a lot of cruise ports. Sure, I could hop the subway and sail out of New York or Cape Liberty, or I could take a train to Boston. But what if I’m just itching to explore ancient Mayan ruins or bask in the Mexican Riviera sun?

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