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Best cruise ship cabins for your family

Cruise ship cabins look so cute and cozy for a couple. What happens when you put a family of four (or five or six) all in one room on a cruise ship? 

First off, not all cabins can sleep that many people. Pick a room that’s too small – even if it has enough bunks and sofa beds for everyone -- and you’ll be tripping all over each other, making a mess of the limited floor space, and fighting over who showers first. 

Your really dumb cruise ship cabin questions answered

When you’re new to cruising, you’re bound to have a ton of questions about the basics of a cruise vacation, especially regarding accommodations. You might think your cabin questions are dumb, but only stupid people don’t ask for the information they need and end up booking the wrong room or being surprised about what is and isn’t included. 

Consider this FAQ your personal “Cruise Ship Cabins for Dummies.” We swear you’ll feel smarter and more confident about booking a cruise cabin after you’ve read it.

7 best suites on big-ship cruises

You don’t need to sail on a small, stuffy luxury cruise ship to indulge in an over-the-top cruise ship suite. If you’re looking for two-story staterooms, ginormous balconies, and VIP privileges,  you can certainly find them on mega-ships that also boast Broadway musicals, waterslides, ropes courses, and expansive kids clubs.

Do cruise ships have wheelchair accessible staterooms?

Travelers who require wheelchairs or struggle with mobility issues can be apprehensive about their first cruise. They wonder if a cruise ship can accommodate their needs, especially when it comes to onboard accommodations. After all, the ship is going to be their home for the duration of their vacation.

Never fear! Cruises are a top choice for disabled vacationers for a reason, and with the right ship, you can have a successful and satisfying trip. Here, we answer all your questions about accessible cabins on cruise ships.

Can you go on a cruise without a passport?

First time cruisers often ask if they need a passport to go on a cruise. The answer is that you generally need a passport to travel to a foreign country, but select itineraries sailing roundtrip from U.S. homeports do not require passports as travel documents.

Here, we answer the most common questions about passports for cruises. Remember: It’s always the traveler’s responsibility to make sure they have the correct identification and documentation for your cruise. Otherwise, you could get turned away at the cruise port.

Cruising is Back. But How Different are Big Ships vs. Small Ships Now? 

The cruising comeback has reached full force.  

But this story all started early in the summer when a handful of lines put ships back in the water, embarking from ports in the Caribbean and Greece. 

I was onboard a few of the first cruise lines to get going again, sailing on Celebrity Millennium from St. Maarten, then Celebrity Apex, Celestyal Crystal and Silversea’s new Silver Moon from Athens. 

These ships represent a range of sizes, styles and, of course, health and safety protocols that passengers will face when choosing to cruise on these itineraries. 

This is how to drive a cruise ship

Have you ever wondered how a cruise ship operates, and specifically, how the Captain drives the ship?

Modern cruise ships are amazing pieces of engineering that cost a billion dollars each, and are as complex as any form of transportation you can find on the ground or in the sky.

As you might imagine, driving something the size of a skyscraper through narrow waterways and then precisely docking it between various obstacles is no easy task.

When will test cruises and first revenue sailings depart from the U.S.?

It’s an exciting time for cruise fans grounded since March 2020. Select cruise ships finally have approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to set sail from U.S. homeports. Cruising is back, and passengers and crew are thrilled about the return to cruise.

Cruise lines that don’t require Covid vaccines

Do you have to be vaccinated to go on a cruise? The short answer is no.

The long answer is that vaccine requirements vary by cruise line, cruise ship, and departure port/destination. Currently, due to the rise of the Delta variant and new restrictions by ports of call, the majority of U.S.-based cruise ships are allowing unvaccinated travelers onboard only if they are too young to be vaccinated or have medical or religious exemptions.

Cruise insurance for unvaccinated travelers: What you need to know

Cruisers have always been encouraged to buy travel insurance to protect their vacation investment, but now trip protection is mandatory for some cruisers. Royal Caribbean recently announced that unvaccinated travelers must purchase medical expense and evacuation insurance that covers Covid-related trip interruption.

How do you make sure the travel insurance you buy adheres to Royal Caribbean’s requirements? Are you better off purchasing protection from the cruise line or a third-party provider? What else should you look for in an insurance plan?

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