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Why you should eat dinner in the buffet

While most people will dine in the cruise ship's buffet at least once for breakfast or lunch, it is often overlooked when dinner time rolls around. With so many other options, such as the complimentary dining rooms and specialty restaurants, you might be looking forward to the elevated dining experiences on your cruise. 

What is the lido deck on a cruise ship?

Before your first cruise, there's some ship terminology that you should become familiar with, including port, starboard, forward, aft, bow, and stern. You may also heard the words "lido deck," which will not do you any good if you do not know where that deck is located. 

What happened to the Costa Concordia?

In 2012, Costa Concordia, a cruise ship owned by Costa Cruises, capsized off of the coast of Italy shortly after departing from Civitavecchia. While not as deadly as the infamous sinking of the Titanic in 1912, this incident resulted in some modifications to the safety guidelines within the cruise industry. 

Comparing the oldest ships from Norwegian, Royal Caribbean and Carnival

These days, there’s no denying that cruise lines are focusing their efforts on building mega cruise ships that are bigger and more innovative than ever before. While newer cruise ships are certainly flashy and stylish, all cruise lines still rely on their older ships to cater to specific destinations and demographics.

10 Reasons People Leave Their Cruise Ship Vacation Disappointed

Nobody wants to go on a disappointing vacation. It is a time that you are supposed to relax, have fun, and escape from your day-to-day life. Not to mention the fact that you are spending your hard-earned money on the experience!

Cruises are popular vacations for many reasons, including the convenience and ability to visit different destinations in a single trip. If, however, you do not manage your expectations and take steps to help ensure a smoother vacation, you may find yourself swearing off cruising for awhile. 

20 rules of cruise ship etiquette no one ever tells you (but should)

While the main purpose of any vacation is to take a break from your everyday life, you cannot forget to act with common courtesy. 

During your cruise vacation, it may seem obvious to show respect and consideration for other passengers and crew members. There are, however, some other rules of cruise ship etiquette that are good to know prior to getting on the ship. 

Here are 20 rules of cruise ship behavior to prepare you for your next cruise. 

10 of the Smallest Cruise Ships in the World

Today, the cruising industry is constantly striving to be bigger and bolder. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that there would be roller coasters, go-karts, and skydiving simulators at sea? Modern cruise ships are the epitome of a fun family vacation that offers something for everyone. 

What about the ships on the other end? You know, the ones that may lack some of the thrills that make the newest and biggest cruise ships so enticing? 

I packed for a European cruise in just a backpack - here's how I did it

Packing and planning for a cruise can be the most stressful part of your vacation. As someone who has cruised and traveled extensively, I’m slowly becoming a (self-proclaimed) packing pro - and my latest cruise put those skills to the test.

I’ve taken weeklong cruises with just a carry-on and it’s honestly something I’ve never regretted. In fact, it's pretty rare for me to travel with checked luggage for a cruise. Less luggage to haul around simplifies my cruising experience immensely.

The cruise ship muster drill: What is it and why it's important

Amidst all the excitement of embarkation day, you will have to complete the required safety drill. Do not worry, though. It must be done before sail away, so you will still be able to sip on a drink while watching the shore disappear into the horizon. 

While emergencies at sea are rare, the safety, or muster, drill is meant to familiarize you and your travel party with your assigned assembly station and other protocols. It is mandatory for all passengers, even those who have cruised before, as the assigned location will most likely be different on each sailing. 

What is a cabin attendant on a cruise ship?

Part of what makes a cruise vacation so memorable are the ship's crew. They will go above and beyond to make sure that all of your requests and concerns are promptly addressed. 

While there are crew members who you may frequently visit (i.e., your favorite bartender or youth staff), there are some that will also specifically attend to you and your travel party, such as your assigned waitstaff in the main dining room and cabin attendant.  

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