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Cruise passenger lashes out on social media after her luggage was lost in the ocean

When cruise passengers arrive at the terminal, they trust porters to safely transport their larger pieces of luggage to the ship. Though bags won't be immediately available outside the cabin, guests expect to find them within hours of embarking. The last thing anyone wants to hear is that the cruise line has misplaced their suitcases. 

If you're late getting back to your cruise ship, expect to be jeered and cheered

Cruise ships operate on a tight schedule and have strict all-aboard times for guests. If you delay your return, you may have to sprint down the pier in a desperate attempt to catch your ship before it sets sail. Known as "pier runners," the frantic dash serves as a reminder of the consequences of spending too long in port; however, it's also a spectacle for those onboard. 

Passenger criticized on TikTok for making a bed on cruise ship balcony

Though it's not uncommon for cruise passengers to spend time on their private balconies, it's rare to see guests drag bedding outside. However, TikTok user @naomijaneadams did just that on her recent sailing to Antarctica with Albatros Expeditions. 

Aircraft carrier vs cruise ship: Which is bigger?

Mega cruise ships like Icon of the Seas and massive aircraft carriers are engineering marvels. These impressive vessels can carry thousands of people and feature an array of amenities that rival small towns. However, cruise ships and aircraft carriers serve different purposes. 

While both are bigger than standard pontoon boats, the operational focus and facilities are tailored to their specific functions. Instead of multi-story dining rooms and expansive buffets, for example, aircraft carriers have traditional mess halls. 

8 Things you can bring on a plane, but not a cruise ship

Did you know there are certain items allowed in your checked baggage for air travel that are prohibited on cruise ships? While you may not encounter issues in the airport, cruise lines have a longer list of banned items due to safety and environmental concerns. 

Nobody wants to be embarrassingly pulled aside during the physical check-in process because they're trying to smuggle something onboard—even worse, something they didn't know was prohibited

I take over 10 cruises a year as a cruise reporter. I always book a specialty restaurant — even though it costs extra money

Within the past year, I've set sail on 10 cruises, venturing to the Mexican Riveria, Western Mediterranean, Bahamas, Caribbean, and Alaska. When I first began working as a full-time cruise writer, I'd try and save money whenever possible. Now, I've learned a few experiences are always worth the extra cost, namely specialty dining.

9 Reasons You Could Get Banned From A Cruise Ship

While vacation is a time to kick back and relax, those who disregard certain rules could be banned from cruising again. 

Not only does following the rules ensure you have the opportunity to create more memories at sea, but it also helps foster a positive onboard environment. You don't want to be the subject of multiple news articles for a foolish decision, either, though it would be a memorable topic to bring up at your holiday gatherings! 

From theft to engaging in dangerous behavior, here are 9 reasons guests have been banned from cruising. 

New Cruise Ships On Order

Between 2024 and 2028, over 25 new ships are expected to enter service across the globe. From the Disney Adventure for the Asian market to two more Icon Class ships for Royal Caribbean by 2026, there's a lot to look forward to in the cruise industry! 

Here's a list of cruise ships making their debut this year and beyond. 

I got a free cruise in the ship casino. Here's what it really cost me

Did you know that if you gamble enough in your ship's casino, you could earn a free cruise? 

Graham Bernard and his wife Jodie recently experimented to see how much they'd have to gamble on Royal Caribbean to reach Prime status within the cruise line's Club Royale Rewards Program. 

According to his Facebook post, they were able to reach Prime status after 10 hours of gambling and betting $7.25 per spin on the slot machines. While the couple spent $2,260 in the casino, he claims the total value of the Prime status exceeds the cost.

What Is a Turnaround Day on a Cruise?

While you're busy preparing to disembark the ship and return home, crew members are already thinking about the next set of guests scheduled to board the same day. Though passengers may think of it as embarkation or disembarkation day, those within the cruise industry refer to it as turnaround day. 

When guests are enjoying their final moments on the ship before getting off, crew and port employees restock the ship with the supplies necessary for the sailing, refueling, cleaning, offloading and reloading luggage, doing laundry, and so much more.

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