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TikToker snuck Chipotle onboard a 7-day Norwegian cruise

Could you go one week without eating your favorite meal on a cruise ship?

TikToker Dillion Wareham (@dillionwareham) couldn't go six days without his Chipotle fix while sailing onboard Norweigan Breakaway. On his account, he chronicled, throughout eight videos, his experience sneaking (and then eating) Chipotle while on the ship. 

18 amazing beaches to visit on a cruise ship

A cruise is a great way to experience many tropical destinations during a single vacation. You can relax on the calm beaches of The Bahamas and go snorkeling in the renowned Belize Barrier Reef the same week! 

Of course, with so many beautiful options, it can be hard to narrow down which region of the Caribbean you'd like to visit. Thankfully, since the Caribbean is a popular year-round cruising destination, you can choose based on your preferences. 

How Cold Was The Water When The Titanic Sank?

On April 10, 1912, RMS Titanic departed from Southampton on what was supposed to be the maiden voyage of a lifetime. After two quick stops in Cherbourg, France and Cobh, Ireland, she began her ill-fated journey across the Atlantic Ocean before plunging below the surface of the freezing waters. The "unsinkable" vessel proved to be just that: sinkable. 

From Royal Caribbean to Disney: These 5 cruises are among the best, travelers say

Taking a cruise vacation has never been more popular, based on recent financial data disclosed by the major lines. Royal Caribbean Group posted record profits in the fourth quarter earnings report based on the highest demand and increasing fare prices. 

10 things you didn't know about cruise ship kitchens and food

Unlike hotels where you can leave to eat at a nearby restaurant, a cruise ship functions as your primary source of food while onboard. Naturally, it's curious to be interested in the kitchen and what goes into making sure that thousands are people are satisfied with each meal. 

Every aspect of the dining experience has been carefully calculated by the cruise line, ensuring that there are enough supplies and variety for the duration of the sailing— and then some! 

Here are 10 facts about cruise ship kitchens and food that you probably didn't know! 

How To Get a Job on a Cruise Ship (With No Experience)

Cruise ships aren't just engineering marvels; they're also the home to the thousands of crew members who work onboard the ship to ensure that you have a memorable vacation. 

Since ships are essentially floating cities, there are all different types of jobs onboard, ranging from, of course, the Captain to nurses, cabin stewards, bartenders, photographers, electricians, and more. 

Take a look inside two cruise ship captains' living quarters

While you might be familiar with tiny crew cabins, have you ever seen what a cruise ship Captain's living quarters are like?

The Captain is the individual who oversees all onboard operations, ensuring that the ship is safely operating during each and every sailing, so it makes sense that they have more space. 

Instead of bunk beds and shared bathrooms, Captains tend to have multiple rooms just to themselves. Plus, they'll often connect directly to The Bridge, which is where the Captain and other officers navigate the ship. 

Where are cruise ships built?

Have you ever wondered where and how today's cruise ships are built? These engineering marvels can spend years under construction, and that does not include the time that cruise lines worked behind the scenes to conceptualize them. 

While the majority of maritime fans may only be interested in tracking where cruise ships are en route to, some might be curious about the construction process itself. It's rather interesting, especially when you think about how only a handful of shipyards are equipped to handle these massive projects. 

How To Get Away With Smoking On A Cruise Ship

While on a cruise ship, you cannot pull out a cigarette and lighter wherever you want. If you're caught smoking on your balcony, you could face fines upwards of $500. The best way to get away with smoking on a cruise ship is to simply follow the rules and only smoke in designated areas. 

The specific areas will vary by cruise line and ship. If you're used to smoking in the casino on Carnival or Royal Caribbean ships, you won't be able to do so on Celebrity ships. Moreover, Disney Cruise Line does not even have onboard casinos! 

Top 10 Cruise Dining Mistakes

When people think of cruises, they often think about unlimited food, and while that's true, the dining experience onboard a cruise ship differs from land-based restaurants. 

You, for instance, will not receive a check at the end of your meal. While it might seem a bit foreign, all you have to do is say thank you and leave! No need to worry about having anything billed to your onboard account— Unless, that is, you choose to dine at one of the ship's specialty restaurants or order a premium selection in the Main Dining Room. 

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