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Black Friday Cruise Deals 2022: Save Big With These Bargains

Are there Black Friday deals on cruises? You bet there are, and we've got them for you -- all in one place.

Like most retailers in 2022, the cruise lines have chosen to open up their sales before Friday, giving you even more time to take advantage of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains that include deep discounts, onboard credit and free add-ons. Check out our list of deals to see if your favorite line is offering Black Friday cruise sales.

What I like least about Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean

The major cruise lines have the largest market share, but they also have their faults. 

Just like any airlines, hotels, or theme parks, there's plenty to like about what you get, but also a few things we wouldn't mind seeing changed. After all, there’s no perfect cruise line, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

How to avoid getting seasick on a cruise

Feeling unwell is the last thing you want on a fun cruise vacation. Unfortunately, it can happen.

One such ailment to be prepared for is seasickness. Whether you have suffered from it before or are new to cruising, it is a good idea to know what two do if you feel sick.

There are a number of things you can do, even pre-cruise, to help minimize the symptoms of seasickness. We have some some easy tips and tricks to minimize the impact of motion sickness that only require a quick trip to the drugstore and a little planning. 

The scarce cruise ship cabins that get booked quickly

Have you ever wondered which cruise ship staterooms get booked up the quickest? Are you planning a cruise vacation and wondering how quickly you need to book your cabin?

There are all kinds of cabins you can book on a cruise ship, but not all of them are created equally.  Many long-time cruisers know there are a handful of categories that stand out and they tend to get booked up quickly.

Nostalgic cruise traditions being phased out

Longtime cruisers have seen the cruise industry transition through many phases within the last few decades. As a lifelong cruise myself (at the ripe age of 27 years old), I’ve been on 34 cruises; even I feel like I have personally seen the cruise industry transform even in my lifetime. 

Where to keep your cruise card, phone and cash during a shore excursion?

One of the best parts about cruising is getting to explore incredible ports throughout your cruise vacation. Each day of your cruise, you’ll be waking up to new destinations and have daily opportunities to experience a new city or country. 

When your cruise ship is docked in port, you have a few different options for how you can spend your day ashore. Most people choose to book an excursion to maximize their time in port, while some people choose to venture out on their own.

Cruise lines that don’t require Covid vaccines

Do you have to be vaccinated to go on a cruise? The answer is quickly changing, but it depends.

The long answer is that vaccine requirements vary by cruise line, cruise ship, and departure port/destination. Currently, major cruise lines are re-evaluating their Covid protocols, including requiring passengers to be vaccinated.  This is largely in part due to Covid becoming far less deadly, and society's desire to move past the lockdowns and restrictions.

The best fun cruise ships you can sail on right now

Cruise lines are consistently building cruise ships that are bigger and better than anything else built before. Each cruise line adds its own flair and unique attractions to set apart its cruise ships from others in the industry. 

There's no limit on how much fun cruise lines can pack into a cruise ship these days. Even as everyone has slightly different ideas of what fun means to them, there is surely something for everyone onboard.

Do cruise ships have WiFi?

Your home has it, your local McDonalds has it and even your car can have it. But, do cruise ships have it?

Yup, we are talking about one of the most essential services of everyday life - the internet!

If you’re new to cruising, you are probably looking to understand the very basics of how Wi-Fi works while you’re at sea. As much as we all love to disconnect from day-to-day life, it's tough to go without Wi-Fi when you're used to having easy access at home.

15 ways cruise ships are better than hotels

Planning your next vacation and torn between a cruise or hotel? There are many options to consider when trying to make this choice. While both options will provide you a comfortable place to sleep, there are many things you can find in a cruise vacation that you just won’t find in a hotel.

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