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Why don't cruise ships tip over?

If you have seen today's mega cruise ships, you might have wondered why don't cruise ships fall over?

With all that height above the water and not much below the water line, what's keeping it upright.

Looking at a cruise ship, there is a large amount of the ship above the water, and a small amount below the water. So what forces are actually acting on the ship?

Oasis Class ship diagram

Can You Cruise by Yourself? A Guide to Solo Cruising

Solo cruises can be relaxing or stressful, depending on your circumstances and how prepared you are for your sailing. Here, with our singles cruises FAQ, we'll help you navigate the nuances, from solo cabins and single supplements to the best ways to meet people onboard.

Can I cruise alone?

Cruise ship railing

All You Need to Know About Cruise Embarkation and Disembarkation

You've booked your voyage, and you're super excited. You've started making a packing list, and you've given a ton of thought to what you'll do onboard and in port. But have you thought about the in-between?

If you're new to cruising, we'll tell you all you need to know about the logistics of boarding your ship and heading ashore. Your guide to embarking and disembarking your cruise ship is below.

Are Cruise Ship-Sponsored Shore Excursions Really Safer?

Although major cruise lines have not yet officially announced the rules that will be in place for American passengers when sailings resume, several brands -- such as MSC, Costa and AIDA -- which have restarted voyages in Europe, are requiring cruisers there to book ship-sponsored shore excursions in order to disembark in port.

MSC pioneered the idea, which it first implemented on MSC Grandiosa when the ship resumed Mediterranean sailings from Italy in August 2020.

10 Weird and Wonderful Cruise Ship Cabin Types

Tired of the same old hum-drum, ho-hum cruise cabins? If you're itching for something outside the norm, we can help.

Here, we've rounded up some of the cruise industry's most quirky, lavish, interesting and just plain fun staterooms. Although it isn't an exhaustive list, it's a great place to start if you're trying to find memorable accommodations.

What are the crew areas like on a cruise ship?

Crew members live on cruise ships while they are working onboard, and they have an entire area of the ship just for them.

How much different are crew areas from guest areas, and what do these facilities look like?

In some cases, crew areas are a lot like guest areas because some crew have guest privileges. But not all crew have these privileges, so cruise lines dedicate certain parts of the ship just for crew.

Depending on the ship's size and age, how much space is reserved for crew members will vary. Some of the newer ships have upgraded facilities.

What happens after you flush the toilet on a cruise ship?

Cruise ships range in size from a capacity of dozens of passengers, all the way up to well over six thousands people.  That is the population of a small city.

All of those people have to live on a cruise ship for a few days, or even a week or longer. They expect nice conditions in well-kept staterooms where they take a shower and use a private toilet. These facilities use water, which may not seem like much individually, but it soon adds up.

So where does all that water go once it goes down the drain or toilet?

How do cruise ships work?

Ever wonder how a cruise ship works?

A new cruise ship costs well over one billion dollars, and will only last a cruise like around 20 years. There are then costs for maintenance, food, fuel and crew members.

If you think the cruise fare covers all of those costs, think again. It is not uncommon for cruise fares to dip as low as $60 or $70 dollars a day, so how can these ships ever be profitable?

Why Do Cruise Ships Have to Call on Foreign Ports?

Canada has dominated cruise-related headlines in recent weeks, due to the yearlong extension of its cruise ship ban, which is now set to expire February 28, 2022.

The move prohibits passenger vessels carrying more than 100 people from entering Canadian waters. It also jeopardizes 2021's North America-based voyages to Alaska and New England.

8 Tips for Getting Married on a Cruise Ship

Can you get married on a cruise? The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Cruise lines make it easy by offering a number of packages at varying price points, but there are still some things you should know.

Check out our tips for how to plan a wedding on a cruise.

Royal Caribbean weddings

1. Do your research.

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