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When is the best time to cruise to the Mexican Riviera?

The Mexican Riviera is an idyllic, sunny region consisting of 20 cities spanning almost 1,500 miles along Mexico's Pacific coast.

A popular cruise destination, it has many famous ports of call, offering a range of activities, varying landscapes, and stunning beaches, as well as a showcase for Mexico's rich culture and renowned food and drinks. 

The best time to cruise depends on a number of factors. Budget, crowds, weather, and local activities can all play a role in figuring out the ideal time to travel.

Should I go on a cruise? 10 reasons to give it a try

Are you thinking about going on a cruise but need just a little more convincing? You’ve come to the right place! Cruising is one of the best ways to not only vacation, but see and experience the world. Cruise ships are essentially floating cities with endless activities, food, and entertainment. 

People who think they might not like cruising often cite fear of seasickness and claustrophobia as two major reasons to avoid cruise ships altogether. However, these are just cruising myths.

Why I prefer cruising over all-inclusive resorts

Many people seem to either be cruise lovers or loyal to all-inclusive resorts. Both vacation options offer convenient and relaxing getaways, although the two are very different.

As a self-proclaimed cruise lover, I had the opportunity recently to experience my first all-inclusive resort. My husband and I headed down to the Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya to attend a wedding. I was excited to see what the all-inclusive experience would be like; we both agreed to keep an open mind, but it was hard not to draw comparisons.

The difference between ocean liners and cruise ships

There's a common and persistent misconception among the public that all large passenger carrying ships are ocean liners and that all ocean liners are cruise ships.

Admittedly, there is some overlap, but to misunderstand the difference between the two is to overlook a key reality of the human condition as recently as 50 years ago. It's important to differentiate between ocean liners and modern cruise ships that have a lot more to see, do, and eat onboard.

Do I need a Covid booster for my cruise in Europe?

As many cruisers head to Europe this summer, it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest vaccine requirements, especially with the addition of booster shots.

Can you sail without a booster? Unfortunately, that is not a clear-cut yes or no answer. Generally, cruise lines sailing in Europe do require boosters for those guests who had their last vaccine more than nine months ago.

However, the rules vary slightly by cruise line, country, and the age of the guests. A lot to decipher.

Top 15 adults-only areas on a cruise ship

Cruising continues to be a popular vacation choice because it appeals to families, couples and solo cruisers alike. There’s no doubt that you can find something for everyone to enjoy when you cruise!

Which cruises have been cancelled in 2022?

Unfortunately, there are still cruises being cancelled in 2022 due to Covid-19 and the uncertainty surrounding it.

The pandemic has not ended, and some sailings have been cancelled due to too many Covid-19 cases onboard. The good news is that there are not the mass cancellations we saw in 2020.

The Omicron and BA 2 variant has added a new level of complexity, as the more easily transmittable mutation has caused there to be higher case counts among passengers and crew members.

Cruising for military families and service members

Cruising is a great vacation option for military families who wish to travel to new places and experience new things, while simultaneously relaxing and enjoying a stress-free vacation.

With discounts and offers specifically created for military families, cruising is more accessible than ever to military service members. The combination of easy trip planning, plenty of options for many budgets, and experiences for everyone, makes cruising an appealing option for the military family.

What to look for in a travel agent for a cruise

The internet has made booking trips easier and faster than ever, and some had seen this trend as the end of the travel agent.

But the turmoil of the pandemic and its aftermath have shown many travelers the benefits of using a travel agent.

As cruise lines are reporting record bookings, people are reconsidering booking on their own. In fact, leading travel company American Express noted in a research trend report that 60% of those surveyed planned on using a travel agent.

Guide to cruise line private islands

Over the years, it has become increasingly popular for cruise lines to have their own private islands where guests can enjoy a day in the sun.  

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