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I visited 12 countries by cruise ship in 2022: 6 things surprised me that will change how I cruise in 2023

2022 was a huge travel year for me. Between pandemic-delayed cruises, leisure trips and work opportunities, I felt like I was constantly on the go and living out of a suitcase.

Throughout the year, I traveled to 12 different countries during 8 different cruises. I flew over 70,000 miles with 47 flight segments, including 3 separate trips to Europe in 2022.

18 free things to try on your next cruise

People love to cruise for a variety of reasons, but one is having access to so many amenities and activities in a single place. There's so much to look forward to, and sometimes you can't get to it all!

Depending on what cruise line and ship you're sailing on, you can learn to surf, go skydiving, ride a roller coaster, play a round of interactive and tech-immersive mini-golf, race around the longest go-kart track at sea, or bounce around a SkyZone trampoline park. 

10 abandoned cruise ship activities

Over the last decade, the cruising industry has been transformed through innovation and technology. 

Cruising was once considered a fairly posh, traditional and exclusive experience. In fact, the cruise industry goes back all the way to 1901. The most infamous cruise ship, of course, is the Titanic, which was pretty revolutionary for its time. The ocean liner had an impressive design that featured pools, restaurants and onboard activities. 

Is cruising right for me?

Thinking about taking a cruise but not sure if it is right for you?

Cruising comes in a variety of forms, some of which you may not have considered. Preconceived ideas about hoards of people and massive lives don't match up to the reality of cruising. There is a reason why millions of people cruise each year and why they keep coming back.  

Where to go, what cruise line, and the type of ship are all considerations in planning a great cruise vacation. 

15 reasons why I fell in love with cruise ship travel

My very first cruise was onboard the Disney Magic in 2005 when I was five-years-old. On the first night, my dad took me to a Cinderella meet and greet, and I made him return every night to see if she was there again (spoiler alert: she wasn't). 

It wasn't until 2014 that my family started to cruise more frequently. Growing up, my mother had some health issues that made most travel difficult. We loved cruising because she could rest during the day while my sister and I stayed active onboard. 

Last year, I sailed on the brand-new Carnival Celebration - here are the sailings I am looking forward to in 2023

Following the ongoing global pandemic, 2022 was a big year for the cruising industry with the launch of many new, exciting cruise ships.

With supply chain and labor shortages plaguing the industry over the last few years, numerous cruise ships set to debut in 2021 were finally launched within the last year. 

Additionally, many delayed and cancelled cruise itineraries finally took place in 2022, including my much-anticipated Israel cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas. 

8 splurges I plan to make on my 2023 cruises

2022 was a big travel year for me - I calculated that I spent nearly 5 months away from home during the last year. Most of those journeys were on cruise ships; I took a 8 cruises in 2022 and spent 55 nights at sea. 

That's a lot of cruising, if you ask me!

Some of these cruises were for work purposes, such as ones that we document here on CruiseBlog. Some work cruises included our content from Carnival Ecstasy and Carnival Celebration.

I tried Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Carnival’s newest cruise ships to see how they compare

Cruise fans will agree: there’s something extra special about sailing on a cruise line’s brand-new ship. While older ships have charm, you can also find outdated decor, old-school ship design and a little bit more rust than you might prefer. 

Sailing on a brand-new cruise ship feels like buying a new car. Not only are you experiencing the latest and greatest from an innovation standpoint, but everything just feels modern, clean and fresh. 

What I like least about MSC Cruises, Disney Cruise and Virgin Voyages

There’s no denying that the “big three” cruise lines have their issues with consumers, but they aren't the only cruise line with downsides to them.

I recently wrote an an article dedicated to the things I don't like about Carnival, NCL and Royal Caribbean, but I wanted to expand this to other major cruise lines. While they may the biggest cruise lines, I also wanted to talk about three more popular cruise lines.

10 things I look forward to every time I go on a cruise ship

I’ll admit that I don’t cruise as frequently as I would like to, but that makes the cruise anticipation just that much greater! 

When it comes to any type of travel, I prepare much earlier than is probably socially acceptable. On my last cruise in May, I consulted with NextCruise to book a European sailing on the Odyssey of the Seas for May 2023, a full year away. 

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