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Which summer Greece cruise should I book?

Don’t give up on a European vacation in 2021! With Greece allowing Americans to enter the country with proper testing and screening, four cruise lines are setting sail with Eastern Mediterranean cruises this summer.

Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean are welcoming vaccinated passengers onboard several Greece itineraries this summer. The choice of ships isn’t as large as in regular summer sailing seasons, but Americans wanting to scratch their cruise travel itch still have a decision to make.

How to volunteer for a test cruise in 2021

Have you heard about the test cruises required by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that require volunteers to go onboard?

The idea of signing up for a complimentary (free) test cruise and be able to get back to sea first, as well as help test out new protocols for the cruise lines, is very appealing to many cruise fans.

Which summer Caribbean cruise should you book?

It’s been more than a year, but Caribbean cruises are a back! They’re looking a little different in summer 2021, with departures from island homeports rather than U.S. ones., but you can still get all the sun and sand you’ve been missing.

Six ships across three cruise lines are sailing summer Caribbean cruises (including one to Bermuda, which we realize is in the Atlantic) in 2021. Which ship and itinerary fit your vacation personality and needs?

Here are our recommendations for which summer Caribbean cruise you should book this year.

The 5 Best and Worst Things About a Caribbean Cruise

We're guessing that you're here because you're thinking you might want to book a Caribbean cruise, and you're wondering if they're all they're chalked up to be.

After looking at colorful marketing materials showcasing pristine beaches, palm trees and fruity cocktails, it's hard to know for sure, so we've compiled a list of our favorite and not-so-favorite things about this destination.

5 Reasons to Stay on Your Cruise Ship in Port

Plenty of travelers cruise to see as much of the world as possible, but that doesn't mean you have to scramble ashore in every single destination in order to feel like you're getting the most from your vacation.

Sometimes staying onboard while in port can help you to reset and recharge, particularly if you're sailing on a port-intensive voyage. It also means you can avoid the early-morning rush of people jostling to be the first to disembark. Nor will you have to worry about returning to your ship on time -- because you'll already be there.

10 Free Souvenirs You Can Get on a Cruise

On a limited budget but still hoping to snag a few mementos from your vacation on the high seas?

Check out our list of 10 cruise souvenirs you can find onboard most ships for the low, low price of absolutely nothing at all.

1. Cruise Cards

SeaPass card

Why Carnival Won't Take a Stand on Vaccines for Cruise Passengers

Several major cruise line conglomerates have said they will require vaccinations for American passengers when sailings resume, but there's one major outlier: Carnival Corporation, which owns Carnival Cruise Line and several well-known sister brands.

Cruise Line Protocols Are Working; Is the CDC Listening?

Cruise ships haven't sailed from the United States for more than a year, but voyages have been operating successfully around the world for months, prompting cruise lines and vacationers alike to question whether the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is actually paying attention.

At Seatrade, the cruise industry's annual convention, which is being held virtually this month, several cruise line executives shared their thoughts about the CDC, as well as success stories from brands that have been cruising in Asia and Europe since last summer.

10 Pieces of Cruise Advice I Don't Agree With

Whether you're new to cruise and searching for insider advice or a seasoned traveler who's more keen to offer tips than seek them out, there are some that we think have run their course.

Here, we share 10 common cruise tips that we think are sorely overrated.

1. Short cruises are best for first-timers.

10 common cruise ship mistakes first-timers make all the time | Cruise.Blog

Top 5 cruises to avoid and why

There are lots of different cruise voyages out there that you can try, but depending on your experience level or tolerance for hiccups, there are a few that should stay away from booking.

I love cruises, and there is definitely one for everyone, but there are certain kinds of cruises that are simply a bad fit for good reason.

Whether it is high expectations not meeting reality, or highly specialized sailings that do not mesh well with newer cruisers, I have a breakdown of the top cruises to avoid and why.

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