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How fast do cruise ships go?

Have you ever wondered how fast a cruise ship is sailing? Depending on your vantage point, it could feel like you are sailing at a very fast speed onboard a cruise ship. Other times, watching a massive cruise ship sail away from port might seem like the ship is moving at a snail’s pace. 

Most ships sail at a comfortable cruising speed for the majority of one sailing. The speed of your cruise ship varies greatly depending on the ship’s size and engine power. The cruising speed is often considering the ship's fuel consumption as well.  

What is an LNG-powered cruise ship?

In recent years, the cruise lines have made huge strides towards being more eco friendly. Cruise lines are doing more than switching from plastic straws to paper and pushing passengers to be more eco-conscious. These days, cruise ships are being built to further reduce emissions and itineraries are meticulously planned to be more fuel efficient. Although the cruise industry receives a bad rep, companies are taking more action than ever to move towards greener practices. 

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