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Cruise tips that sound like a good idea until you're aboard

Prior to your cruise vacation, it is important to read about different tips and tricks that will help you have a better experience. Some, however, sound better in theory than when you actually implement them. 

I have taken ten cruises and have four more planned between now and November, so while I am no pro, I have learned some things that help me maximize my time onboard, as well as save time and money! 

16 things to do right after booking your cruise

Once you have decided what cruise line, ship, and itinerary best meet your travel needs, you can book your cruise and officially start the countdown! After that, you will need to start thinking about other logistics. 

Do you, for instance, plan on flying or driving to the port? Have you thought about what cruise add-ons you might be interested in? 

While booking the cruise is exciting, there are other details that you must take care of first to ensure that you have the greatest vacation possible. 

When not to tip on a cruise ship

When you take a cruise vacation, you will be subject to pay gratuities, or crew member tips, that are rarely included in the base fare. 

They are divided amongst the crew members that help make your vacation memorable, including cabin attendants, dining and culinary services staff, the guest services team, and others who work behind-the-scenes. Without the hard work of the crew members, there is no way that your cruise would be possible. 

16 Things To Do As Soon as You Get to Your Cruise Cabin

Once you have successfully made it through the check-in process and have boarded the ship, you will probably want to make your way to your cabin to get settled. Unless you have a later check-in time, you will have to wait, as cabins do not open up to guests until sometime in the afternoon. 

Go ahead and grab some lunch and start to familiarize yourself with the ship! If you have children who want to participate in the youth programming, this is also a great time to get them registered. 

17 mistakes you shouldn't make on a cruise ship sea day

When planning your cruise vacation, the itinerary is one of the most important considerations. And while the destinations themselves are important, so is the number of sea days that you will have-- you want to be able to enjoy everything that the ship has to offer!

Sea days are great for relaxation, staying busy, or a combination of the two! Unlike port days, you will not have any scheduled tours that will keep you preoccupied for a chunk of the day. Instead, you can plan the day around your interests and preferences. Maybe that means not having a plan at all!

How to make your own DIY cruise first aid kit

Whenever you go on any vacation, you will want to be prepared with some supplies and medication to treat unexpected minor injuries and illnesses. 

A do it yourself (DIY) first aid kit is a great way to make sure that you are ready for your cruise! Plus, you can customize it to your liking (i.e., do you have a certain brand of pain reliever that you like or band-aid shape?) and may even have some medication left over for future use. 

How to avoid cruise motion sickness

For a lot of people, the most worrisome part about going on a cruise is the thought of getting seasick, and it is a valid concern! Why would you want to feel ill during your vacation? 

The good news is that there are ways you can prevent yourself from feeling seasick during your cruise, and it is actually not as common as you may think! 

Even if you are not prone to feeling motion sickness, it is smart to think ahead, as you never know when you will encounter unfavorable sea conditions. 

Cruise Door Decorations: How to make your cabin door stand out

Planning any cruise is exciting! From booking fun shore excursions to browsing onboard activities and cruise add-ons, there is so much that goes into making sure you have the perfect vacation. 

If you are brand-new to cruising, you might bypass some fun traditions, one of which being cruise door decorations. 

What’s the best cruise ship cabin location?

Is it better to book a cabin in the front or back of a cruise ship? Will I get better views on the starboard or port side of the ship? Which deck is best on a cruise ship? 

When you’re faced with choosing one specific cabin among the hundreds (or thousands!) of rooms spread across multiple decks on a giant cruise ship, these questions can be overwhelming. You want the best cruise ship location, but how do you know which room that is if you’ve never been on that ship before?

Are cruises all inclusive?

Cruises are popular vacation options due to their convenience; you pay one price for unlimited food, entertainment, accommodation, and transportation between each port of call. 

Are cruises truly all inclusive, though? While you can certainly have a great vacation without paying extra for add-ons, the base fare of your cruise is usually not all inclusive. 

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