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Seabourn announces events on 146-day cruise around the world

World Cruise: Extraordinary Destinations,” including traditional dance and musical performances in Barbados, India, and Fiji

Seabourn announced events for its upcoming 146-day world cruise on the Seabourn Sojurn in 2020.

The ship will cross three great oceans and stop at 62 ports in 36 countries on five continents throughout the course of the sailing, featuring a combination of visits to desirable marquee ports and hidden gems, and will include 16 overnights in port and late evening stays another 18 times.

Guests sailing on the full world cruise will enjoy several authentic, exciting, and exclusive dinners featuring local cuisine and entertaining events designed to celebrate the travel milestone, including:

  • De Bajan Dinner Extravaganza at the Sunbury Plantation House – Guests are invited to enjoy an evening at the Sunbury Plantation House, featuring handcrafted local rum cocktails, local cuisine and a performance of the “de Bajan Extravaganza” by an all-Barbadian cast. The electrifying and mesmerizing show, with beautifully costumed dancers and captivating moko jumbies, will have the audience tapping their feet all night long. Built around 1660 by Matthew Chapman, an Irish/English planter and one of the first settlers on Barbados, the countryside Sunbury Plantation House will set quite a stage for the festivities. Scheduled January 15, 2020 in Barbados.
  • Chennai Medley: Culture, Traditions and Cuisine – With a garland of fresh flowers draped gently around their neck, travelers from near and far will feel right at home at the time-honored Thalam Welcome Ceremony that is deeply rooted in vivid colors and ancestral customs. The evening will progress with a live performance of Carnatic classical music played on traditional instruments such as gottuvadhyam, ghatam, and droning tambura, followed by a Bharatanatyam dance performance. The shows will be accompanied by dinner and a variety of local wines and spirits ensuring a mood is as lively as the show. Scheduled March 11, 2020 in Chennai, India. 
  • The Heart and Soul of the South Pacific Dinner & Entertainment – The historic five-star Grand Pacific Hotel on the seafront in Suva, Fiji, will host this memorable night of show-stopping entertainment. Guests are invited to witness a mesmerizing display right from the start as Fijian lali drummers announce the travelers’ arrival with rhythmic drumming, colorful displays, and traditional dance. Move on to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner of local cuisine while watching in delight as warriors dressed to thrill bring the past to life through movement and sound. Scheduled May 7, 2020 in Suva, Fiji.

The World Cruise on Seabourn Sojourn will depart Miami on January 4, 2020, and travel eastbound before ending in San Francisco on May 28, 2020. Destinations include the Caribbean, Africa, India, Arabia, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia & South Pacific, and Hawaii, with award-winning Seabourn service all along the way.

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