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Is Palo Brunch on the Disney Cruise Line Worth It?

Palo Brunch

While the Disney Cruise Line offers rotational dining for each night of dinner, there are also some adult-only restaurant options that are available for an additional fee. All of the Disney Cruise Line ships offer Palo (an upscale Northern Italian restaurant), while only the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream have Remy (a French restaurant).

Palo, which is named for the poles used by the gondoliers in Venice, Italy, is definitely a treat for adults. While it’s only available for adults aged 18 and up, parents can often arrange to dine in Palo while their children are in the youth clubs. In addition to dinner, Palo also offers a separate brunch. It’s the more affordable option of the two adult-only dining venues, and the food is delicious while the ambiance is elegant.

Brunch at Palo is currently offered for $45 per person, in addition to any alcohol and gratuities. If you are a platinum Castaway Club member, however, you can typically get this experience for free (pay just for alcohol and tips).

The Castaway Club membership website only lists Palo dinner as a complimentary perk for platinum Castaway Club members. However, as a platinum member, I’ve been able to get free brunch as recently as 2021. It’s worth asking when you are onboard.

When is brunch offered at Palo?


You’ll need to look at the Disney Cruise Line app or website to see the timing for your specific cruise. It’s not offered every day. It’s typically offered on a day at sea, and also often on a Nassau day on sailings that include that port of call.

Despite the added fee, it’s very popular and often fills up quickly. I highly recommend booking it as soon as your booking window opens. If it’s fully booked during your sailing, you can check for availability once you are onboard the ship. Sometimes there are openings.

What is included in Palo brunch?


In the past, Palo brunch was offered as a large extravagant buffet of appetizers and desserts, with an a la carte menu for entrees. Since the cruise line restart in 2021, however, the buffet has transformed into more of a family-style meal. Guests can choose a seafood or meat and cheese option, and will receive a plate with some small appetizers to start.

For our larger group, we opted to order a few of each, so we could all sample the offerings. If there is something in particular you like, your server can bring more out. These small appetizers are the most common of the items from the original buffet, including ahi tuna, crab legs, and prosciutto.

Food at Palo

There’s also an a la carte menu where you can choose your specific entree. This includes some breakfast entrees like eggs benedict and lunch/dinner entrees like artichoke ravioli. My favorite entree is the pennette pasta, a dish with smoked salmon, baby spinach, tarragon, black pepper, and cream. It’s delicious, and I highly recommend it if you like smoked salmon.

Desserts can also be ordered, although our server brought our larger group one of each to share. In the past, the desserts were part of the buffet. It’s unclear whether the traditional buffet will return to Palo for brunch at some point, but this current iteration is still a really nice option.

Food at Palo

If you are planning on having brunch at Palo, be sure to look at the dress code before packing for your cruise. The following clothing items are prohibited: tank tops, cover ups, swimsuits, shorts, hats, cut-offs, torn clothes, t-shirts with offensive language and/or graphics, flip flops, and sneakers. I typically bring a sundress to wear, while my husband wears a collared shirt and dress pants.

Is Palo brunch worth it?


For a $45 specialty dining upcharge, is Palo brunch worth it? In my opinion it is, because the food is delicious and it’s a nice splurge. I prefer it to dinner at Palo, because it doesn’t take the place of any of the main dining rooms, so I still get the opportunity to go to all of the restaurants for dinner.

If you are traveling with kids, you will need to make sure they are happy in the kids’ club (or are otherwise occupied) during brunch time. A splurge like this should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace, so if you are in a rush or are worried about your kids, it may not be worth it.

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