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I took an expedition cruise to the Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises. Here's what a Sky Suite looks like


Celebrity Cruises captured widespread attention over their innovative Edge Class of ships, which formally debuted in 2018. One year later, however, they launched their newest expedition vessel, Celebrity Flora. 

Sailing exclusively to the Galapagos, Celebrity Flora offers guests a premium experience while taking in the awe-inspiring natural wonders and biodiversity of the region. 


Celebrity Flora was the first brand-new expedition ship built for Celebrity Cruises. Measuring just shy of 6,000 gross registered tons (GRT), she's the largest vessel to operate in the Galapagos. 

This places Flora on the smaller side compared to modern new builds, which typically exceed 100,000 GRT.  Celebrity Ascent, for instance, measures 140,600 GRT. 


Cruising onboard Celebrity Flora isn't cheap, with the lowest fare starting at around $5,900 per person. Unlike sailing on their standard ships, however, this fare is much more inclusive.

From shore excursions to pre-cruise hotel stays, flights, beverages, and menus designed by Michelin-star chefs, you won't have to worry about racking up a large onboard bill; the majority of traditional add-ons won't cost you a penny extra.


Beci Mahnken, President & CEO of MEI-Travel, recently took an expedition cruise to the Galapagos on Celebrity Cruises and shared photos of her cabin. 

Every cabin onboard, including the pictured Sky Suite stateroom, is a suite and features Celebrity's outward-facing concept, so you're never far from the breathtaking views of the Galapagos. 

This particular suite measures 330 square feet, including a spacious 84-square-foot verandah.


Upon entering the Sky Suite, you're greeted by an entryway that features a small dresser and leads directly into the spacious living area that's appointed with luxurious amenities. 

Attached to the dresser is a large vanity with ample space for cosmetics and grooming essentials, and the irregularly shaped mirror adds character to the opulent suite. 


Passengers sailing onboard Celebrity Flora are also welcomed to their cabin with some yummy treats and champagne. In fact, there's a new delectable delivered daily! 


While the closet comes equipped with plenty of hangers, if you find yourself needing more, you can ask your cabin steward. They're the individual responsible for keeping your stateroom tidy throughout the journey.  

Additionally, the closet is home to the in-cabin safe, which is where you can keep valuables like cash, travel documentation, and more. 


The bed, which is outfitted with premium linens, faces the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing you to gaze at the passing scenery while unwinding from the day's adventure. 

All suites onboard Celebrity Flora accommodate just two guests, as the bed is the only sleeping option. There are no sofa or pullman beds onboard. 


While the living area of the Sky Suite is remarkable, the bathroom leaves even more of a lasting impression. 

From the stone countertop with double faucets to the large walk-in shower, every detail of the bathroom exudes sophistication. It's likely you'll forget that you're on a ship! 


The bathroom also features an in-suite filtered water refilling station to promote sustainability. 

This allows guests to hydrate at ease while reducing plastic waste onboard. 


Additionally, while standard cruise ships don't come equipped with many toiletries, Celebrity Flora features local high-end, eco-friendly, and organic amenities, as well as lip balm and sunscreen. 

Most cruise ships provide a bar of soap and some combination of shampoo and body wash; however, Celebrity Flora goes the extra mile by providing body lotion as well. This added amenity alleviates the need for guests to pack it themselves. 


Outside of the Sky Suite, guests will be able to enjoy worldly cuisine, a spa, fitness center, and stylish bars. 

Plus, with a limited capacity of around 100 passengers, those cruising onboard Celebrity Flora will appreciate the intimate and personalized cruising experience. 


For those dreaming of their next tropical escape but want to venture somewhere other than the Caribbean or Bahamas, this entry-level suite on Celebrity Flora makes a great "home away from home" while exploring the rugged coastlines, lush greenery, and array of wildlife that characterizes the Galapagos. 

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