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Should I go on a cruise? 10 reasons to give it a try

Water slides on Carnival ship

Are you thinking about going on a cruise but need just a little more convincing? You’ve come to the right place! Cruising is one of the best ways to not only vacation, but see the world. Cruise ships are essentially floating cities with endless activities, food and entertainment. 

People who think they might not like cruising often cite fear of seasickness and claustrophobia as two major reasons to avoid cruise ships altogether. However, these are just cruising myths.

First, it’s very likely you won’t get seasick at all - and if you do, there’re easy over-the-counter meds to help. Cruise ships are built to withstand waves and even have stabilizers to make for a smooth voyage.


Valiant Lady aerial

Second, cruise ships are huge these days and specifically designed to have plenty of open space. A well designed ship won't make you feel crammed or trapped at sera. You can find tons of space onboard that won’t feel crowded.

You’ll never know what you’re missing out on unless you give cruising a try for yourself! You’ll just have to keep hearing from friends and family about how incredible their cruising experiences are until you throw caution to the wind and set sail. 

Most first-time cruisers overwhelmingly report they plan to take another cruise in the future; so, the odds are in your favor that you won't be disappointed in your choice to take a cruise.

Wonder of the Seas aft aerial

Here are 10 reasons to give cruising a try.

Seeing Multiple Places

Explora Journeys

My favorite thing about cruising is how I can easily see multiple destinations in one vacation. Some cruises will take you to 7 different countries during the voyage.

Waking up in a new port is unmatched by any other vacation in my mind. Having a change of scenery every day means you get to see more than you’d ever see by just visiting one place or staying at an all-inclusive resort. 

Also, while you sleep off your adventure, the cruise ship travels to the next port - meaning you can spend more of your vacation time doing the things you love to do. There’s no need to worry about how you’ll get to your next destination.

Instead of spending your vacation time figuring out logistics and traveling from place to place, you can kick back and relax. 

Unpacking Once

Man walking to cruise ship with luggage

One of the worst parts of traveling is hauling around your luggage, especially when you’re trying to see various cities or countries. As we just mentioned, you'll get to see multiple destinations when you choose to cruise. Along with this, once you board your cruise ship, you can quickly unpack and get settled into your stateroom. 

You won’t have to repack your suitcase until the end of the cruise when it’s time to go home. Even while seeing multiple places throughout your cruises’ itinerary, your suitcase stays unpacked and your stateroom serves as a home base.

Unlimited Food

MSC Cruises food

If you’re a foodie, then you will undoubtedly fall in love with cruising! From all-day buffets to gourmet meals in the dining room, you certainly won’t go hungry when you step onboard your cruise ship. 

And I'm not talking about subpar food either; cruise ships have some of the highest quality food around.

Most cruise ships have multiple dining options for you to enjoy throughout the day. A buffet on the ship normally serves 3 meals a day with tons of delicious food options. This isn’t your typical buffet though - you’ll find everything from Indian curry to BBQ brisket and smoked salmon.

A dining room is also available for multi-course meals with exquisite meal options. You can dine here each night with a waitstaff

As if that's not enough food, you can also find poolside ice cream, promenade snacks and even pizza parlors on your cruise ship. Speciality dining restaurants also give you the opportunity to really splurge on the highest-quality meal offered onboard.


Zip Line MSC

Cruise ships are floating resorts with so much to do - from incredible food to try, stunning entertainment to enjoy and exciting activities around the ship.  

Everywhere you turn, there’s something fun happening that you can join: karaoke at midnight, Broadway shows after dinner, and morning trivia to name a few. The biggest mega cruise ships today even have incredible onboard thrills like surf machines, ice skating, golf karts, zip lines, and more!

Lucky for you, everything is incredibly convenient on a cruise ship. You can bop back to your stateroom at any time to grab something, change your clothes or just take a nap. You are never too far from anything, making it easy to get wherever you need to go.

Something for Everyone

Friends with drinks

If you are looking for a vacation that has a little bit of everything, cruising is the perfect choice. Those who like to be busy have every opportunity to do so while those who just want to relax and be pampered can enjoy their cruise just as much. 

There’s so much to do on a cruise ship, making it perfect for those who prefer a high-paced vacation with nonstop activities. On the other hand, those who want to sit poolside all week with a drink in hand can easily do that too. You have nowhere you need to be, so you can truly kick back and relax everyday if you want to.

Cruises truly have something for everyone. Think about activities like wine tasting, cooking classes, adult comedy shows, trivia, waterslides and splash pads - you name it!

Everyone from grandparents to toddlers can find something to love on a cruise ship, making it the perfect vacation for everyone!

Family Friendly


Just as there’s something for everyone on a cruise ship, you should know that cruising is very family friendly. Some cruise lines cater more to families (like Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line), but your kids will definitely fall in love with cruising in the same way you will.

Kids have the opportunity to join the kid or teen clubs onboard and meet other kids in the same age group. These programs are designed to make cruising fun and exciting for everyone from toddlers to teenagers. With events catered specifically to their age group, this can be such a fun socializing opportunity for kids.

As someone who frequented the teen clubs, I can attest that I had the best time at sea making friends; some of these friends I’ve kept in touch with even 14 years later!



Another reason we love cruising here at Cruise Blog is because it’s one of the most affordable vacations you can take. Cruising is consistently cheaper than other vacation options, like all-inclusive resorts, yet you get so much included.

Your money goes a long way on a cruise, as your cruise fare includes lodging, transportation and food for the entire voyage. You can have an incredible vacation without spending a dollar onboard the cruise ship. 

Of course, there will always be opportunities to spend money when you’re cruising. But, those who want to stick to their budget can find it’s pretty all-inclusive once you get onboard. 

Some cruise lines, like Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages and Norwegian Cruise Line, even offer cruise fares including internet and beverages packages. This creates a totally all-inclusive experience at sea!

Easy to Plan


Along with being incredibly convenient, cruises are very easy to plan. The cruise lines make online portals where you can access your cruise reservations to book entertainment, dining and activities. 

Transportation to and from the cruise port can be arranged through the cruise line or easily online. A travel agent, which doesn’t cost anything extra, can help you finalize any cruising details. 

You don’t have to worry about booking and researching hotels, restaurants or rental cars. All you really need to do is pick a cruise line and an itinerary. Show up to the cruise port and you can still have an amazing cruise without prior planning (if that's your vibe, we don't necessarily suggest this!). 

Even when you get onboard, you have so much flexibility for how you want to spend your day. You can spend your days however you want, whether that's exploring the port or enjoying a pool-side cocktail.

Make New Friends

Celebrity Cruises drinks with family

It’s very easy to make friends and socialize when you cruise. Because you’ll be spending your cruise with the same people onboard, it’s not uncommon to run into the same people over and over again. 

With so many fun activities and events taking place throughout the voyage, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to be social if you want to be. 

People on cruises are usually like-minded; not to mention, you’re all experiencing the same things onboard. This cultivates a very friendly environment on cruise ships and almost like a little cruising community.

In fact, I’ve met some lifelong friends on cruise ships! It’s uncommon for us to leave a cruise ship without making a few new friends. 

Unique Experiences

Cruise ship in Norway

Cruising offers plenty of very unique experiences that you simply won’t find on land. You can cruise to places you never dreamed of visiting.

For example, most people can’t say they’ve sailed through the Alaskan Inside Passage or sat on the top deck of a cruise ship while sailing through Norway’s stunning fjords.

When you’re on a cruise, it’s also much easier to visit exotic locations. You can spend all day exploring places in Asia or the Middle East while coming back to your comfortable, familiar accommodations each night. There's something to be said about a sense of familiarity when you immerse yourself in a new culture.

Essentially, cruising allows you to see some of the coolest and most foreign places in an easy, affordable and convenient way. You can see the world by cruising and experience new cultures and countries in one easy vacation! What could be better than that?

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