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For just $89 per day, you can live on a cruise ship and sail the world


If you missed the chance to board Royal Caribbean's Ultimate World Cruise, you aren't totally out of luck. In May, Villa Vie Residences' Villa Vie Odyssey will set sail from Southampton on a world cruise that will last not one, not two, but three and a half years!

"Villa Vie Odyssey will be customized for her immersive, 3.5-year global circumnavigations, ensuring all the comforts and amenities of home," said CEO Mikael Petterson, "Named by the residents themselves, Odyssey reflects the company ethos of creating a community to share unforgettable moments of discovery on an extended journey, connecting people, places, and self."

The cruise will last over 1,300 days and visit 425 destinations around the world, docking at each for 2-7 days to give passengers more time to explore than on a traditional sailing. With inside rooms starting at around $89 per day, it is tempting to want to sail the world onboard Villa Vie Odyssey. 

Despite being a continuous cruise, you can join for specific segments rather than the entire voyage 


The cruise will be divided into sixteen different segments, each of which varies in duration. Some are as short as 35 days, whereas others are as long as 131!  

Whether you cannot devote the time or money to the entire world cruise, you can join for a specific part and explore a part of the world that's always fascinated you, such as Northern Europe; Japan & the Philippine Sea; India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia; Africa; or South Europe and the Mediterranean. 


The price for segments varies, too. Regardless of which you select, it's cheaper than paying for the entire cruise, though. The cheapest option is for a single guest during the transatlantic segment, which starts at $4,631. Double pricing starts at $6,320. The most expensive segment is South Europe and the Mediterranean, which starts at $16,323 for single occupancy or $23,318 for double. 

In comparison, an inside villa for the world cruise starts at $99,999 with $2,499 in monthly fees if sailing solo or $3,499 at double occupancy. An oceanview villa increases to $149,999, while 200-square-foot balcony villas start at $249,999. 

Owners can also rent out their cabin if they're unable to sail


There's no denying that 3.5 years is quite the chunk of time to be away from friends and family. Thankfully, if life happens and the owners of one of the villas are unable to cruise, they can rent out their cabin. 

Plus, family and friends are able to join the cruise in one of the 35 guest cabins for only $33 per day, plus port fees and applicable taxes. 

Originally launched in 1993, Villa Vie Odyssey operated as Braemar for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for over 20 years


At under 26,000 gross registered tons with a passenger capacity of less than 1,000, Villa Vie Odyssey isn't a mega-ship by any means, and you will not find any of the major thrills onboard that other mainstream cruise lines are known for, including water slides, ice skating rinks, roller coasters, go-kart tracks, and more. 

Due to the small size of the ship, as well as its flatter hull, it will be able to dock in ports that larger ships cannot access, including those that are tucked inland and along rivers. 


Even when considering mainstream cruise lines, this is often an advantage of choosing an older vessel, as they often have more unique itineraries than newer vessels that have been designed to be considered destinations in and of themselves. 

Villa Vie Residences purchased Braemar from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, a United Kingdom-based cruise line, in December 2023, with the transfer scheduled to happen in February 2024. Currently, they have four other ships in their fleet: Balmoral, Borealis, Bolette, and Brabant, with the latter entering service in 2018 as their first river ship. 


Onboard, passengers will find three restaurants, eight bars, four lounges, a pool with four jacuzzis, an interactive and educational culinary center, a spa and fitness center, golf simulator, library, fully equipped business center, and more. Plus, Starlink and Viasat 3 will provide fast and reliable internet access. 

What's included?


With the high price tag comes amenities that aren't usually included in the base fare on mainstream cruise lines. In addition to entertainment, housekeeping services, and dining, those sailing onboard Villa Vie Odyssey can enjoy free beer and wine during meals, bi-weekly laundry, mixology and culinary lessons, select excursions, complimentary healthcare consultations, and more. 

Life at Sea canceled its three-year cruise after its scheduled departure date. Will it happen again?

life-at-sea-cruise (1)

The three-year cruise was originally set to depart Istanbul, Turkey on November 1, 2023; however, the date was first posted to November 11, then November 30, before Life at Sea finally called it off. Having sold homes, cars, and other possessions in preparation for this voyage, would-be passengers were left stranded with nowhere to go. 

Life at Sea was planning on purchasing AIDAaura from AIDA Cruises. First, they told passengers that the sale was taking longer than expected. Another cruise line then announced that they had purchased the vessel, finally revealing that Life at Sea had no actual ship in its possession. 

In comparison, Villa Vie would not allow deposits from passengers until a ship was purchased. With roughly five months to acquire the ship and finish renovations ahead of the embarkation date, they are already a few steps ahead of Life at Sea. 

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