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Why you should get your cruise cabin serviced in the evening instead of the morning


When your cabin steward introduces themselves on the embarkation day, they may ask if you want your cabin serviced in the morning or evening. It will be up to you which timeframe aligns with your plans and preferences. 

Similar to when you stay in hotels, cruise ships have crew members responsible for ensuring that guests' cabins stay clean and tidy throughout the voyage. These individuals, known as cabin stewards, will refresh your towels, empty the trash, make your bed, deliver disembarkation documents, and more. 

If you have any issues with your cabin, you can alert them, and they will make sure that the correct crew member addresses the problem as soon as possible. When sailing on Carnival Elation, for instance, the showerhead broke on the second day of our cruise. I let our stateroom attendant know when I ran into him in the hallway, and it was reattached within hours! 


Cabin stewards will also make every effort to accommodate special requests, such as separating the beds in your cabin or providing you with fresh ice. In short, they're your go-to person for all your stateroom needs. You are on vacation, after all! 

If you're asked when you'd like them to service your cabin, you shouldn't rush into a decision. First, consider things like when you want to wake up, when you plan on leaving your cabin for activities, and whether or not you want to enjoy an occasional afternoon nap. If you select the wrong time, you may find yourself scheduling your day around your cabin steward's visit, rather than your desired activities. 

If you can't make up your mind, here are some reasons why you should get your cruise cabin serviced in the evening instead of the morning. 

You will wake up to a fresh cabin the following morning


After spending long days ashore, you will likely want to shower to freshen up before heading out for an evening full of exciting activities onboard. Even if I've spent the entire day on the lido deck, I like to shower before heading to dinner— It's no fun sitting through meals or shows feeling sticky from sunscreen. 

If you opt to get your cabin serviced in the evening, towels from your pre-dinner shower will be replaced, whereas those who choose a morning service will have their dirty towels from the previous night lying around when they wake up. 

This also means that any sand you track in from the beach will be vacuumed up, rather than getting stuck between your toes in the middle of the night when you go to the restroom. 

Even if you aren't sailing somewhere tropical, you will likely be out exploring some port of call, whether it's Alaska, Northern Europe, or beyond, so you'll inevitably bring a little bit of dirt back inside with you. 

Those who are a fan of afternoon naps won't have to unmake their bed for a pre-dinner rest

Symphony of the Seas Interior Room

While there's so much to see and do while on your cruise, from fun excursions to late-night activities onboard, you have to take time to rest at some point. Otherwise, you may end up crashing from exhaustion! If you don't prioritize your rest, you may find yourself feeling a little under the weather as the cruise progresses. 

There's no shame in taking a nap before dinner, as those who are well-rested will appreciate all of the excitement ahead. You don't want to be falling asleep while eating dinner or when at one of the ship's shows— you paid good money for those amenities! 

If you have your cabin serviced first thing in the morning, you'll return to a freshly made bed. To get comfortable for your afternoon siesta, you will have to unmake it, meaning that you'll return later that evening to an unmade bed. 

Instead, your cabin steward will ensure that your bed is remade before you return for your evening slumber. 

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You won't have to worry about setting early alarms


Whether you're actively employed or still finishing school, you likely have to wake up early as part of your daily routine. Why not take the time you are onboard to sleep in? While some may prefer to wake up early to make the most of their time onboard, others find that they prefer to indulge in a little extra sleep when the opportunity presents itself. 

If you have a balcony, for instance, why not start your day with some room service and enjoy a leisurely breakfast while taking in the breathtaking ocean views? Continental room service is often included in the price of your cruise fare, so although you won't be able to enjoy the same spread at the buffet, you won't have to deal with the crowds. 

Even if your stateroom isn't the first on your cabin steward's list, you will likely feel rushed to vacate your cabin as soon as possible. You may choose to avoid your cabin to not disturb them while they're working, too. This isn't ideal for guests who need a little downtime in the afternoon. 

You'll consistently be out of your room during dinner hours


Since you'll be out and about during dinner hours, you won't have to worry about accidentally running into your steward while they're servicing your room. Usually, you'll be eating around the same time each evening, too. From leisurely sea day brunches to quick bites in the buffet before scurrying off the ship, your breakfast schedule can be a little bit more up in the air. 

While you're enjoying indulgent meals in the ship's dining room or one of the onboard specialty restaurants, your cabin will be getting refreshed at the same time. 

Even if you have a later dining time, it's unlikely that you will spend all evening in your stateroom. Instead, you will want to be listening to live music while enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail, catching an early production show, or watching a movie underneath the stars. There are so many activities going on in the evenings that you're certain to find something that appeals to you! 

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Not all cruise lines give you an option. Some, such as Disney Cruise Line and Celebrity Cruises, offer housekeeping services twice per day

DCL Fantasy

In 2022, Carnival Cruise Line made the transition from offering twice-daily service to once. In early 2023, Norwegian Cruise Line followed suit. Those staying within The Haven, NCL's "ship-within-a-ship" concept, still receive service in both the morning and evenings, though. 

Royal Caribbean was the third mainstream cruise line to switch from twice-per-day service to once for standard cabins, too (i.e., interior, ocean view, and balcony rooms), with them announcing the change in February 2023. Those staying in suites do not have to select a time, as one of the benefits of paying extra for these cabins is that you're guaranteed service twice per day. 

Other mainstream lines, including Holland America Line, Virgin Voyages, Princess Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and Disney Cruise Line, offer twice-daily cleaning. When you board the ship, you'll still meet your cabin steward; however, you won't be given an option of when you'd like your stateroom serviced. Instead, they'll stop by in both the morning and evening. 

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