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What did people on the Titanic eat onboard?

One of the most infamous ocean liners in the cruise industry is the Titanic. It’s been 110 years since the Titanic sank, but society’s fascination with the voyage has lasted the test of time.

From the award-winning 'Titanic' movie in 1997 to historical museums and traveling exhibits, Titanic’s unfortunate story continues to captivate history buffs and sea-lovers alike. 

How fast is a 'knot' and why is it called that?

If you’ve been on a cruise and found yourself unfamiliar with the navigation terminology, you’re not alone! Understanding terms like knots and nautical miles are not necessarily intuitive for most cruisers. 

Your cruise ship captain probably referenced the ship’s speed using knots. Perhaps the captain also mentioned how many nautical miles until your next port of call. 

Pineapple swingers: The truth about upside down pineapples on cruise ships

On your next cruise, you might notice an upside down pineapple on a stateroom door while you're walking down the hallway or someone sporting a pin that's attached to their clothing! It is important to know what this subtle symbol stands for. 

Love for the sea: Beach and sea captions you can use

From the fresh sea air to white sand beaches, it can be tough to find the perfect words to describe your vacation feelings. There’s just something about putting your toes in the sand or breathing in the salty ocean air that makes you feel some-type-of-way.

Looking out at the sea from the top deck of a cruise ship leaves me speechless! The vast, blue ocean water appears to go on for miles and miles. I am convinced that there's no sunset on land that can compare to the ones you see while cruising.

Are you looking for the perfect caption for your next Instagram post?

What happens to old cruise ships?

Have you wondered what happens to cruise ships after they go into retirement?

It seems like each year there are brand new ships that are bigger and better than the last. Cruise lines are always looking to add the latest and greatest technology, which leaves older ships to be slowly phased into the background and serve specific markets. 

Top 7 things people that cruise a lot debate all the time

If you have spent some time on a message board, Facebook group, or chat room dedicated to going on a cruise ship, very likely you have run across a heated exchange between people about some nuance of cruising.

We all love to go on cruises, but our opinions on how to do it best can vary widely, especially when there is a certain level of ambiguity to protocols or rules.

Most of the discussions tend to be tame, but there are a few hot button topics that really get people fired up and it can often lead to page after page of responses, counter responses, and memes inbetween.

Couple creates viral video of them faking a cruise at home

Have you seen the couple that created their own cruise experience at home?

David and Norma Trill didn't let the Coronavirus that shut down the entire cruise industry stop them from enjoying what it's like to be on a cruise.

They set up a camera to capture them in front of a widescreen television, dressed in bathrobes and enjoying the recorded footage of the ocean passing them by.

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