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Pineapple swingers: The truth about upside down pineapples on cruise ships

What Does An Upside Down Pineapple Mean?

On your next cruise, you might notice an upside down pineapple on a stateroom door while you're walking down the hallway or someone sporting a pin that's attached to their clothing! It is important to know what this subtle symbol stands for. 

While pineapples are a popular form of tropical decoration, an upside down pineapple has a completely different connotation. The upside down pineapple is a code for pineapple swingers, which simply means a married couple who enjoys sharing partners and are open to engaging freely in sex.

What about regular pineapples?


If you have pineapples that are right side up on your cabin decorations or clothing, you don't have anything to worry about.

Pineapples have become popular again in fashion, so don't feel like embracing that motif will give anyone the wrong idea about you.

Are upside down pineapples common on cruise ships?

Pineapple on beach

Upside down pineapples aren't as common on mainstream cruise lines as you might think. You won't see a hallway full of them on your upcoming Disney cruise, that's for sure!

If there are swingers on your cruise, they might choose to identify themselves in a different way. Have you, for instance, ever seen someone wearing a black ring? It is not just a cute fashion accessory, as they're another symbol that swingers sometimes use!

Pineapple swingers usually prefer sailings with as few children as possible. This means that the likelihood of seeing any upside down pineapples onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise is minimal. 

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Lifestyle cruises 


Today, there seems to be the perfect themed cruise for every traveler. Those who love Broadway might consider embarking on The Broadway Cruise, where they can sail amongst Tony Award winners. Maybe you're interested in Comic Con and want to cosplay at sea on the first-ever Comic Con at Sea. 

Those actively seeking other swingers might consider a lifestyle cruise. Temptation and Desire Cruises both offer clothing-optional cruises that appeal more to what pineapple swinger might be looking for. 

Temptation, for instance, offers programming like "streamy workshops" and "sexy theme nights." The 2024 ship even has an R-Rated Red Room that allows guests to "...expand, experiment, and explore their sexuality in an uninhibited, intimate safe space.

Similarly, Desire Cruises says that they offer "provocative pool parties, erotic theme nights, seductive daytime activities, and sexy workshops," in addition to clothing optional areas. 

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