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17 kinds of cruises you didn’t know Norwegian Cruise Lines offered


Are you someone who is curious about cruising, but maybe you want to go somewhere other than the Caribbean? One of the best parts about cruising is that there is a cruise line and cruise itinerary that exists for nearly every type of person and preference.

Whether you’re looking to lounge by beautiful tropical beaches, or to stroll down European cobblestone streets, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has a plethora of cruise itineraries to fit nearly every type of traveler.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers not only exceptional Caribbean itineraries, but its ships can take guests all over the world. Norwegian Cruise Lines is one of the largest cruise line companies in the world, and they offer their guests a wide range of different itineraries to choose from, including sailings to nearly every continent.

Come along with me as we explore the world with NCL, and some of this cruise line’s unique cruise itinerary offerings!

#1 - Asia Cruises


Are you looking to explore beautiful Asian destinations such as Kyoto, Japan or Bangkok, Thailand? Maybe you want to experience stunning architecture like the Nha Ttrang in Vietnam? NCL has over 20 different itineraries that transport guests to many Asian countries.

NCL currently offers cruises to Asia ranging from 9- to 16-day itineraries. These voyages visit unique destinations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, and more.

Many of these Asian cruises depart from cities such Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo, and Seattle Washington.

Cruises with NCL to Asia typically range in price from $980 USD per person, to $1,200 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

The Norwegian Jewel is NCL’s go-to ship for sailing around Asia. This ship conducts the majority of the Asian itineraries for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

#2 - Africa Cruises

NCL africa

Looking to experience the beautiful coasts of South Africa, or the staggering history of Egypt? Then an African cruise may be the best fit for you!

Norwegian Cruise Lines operates 13 different cruise itineraries around Africa. These voyages range in length, from 9- to 21-day cruises. Cruises with NCL to Africa visit destinations such as Namibia, the Ivory Coast, Cape Town, South Africa, Madagascar, Dubai, and more.

Many of the NCL cruises that visit African destinations depart from Cape Town, South Africa or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Cruises to Africa with Norwegian Cruise Lines range from $980 USD per person, to $2,850 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

NCL utilizes its ships the Norwegian Dawn and the Norwegian Jade to primarily sail near Africa and the Middle East.

#3 - Alaska Cruises

NCL Bliss in Alaska

Have you always wanted to see a brown bear in the wild at the gorgeous Denali National Park? Or maybe go on a thrilling excursion racing with sled dogs? Then an Alaskan cruise itinerary may be just what you’re looking for!

Currently, NCL operates 47 different cruise itineraries that sail through Alaskan waters. Many of these voyages make stops in ports of call such as Glacier Bay, Juneau, Skagway, Hubbard Glacier, and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Something unique about NCL’s Alaskan offerings is that many of their itineraries consist of what Norwegian Cruise Lines calls “Cruisetour”. These itineraries are special in that they consist of both a sailing on one of NCL’s vessels, as well as guided tours overland with NCL aboard transportation such as railroad and railway.

Some examples of these Cruisetours are, “Denali Adventure by Rail - Southbound Cruisetour”. Or “Fairbanks Denali Express - Southbound Cruisetour”. Features of these unique cruise tours include: “all tours are fully escorted by local Alaskan Tour Directors, guaranteed animal sitings, all tours feature travel on the rails of Alaskan Railroad.” Cruisetours with NCL feature both time onboard, as well as land tours. This means that guests can be fully immersed in their destination, taking in everything their vacation has to offer with NCL.

Many of NCL’s Alaskan cruise itineraries depart from cities such as Seward, Vancouver, and Seattle. Alaskan itineraries range in length from 7- to 16-days.

Guests can even sail on epic voyages from Hawaii to Alaska! These tropical to chilly sailings tend to visit about 9 different ports of call, stopping in cities such as Ketchikan, Juneau, Hilo, and Kahului.

Most of NCL’s Alaskan sailings are conducted with the Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Spirit, and Norwegian Bliss ships. These sailings and Cruisetours range in price from $660 USD per person to $2,500 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

#4 - Australia & New Zealand & Fiji Cruises


Do stunning beaches filled with palm trees, amazing wildlife, and flowing water falls, sound amazing? Then maybe a cruise to Fiji, Australia, or New Zealand would be the perfect cruise for you!

Norwegian Cruise Lines operates several Australian and New Zealand cruises. All 9 of these sailings are about two weeks, ranging from 12- to 15-day voyages.

Some of the cities that these itineraries visit include: Sydney, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne, and even stops in Fiji and French Polynesia.

Cruise sailings around Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji typically range from $680 USD per person to $2,200 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

Cruises to this region of the world depart from cities such as Sydney, Auckland, and Papeete, Tahiti.

Currently the only NCL ship that operates Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji sailings is the Norwegian Spirit.

#5 - Bahamas Cruises


Looking for relaxation alongside turquoise waters? What about snorkeling off the coast of white sand beaches? Perhaps a cruise to the Bahamas is just what you need!

Norwegian Cruise Line currently has 17 different itineraries that visit the Bahamas. These cruises visit ports of call such as Nassau, Grand Bahama Island, and NCL’s private island Great Stirrup Cay.

NCL owns and operates a private island in the Bahamas called Great Stirrup Cay. Visiting this island is an exclusive privilege to guests and passengers of Norwegian Cruise Line. Those curious about this private island can read more about it here.

Itineraries to the Bahamas range from 3- to 10-day voyages, and in price from $190 USD per person to $1,420 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Some of NCL’s ships that operate in this region frequently are the Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Joy, and the Norwegian Sky.

#6 - Bermuda Cruises


Looking for a mix of history with the backdrop of tropical scenery? A Bermuda cruise can deliver just that to NCL passengers.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers 33 different itineraries to Bermuda and the surrounding regions. These sailings range in length from 4- to 19-day voyages.

Cruises to Bermuda visit locations such as Royal Naval Dockyard, The Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, the Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, and more.

Sailings to Bermuda cost between $350 USD per person, to $1,600 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

#7 - Canada & New England Cruises


Maybe you want to experience the east coast of the United States, while also visiting gorgeous locations such as Quebec and Prince Edward Island. If so, then a Canada and New England Cruise may be the perfect choice.

Norwegian Cruise Lines operates 22 different sailings within Canadian and New England waters that visit locations such as Massachusetts, Nova Scotia, Maine, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and more.

These itineraries range in length from 7- to 11-day sailings, and in price from $530 USD per person to $1,230 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

The NCL ships that tend to operate in this region are the Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Pearl, and Norwegian Sky.

Cruises to Canada and New England tend to depart from cities such as New York, Quebec, and Baltimore.

#8 - Greek Isles Cruises


Have you always dreamed of climbing the steps of the Parthenon in Athens? What about sampling authentic Greek food? Or perhaps taking in the historic old city in Rhodes? If so, then a Greek Isles cruise would make the perfect vacation for you!

Currently Norwegian Cruise Lines offers an impressive amount of cruise sailings that visit the Greek Isles in the Mediterranean, approximately 80 different NCL sailing itineraries visit these beautiful islands.

All of NCL’s Greece itineraries are a week or longer in length, ranging from 7- to 18-day cruises. These itineraries make stops in locations such as Santorini, Mykonos, Athens, Corfu, Rhodes, and more.

Sailings that make stops along the Greek Isles range from $680 USD per person to $2,230 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Something unique about these itineraries with NCL, is that they often make stops at other interesting locations such as Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and more.

Many of NCL’s vessels frequent the Mediteranian and the Greek Isles. Some of the ships that embark on these itineraries include: Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Epic, and the soon-to-be Norwegian Viva (NCL’s newest vessel making its debut next year).

#9 - Hawaii Cruises


Maybe the impressive hills of Kauai are calling your name? Or what about the experience of learning how to surf in Hawaii? If so, then Hawaii may be just the cruise itinerary for you with Norwegian Cruise Lines.

NCL currently operates 14 different cruise itineraries that make stops in the tropical destination of Hawaii. These sailings visit locations such as Kauai, Hilo, Kahului, Honolulu, and more.

These Hawaiian sailings range in length from 7- to 16-day cruises, and cost between $1,120 USD per person and $3,100 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Norwegian Cruise Line is unique in that they have a vessel that operates exclusively within Hawaiian waters, taking guests to Hawaii on year-round sailings. This Hawaii-only cruise ship is  called Pride of America. In addition to Pride of America, NCL also operates Norwegian Spirit within Hawaiian waters, taking guests on Hawaii to Alaska sailings and beyond.

#10 - Mediterranean Cruises


Sailing off the coast of France, seeing the impressive Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, or sampling gelato in Italy. If these things sound like your ideal vacation, then consider a Mediterranean cruise!

Prospective passengers and guests of NCL, looking to travel to the Mediterranean, are sure to find an itinerary to fit their needs and desires, as there are over 180 different itineraries that sail within the Mediterranean region with NCL.

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Mediterranean cruises range in duration, from 2- to 19-day sailings. It will cost guests between $200 USD per person to $2,700 USD per person (taxes and fees not included) to sail with NCL in this part of the world.

NCL sails to locations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, France, Croatia, Cyprus, and much more on Mediterranean itineraries.

As with the Greek Isles sailings, NCL operates many of their ships in this region. Some of the NCL vessels that sail the Mediterranean are: Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, and Norwegian Escape.

Cruises to the Mediterranean with NCL embark from cities such as Rome, Lisbon, Athens, and Barcelona.

#11 - Mexico Cruises

Las Caletas beach, Puerto Vallarta

If you’re looking for cruises that leave from the west coast of the United States, that take you to destinations filled with culture and flavor, then a Mexico cruise itinerary may be the perfect fit for you.

Currently there are seven different itineraries operated by NCL that sail to Mexico.

These itineraries visit stops such as Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Ensenada. These sailing range in duration, from 5- to 12-day cruises.

Typically, sailing to Mexico with Norwegian Cruise Line will cost between $350 USD per person to $750 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

These itineraries disembark from cities such as Los Angeles, California and San Diego, California.

Guests can sail with NCL to Mexico aboard ships such as Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy, and Norwegian Jewel.

#12 - Northern Europe Cruises


Are you wanting to explore the romantic scenery of France and Germany? What about the dramatic landscapes of Norway? Then a Northern Europe cruise can take you to experience these stunning destinations, while aboard your very own floating luxury hotel with NCL.

NCL visits Northern Europe in 68 different itineraries. Some of the destinations within Northern Europe that Norwegian Cruise Line visits are: Iceland, Ireland, England, Belgium, France, Scotland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Latvia, and more.

These unique cruise itineraries range from 9- to 15-day sailings. Cruises to this region with NCL will cost guests between $760 USD per person to $3,000 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Sailings to Northern Europe tend to embark from locations and cities such as Reykjavik, Iceland; London, England; Paris, France; and Oslo, Norway.

Passengers can sail the cool waters of Northern Europe aboard NCL ships such as the Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Star, Norwegian Gem, and Norwegian Dawn.

#13 - Pacific Coastal Cruises


Pacific Coastal cruises are a great itinerary option for prospective passengers looking to take a cruise from the west coast of the United States. These cruises allow guests to experience and explore different areas of the Pacific Coast, including the states of California and Alaska.

Norwegian Cruise Lines offers a relatively unique type of itinerary, Pacific Coastal. These sailings take place on the west coast of the United States and frequent locations such as Los Angeles, British Columbia, San Francisco, and Alaska. NCL currently offers four different Pacific Coastal itineraries.

These sailings last for a duration of 4- to 8-day itineraries. These cruises cost between $210 USD per person to $450 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

Pacific Coastal cruises are typically conducted with NCL vessels such as the Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Jewel, and Norwegian Encore.

#14 - Panama Canal Cruises


Panama Canal cruises take guests to incredible locations such as vibrant Jamaica, and lush Costa Rica, while simultaneously allowing guests the chance to experience passing through the Panama Canal.

NCL currently operates 37 different itineraries that sail through the Panama Canal. These itineraries have durations of 8- to 21-days.

Guests can visit destinations such as Panama City, Aruba, Curacao, Costa Rica, Columbia, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and more.

Cruises aboard NCL to the Panama Canal will cost passengers between $400 USD per person to $2,050 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Passengers can sail on ships such as the Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Joy, Norwegian Sun, and Norwegian Pearl through the Panama Canal.

#15 - South America Cruises


South America cruise itineraries transport NCL passengers to various countries throughout the continent, allowing guests to get a sense of everything this region has to offer.

Currently there are 14 different South American itineraries operated by Norwegian Cruise Line. These cruises cost passengers between $400 USD per person and $2,600 USK per person.

Guests can visit locations on these sailings such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, El Salvador, Cape Verde, Brazil, Peru, and more. Guests can enjoy cruises between 7- and 18-days.

Those wishing to sail to South America can do so with NCL aboard ships such as the Norwegian Sun and Norwegian Star.

#16 - Transatlantic Cruises

NCL pool

Transatlantic cruises offer a unique experience, in that they usually allow for more time at sea, which means more time to explore your cruise vessel. Along with making stops at wonderful destinations along the way. Guests who choose a Transatlantic cruise can experience multiple regions of the world with NCL.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers quite a few transatlantic voyages, about 30 different itineraries. These voyages take guests across the Atlantic Ocean on voyages from 9- to 19-days.

Along the way, passengers will visit destinations such as Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Cape Verde, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, and more.

Guests can sail across the sea on these itineraries from $370 USD per person to $2,700 USD per person (not including taxes and fees).

NCL ships that sail across the Atlantic include the Norwegian Star, Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Pearl, and the soon-to-be Norwegian Viva (making its debut in 2023).

#17 - Extraordinary Journey Cruises

NCL getaway

Are you looking to plan the trip of a lifetime? Want a vacation that can be described as extraordinary? Then one of NCL’s Extraordinary Journey cruise itineraries might be the perfect option for you.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers a unique type of itinerary to its guests, called Extraordinary Journeys. These cruises are typically longer in length, visit incredible places, and offer guests extended time ashore while stopped at ports around the world.

Guest who choose to sail on these types of itineraries with NCL will visit countries such as Canada, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain, India, Belgium, England, France, and more.

These sailings typically last between 7- to 21-days, and cost between $410 USD per person and $3,000 USD per person (taxes and fees not included).

Guests can experience NCL ships such as Norwegian Star, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Spirit, Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Jade, and Norwegian Encore while on these Extraordinary Journeys.


NCL prima oceanwalk

Cruising can be so much more than just sailing the Caribbean and Bahamas. Cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line can take passengers around the globe to experience not only tropical sunsets, but exotic horizons around the world.

Prospective guests are sure to find an itinerary to fit their needs and desires with NCL. Norwegian Cruise Line offers prospective guests an itinerary to fit nearly every budget and time frame.

When it comes to planning your next cruise vacation, Norwegian Cruise Line may be a great fit for you. This cruise line specializes in giving guests the freedom and flexibility to plan their ideal vacation, and their expansive itinerary list reflects just that.

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