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American Queen announces coronavirus health protocols

The American Queen Steamboat company has released its safety measures and guidelines aimed to keep guests and crew safe from the COVID-19 pandemic while onboard its ships.

These include new steps in pre-cruise screening, crew screening and boarding processes. Both onboard and ground operations will feature enhanced cleaning procedures.

While American Queen is not a major cruise line, its plan of action is an indication perhaps of what we can expect from other cruise line sas well.

Foreship launches initiative to keep coronavirus off cruise ships

Engineering and ship design firm Foreship announed "Project Hygiea" that iams to limit the presence and spread of coronavirus and other pathogens on cruise ships.

There are four steps to the program:

Stage 1 aims to keep the biohazard off the ship. Ports will be designed for efficient interception, with technology installed for testing and measuring body temperature, for example. In the event that a vaccine becomes widely available, passengers will be screened for vaccination before being allowed to board the vessel.

All About Cruise Future Cruise Credits

A future cruise credit is a credit offered to cruise guests in lieu of a refund.  This provides the guest with a monetary value that can be applied to a future sailing, and it has its own set of rules and important things to know.

How to get a Future Cruise Credit

You could get a FCC in a variety of ways, but most commonly it is issued when a sailing is cancelled, or when something goes wrong and the cruise line tries to make up for it.

US State Department to raise travel advisory level to highest, warning Americans not to travel internationally at all

The United States State Department is expected to raise its travel advisory to Level 4, which would be the highest level and a warning to all Americans to avoid all international travel.

The impetus for this change is the coronavirus pandemic, and multiple reports in the media indicate Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had approved a Level 4 advisory.

Cruise lines propose banning anyone over 70 years old due to Coronavirus

According to reports online, representatives of the cruise industry submitted a proposal to U.S. government officials that would prevent any passenger over the age of 70, or those with chronic medical conditions, from getting on a ship in order to limit the risk Coronavirus plays.

The proposal will be part of a meeting that cruise line officials will discuss during a meeting today at the White House.

Cruise lines allowing last-minute cruise cancellations due to spread of coronavirus

Many cruise lines are adding new cancellation policies that aim to ease the concern of cruisers that are worried about the spread of coronavirus.

The policies vary by cruise line, although most are adding a temporary option up to 48 hours before the sail date. 

Here is a look at each cruise line's policy:

Carnival Cruise Line

Guests booked on a sailing before May 31 can receive a future cruise credit for the amount of their cruise that needs to b e used by March 31, 20201.

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