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Take a look inside two cruise ship captains' living quarters


While you might be familiar with tiny crew cabins, have you ever seen what a cruise ship Captain's living quarters are like?

The Captain is the individual who oversees all onboard operations, ensuring that the ship is safely operating during each and every sailing, so it makes sense that they have more space. 

Instead of bunk beds and shared bathrooms, Captains tend to have multiple rooms just to themselves. Plus, they'll often connect directly to The Bridge, which is where the Captain and other officers navigate the ship. 


Two Captains took to social media to share their living quarters with the public. First, Captain Kate McCue posted a TikTok in August 2020 showing what her accommodations were like while she was the Captain of Celebrity Edge. 

Second, Captain Johnny Faevelen posted a video to his TikTok, showcasing what his living quarters were like while he was commanding Harmony of the Seas, one of the largest cruise ships in the world. 

Captains Kate McCue and Johnny Faevelen are two of the most well-known cruise ship Captains at sea


Captain McCue (above) made history in 2015 when she became the commanding officer of Celebrity Summit, as she was the first American woman who had been named Captain of a mega cruise ship. 

At the time, she was only 37 years old. Today, she's the Captain of Celebrity Beyond, the cruise line's second-newest ship behind Ascent. 

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captain Johnny

Moreover, Captain Faevelen (above) is an experienced Royal Caribbean Officer, with 45 years of international sailing experience. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he's been a Captain for various Royal Caribbean International ships over the past 26 years. Plus, he owns a parrott and motorcycle!

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Both living quarters have spacious foyers 


(Captain McCue's entryway and living room)

Foyers and cruise cabins usually don't go together; however, since the Captain lives in an apartment-like stateroom, it is fitting that they have somewhat of an entryway. 

When walking into Captain McCue's living quarters, you'll notice that there's more natural light. This is because the wall at the end is actually an infinite veranda. There's also a large bed for Bug Naked, an elf sphynx cat who lives with Captain McCue onboard. 


(Captain Faevelen's entryway and living room)

While Captain Faevelen may not have floor-to-ceiling windows (or a cat bed), there is a guest bathroom immediately to the left. His living space is more of an open concept, too, with a large dining table that can seat four. 

Captain McCue's galley is set to the side in a different room, and the majority of her living space is taken up by a large sectional. 


(Captain McCue's framed picture of Saint Nicholas)

In her living area, she also has a framed picture of Saint Nicholas because she's superstitious: "...there's somebody we never travel without; this is our patron saint of seafarers, Saint Nicholas."

A patron saint is a saint who protects and guides a person or place. No surprise that Saint Nicholas protects those at sea!

Each Captain has a dedicated master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom


(Captain McCue's master bedroom and ensuite bathroom)

While Captain McCue's bedroom feels rather standard for a cruise ship cabin, the bathroom is widely impressive. In addition to a standing shower, there's also a soaking tub and dual sinks. It also connects to both the master bedroom and entry hallway. 

In regards to the bedroom, it's outfitted with a king-sized bed, two nightstands, and a television. 


(Captain Faevelen's master bedroom and ensuite bathroom)

Captain Faevelen's primary bedroom setup is relatively similar. He, however, has a queen-sized bed instead of a king. 

Moreover, the bathroom has a tub and shower like Captain McCue's. Standard cruise ship bathrooms typically just have a standing shower, so this is a pretty big upgrade! 

Neither cabin has a full kitchen


(Captain McCue's galley [left] and Captain Faevelen's kitchen [right])

As mentioned earlier, Captain McCue's galley is situated off to the side, whereas Captain Faevelen's dining table is in the middle of his living space. 

Since both are living on a cruise ship, neither have access to a full kitchen inside of their living quarters. Captain Faevelen's kitchen, for instance, lacks an oven and range; however, it's equipped with a microwave, toaster oven, dishwasher, and fridge. 

Similarly, Captain McCue has a full-sized refrigerator that's stocked with water and cat food for Bug! She also showed the drawers where she keeps her snacks, including gummy bears and candy bars. 

The Captains can access The Bridge through the office that's connected to their living quarters


(Captain McCue's office [left] and Captain Faevelen's office [right])

I guarantee that if my fiancée had a commute time as short as Captain McCue's and Faevelen's, she wouldn't be as grouchy about gas! While Captains tend to have duties all over the ship, The Bridge, the navigational hub, can be reached by walking through their personal office. 

"We have a minimum of three very qualified and licensed officers manning the bridge at all times," said McCue. 

"Three different teams rotate every four hours on and eight hours off....[and] the teams are made up of an officer of the watch, assistant officer of the watch, and a quartermaster lookout."


Did you know that passengers can take a tour of The Bridge? Of course, you won't get to see the Captain's living quarters; however, you'll get to see, first-hand, what goes into commanding these marvels. These tours are not included in the cost of your cruise fare, either. 

I have seen them cost upwards of $115 on Royal Caribbean ships, whereas Carnival's website currently says that their tours start at $130 per person. If you're curious, it is best to log into your cruise line's portal as soon as you have booked your sailing. From there, you'll be able to see if it is offered or not and make your reservation! 

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