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TikToker snuck Chipotle onboard a 7-day Norwegian cruise


Could you go one week without eating your favorite meal on a cruise ship?

TikToker Dillion Wareham (@dillionwareham) couldn't go six days without his Chipotle fix while sailing onboard Norweigan Breakaway. On his account, he chronicled, throughout eight videos, his experience sneaking (and then eating) Chipotle while on the ship. 

The first part of his series shows him at Chipotle ordering eleven entrees, totaling $97.13. "Today is day 789 of eating Chipotle every single day, and as you can see, today is a big day," he says, "We are headed to go on a cruise, so I'm having to sneak ten bowls onto the cruise." 

Despite it being a 7-night cruise that visited Cozumel, Mexico; Roatán, Honduras; Harvest Caye, Belize; and Costa Maya, Mexico, he thought it was smart to bring extras "just in case."

In the final moments of the initial video, he claims that his Chipotle journey cannot stop, so if the bowls are confiscated, he's getting off. 

After ordering the bowls, he transferred them into meal prep containers


Before he left Chipotle, Wareham spent time prepping the Chiptole meals for their smuggling operation. He then showed how he dispersed the containers into three different bags, one of which he planned on carrying onboard with him. 

While some passengers might worry about whether their hidden alcohol bypassed security, Wareham was concerned that his bowls would be confiscated. 

However, after getting through security and making it to his balcony cabin, he proudly states, "I am so happy to announce that all ten Chipotle bowls have made it on the ship...Not only am I doing Chipotle in all 50 states, I guess now we're hitting some freaking countries."

Would you eat Chipotle in the middle of the ocean?


"Welcome to day 790 of eating Chipotle every single day," Wareham says at the beginning of the third video. He holds the prepped bowl in the air with a gloomy ocean visible in the background. 

While it might seem a bit odd to stay inside and eat your own food when there are so many options onboard, Wareham has a good reason for being so devoted to Chipotle. 

The company challenged him to eat Chipotle for 1,000 days in a row: "We will finish the thousand days on September 9, and I have no idea what's gonna happen," he explains, "I did ask for my dream car when they first challenged me. We got a, 'We'll see.'"

The fourth video begins with Wareham on his balcony while docked in Cozumel, Mexico


Chipotle doesn't have any locations in Mexico, Belize, or Honduras, so Wareham states that he believes he might be the first person to enjoy it in each. 

Unfortunately, one comment posted by @MichaelCharles72 contradicts this claim: "I lived in El Paso Texas. And crossed the border with a @Chipotle burrito. You'll be the second brother. 😎". Since Wareham is strictly eating bowls, however, he could still be the very first to have a Chipotle bowl while in Mexico (Does it count if he is on a ship, though?). 

At this point, the comments are pretty divided. Some praise his devotion and continue to tag Chipotle, whereas others say the fast-casual restaurant isn't that good. TikTok users even began questioning how he plans to keep the food from going bad. 

On day 792 of eating Chipotle, Wareham was docked in Roatán, Honduras


In the fifth video, Wareman addresses the claims of eating cold and spoiled Chipotle. 

There was a microwave that he was able to use, and he didn't shove all the bowls into his cabin's mini-fridge, as his parents were sailing with him in another stateroom.

When I visited Roatán last year, I was able to enjoy lunch at a local open-air restaurant on the water. Had I eaten a Chipotle bowl before getting off, I don't think I would have had the appetite to try some local cuisine, which is one of my favorite parts of traveling to new places. 


The next day, he woke up in Harvest Caye, Norwegian's private destination in Belize. The island was developed in partnership with the country's government, and local inhabitants both own the business and work onsite, contributing to the local economy. 

After consuming Chipotle consecutively for 501 days, he states that he had broken the unofficial world record for the longest streak of daily Chipotle. 

"With today, this will make four countries that I've eaten Chipotle in, including the U.S. Is that a work record in itself?" Wareham asks.  

While at sea on day 795, Wareham anticipated disembarking to get a fresh bowl


By the last day of the cruise, the leftovers just weren't doing it for him anymore, but can you blame him? On a ship with new dishes constantly being prepared, having to limit yourself to leftovers (even for a single meal) is a huge compromise and shows his dedication to setting this record. 

He also took a moment to address some comments he was receiving stating that the challenge really wasn't that hard: "I do encourage you to go on a 7-day cruise and sneak on bowls and eat them cold and leftover...Just saying, before you say something is not hard, I encourage you to do it for yourself because let me tell you." 

Wareman forgot to bring the iconic Chipotle forks with him


"I don't know what sort of magic Chiptole puts in their forks, but it makes Chipotle completely different. Having to eat Chipotle with a metal fork is very weird," he says. 

If you aren't familiar with Chiptole's iconic black forks, they're different from the average plastic ones that you can purchase at the grocery store, as they aren't overly glossy and are more durable. 

The series ends with Wareham at Chipotle ordering a fresh bowl 


He starts the final video by saying, "I don't think you know how excited I am for this fresh bowl with some fresh guac...I'm telling you, it's been a struggle."

While at the counter, he ordered a bowl with white rice, no beans, double chicken, half a scoop of mild, a bunch of cheese, a little bit of lettuce, and, of course, a side of guacamole. 

Many in the comments were relieved that he was no longer stuck to leftovers. oWishFuLo, for instance, wrote, "That freshness crunch gonna be elite." 

Cruise lines have a vast array of food to choose from, so you don't have to worry about going hungry if you are a selective eater

MSC buffet

From all-you-can-eat buffets to fast-casual bites by the pool, indulgent three-course meals in the Main Dining Room, and more, there's so much food included in the cost of your cruise fare. Unless you're in the midst of a time-consuming challenge like Wareham, you do not have to worry about packing food. 

Some passengers like to bring some snacks, such as granola bars or small bags of chips; however, I have found it to be a waste of space. I'd rather dedicate more space to toiletries and clothing, especially since I am usually bound to airline weight limits. 

If you're someone with particular tastes, let the Main Dining Room wait staff know on the first night of the cruise. That way, they'll be able to recommend dishes and alternatives that will please your taste buds. Those with certain dietary restrictions will have to let the cruise line know in advance. 

And don't worry— you can have your favorite meal as soon as you get home! Use your time onboard to try new cuisines and dishes. If you end up not liking something, you can simply order something else. 

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