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Carnival banned a cruise passenger who tried a hack to tamper with water bottles


Think again before you try to get away with refilling one of the water bottles in your stateroom's cabin with tap water to save a few dollars. 

The "hack" was originally shared to TikTok in July 2023 by CHRISSY 🆚 KRISSY (@krissy.kross). Since published, it's received 1.2 million views and over 14,000 likes. The comments, however, aren't praising the user for their resourcefulness. 

"Type of people that give carnival the ghetto name," wrote Colby, while GenXrovert said, "...That's messed up! Pay for your [stuff]. Now the next person has to pay for and drink tap water and you had your hands all over that. You nasty!"

Similarly, ITsTime commented, "You nasty and ratchet!" 


Though the user responded to comments claiming that the video was a joke, John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line's Brand Ambassador, took to Facebook to confirm that they're banned from sailing with them. 

"....the lady who was also on [TikTok] showing how to drink water from the bottles in the cabin without breaking the seal [has] been banned from cruising with us ever again," he says.

The original video was only 20 seconds long, and while it's evident that it was taken onboard a Carnival ship due to the logo on the water bottle's tag, @krissy.kross never shared the specific ship's name. 


In the video, the user removes one of the 1.5L bottles from the shelf, revealing that it costs $4.25 (Note that Carnival increased the price of water bottles in December 2023, as they're now priced at $4.50 each). Then, she shows an empty bottle before moving to the stateroom's bathroom and refilling it via the sink's tap. To seal it, she uses a small glue bottle and places a new tag from a fresh bottle over the top. 

Before opening any provided water bottles in your cabin, take a moment to inspect them to see if they've been tampered with. If you suspect foul play, alert your cabin steward. They'll be happy to bring you new bottles. 

While it's safe to drink tap water on a cruise ship, you shouldn't have to if you're expecting to enjoy bottled water that you are paying for! The water from the tap has been processed through an onboard filtration system to meet the safety standards of the U.S. Public Health Service and the World Health Organization, so it's safe to drink unless the crew has communicated otherwise. 

celebration interior

To avoid paying for bottled water, whether in the cabin or at a bar, many passengers opt to bring a refillable bottle onboard. Though you will have to remember to grab your bottle before leaving your stateroom, your future self will thank you, as you'll have complimentary water readily available in your cabin to quench any late-night thirsts. 

Moreover, if you have a drink package, bottled water is typically included. Notable exceptions include Royal Caribbean's Soda Package and Carnival's Bottomless Bubbles Package, which limit passengers to unlimited Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. 

In the same Facebook post, Heald states that another passenger was banned for smoking on their balcony


While reading through his comments, Heald wrote that he came across a comment from a user claiming that they've been on 30 cruises and always smoke on their balcony, tipping the cabin steward $50 for an ashtray and to presumably keep quiet about their activity.

Very few mainstream cruise lines permit smoking on their balcony. While Costa Cruises, another line owned by Carnival Corporation does, Carnival Cruise Line does not.  

"Anyone caught smoking on the balcony will face serious consequences," Heald says, "If we catch someone doing so or find ash or anything [smoking-related] on the balcony there will be a $500 fine and the serious possibility of not being allowed to cruise with us again."  


Carnival isn't the only line that will charge your onboard account if you're caught smoking outside the permitted areas. Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Celebrity Cruises, for instance, will charge passengers $250, while Virgin Voyages' policies state that those who violate the onboard smoking policy face being fined $500. 

Though smoking is banned on balconies, it's not prohibited onboard cruise ships. You must seek the designated smoking areas, which vary based on which cruise line and ship you're sailing on. Smoking areas onboard Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas will be different than those aboard Icon of the Seas. 

Moreover, though cigarettes, vapes, and cigars are allowed onboard, marijuana (in all forms) is banned. If you're caught trying to smuggle it on, you face being denied boarding or being kicked off the ship in port and responsible for all expenses incurred to return home. 


"And removing my Brand Ambassador hat for a moment," Heald continues, "and speaking as [a] sailor and a human [being, smoking] on your balcony is selfish, truly selfish. It is wrong and it is dangerous....And please, if anyone sees someone smoking on the balcony, call 7777 or 8000 immediately...Be a [tell-tale]...because it is the right [thing] to do to protect the ship from the dangers of fire that smoking on a balcony has caused in the past." 

He also displays a great deal of trust in Carnival's cabin stewards, stating he knows none of them would risk their job to assist passengers in breaking the cruise line's rules for just $50. "If they were caught, they would be going home, their job would be over," he writes.

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Comments praise Carnival Cruise Line for their decision to ban both passengers


Thank you Carnival for banning folks who seem to think the rules don't apply to them. John, don't ever feel guilty for taking a day off. In fact, I believe and really wish you would take the weekends off. You deserve it!" said Pam De Marco.

Connie Semmelroth added, "Thank you. I am appalled that grown up people would drink from water bottles (not breaking the seal) let alone put everyone on the ship at risk of fire just for a cancer stick!!"

"John you are 100 percent correct to ban these two," wrote Don Veale, "One putting others lives in danger for his selfishness. The other for being a thief. They both signed the contract agreeing to abide by the rules put forth by Carnival when they sail. They choose to violate that contract. Carnival has every right to enforce it. Well Done."

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