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Foreship launches initiative to keep coronavirus off cruise ships

Foreship proposes Project Hygiea to tackle spread of coronavirus

Engineering and ship design firm Foreship announed "Project Hygiea" that iams to limit the presence and spread of coronavirus and other pathogens on cruise ships.

There are four steps to the program:

Stage 1 aims to keep the biohazard off the ship. Ports will be designed for efficient interception, with technology installed for testing and measuring body temperature, for example. In the event that a vaccine becomes widely available, passengers will be screened for vaccination before being allowed to board the vessel.

Stage 2 is about preventing the virus from spreading, which means employing stringent hygiene measures and optimising spaces and routes to maintain a safe distance between individuals. Technology will be contactless and automated where possible to reduce transmission via surfaces. Crew will be trained in practices relating to sanitation and social distancing.

Stage 3 is a matter of isolating the pathogen through quarantining and decontamination to mitigate its impact. Technology such as air treatment systems and medical facilities will be provided to support these efforts.

Stage 4 focuses on preparation for the worst-case scenario: critical incidents on board. Evacuation procedures will be put in place, with routes through the ship designed for speedy extraction, while emergency suits, capsules and craft will be made available.