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CDC posts comments from the public on cruise ships restarting

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has already posted on its website over 3,000 comments from the public on what and how they think cruises should resume.

The CDC has been collecting feedback from the general public on concerns and viewpoints related to passenger cruise ships resuming operations.

After the CDC extended its "No Sail" order that prohibits cruise lines from operating cruises in North America, the CDC began asking for comments.

The No Sail order has been the primary roadblock for cruises to start sailing again from a legal standpoint.

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Lots of opinions on cruises

Over 3,000 comments have been posted to the CDC's website already, although not all comments have been published yet.

Anyone can view the comments on the CDC's website, and there are quite a lot differing opinions.

Double Standard

Many seem to feel the cruise lines have been treated unfairly by the CDC. Specifically, they have been singled out.

"I think it is crazy that cruise ships have not been allowed to resume operations for no good reason. The CDC has allowed theme parks to open which has more people attending thanks on a ship," writes Duane Gillette.

"I don't understand why you are making the Cruise industry go through hoops to cruise again when you never stopped any airline from flying," writes Mark Nemec.

"I have have hundreds of customers willing and able to cruise this year. Please be fair and stop hurting such a large part of the travel industry," writes Sally Killoran.


A vaccine is something that has been mentioned in some comments, with a few saying cruises should wait until a vaccine exists, while others calling for it to be part of the solution.

"Temperature testing before being allowed to check in. Proof of getting the vaccine when it is available," writes an anonymous commenter.

Arthur Lewis simply wrote, "Cruises should not be allowed to sail until an approved COVID-19 vaccine is available to the public."

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You can still submit your feedback

There is still time to send in your comments to the CDC. There is a due date of September 21, 2020 to send in comments, and repeat cruisers as well as travel advisors are encouraged to submit feedback especially.

You can see others comments, as well as submit your own, by visiting the Federal Register's E-Rulemaking Portal.

Be sure to use the Document ID to search for this page: CDC-2020-0087-0001.

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