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Norwegian Cruise Line announces new musical aboard Norwegian Prima

NCL Prima

Get ready to sing along to Donna Summer's all-time greatest hits on Norwegian Cruise Line's next new cruise ship.

Norwegian Cruise Line announced the new show will be titled ‘Summer: The Donna Summer Musical’, and will make its debut with Norwegian aboard the Norwegian Prima, which is currently scheduled to welcome aboard passengers on its first sailings next month, August 2022.

The show ‘Summer: The Donna Summer Musical’ is a Tony Award-nominated show that tells the story of Donna Summer’s accession to fame. The musical story covers Donna Summer’s life during some of the most pivotal times of her career, including: Diva Donna, Disco Donna, and Duckling Donna.

Norwegian Prima

“The legendary Donna Summer is an inspiration to many, and we cast performers who would honor her and match the same level of star power and talent. We continue to bring Broadway-level entertainment and world-class talent to our fleet, and we are excited for guests to be able to watch a musical they actually get to be part of. The new Prima Theater allows for a truly exciting show, and we know guests will find themselves enthralled with Donna Summer’s moving life story and timeless music,” stated Richard Ambrose, the Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Cruise Programs for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

The first individual who will be starring in the newest show aboard Norwegian Prima, will be Kimberley Locke. Locke is an ‘American Idol’ season two finalist. This show at sea will be the first of its kind for Kimberley Locke. Locke will be acting the role of Donna Summer, and will specifically act in the role of Diva Donna. “Fans will be able to see the same charisma that got Locke to the final three contestants of her season of ‘American Idol’ in this role. Locke is also well known for her work on television and Broadway, where she most recently performed in Kristin Chenoweth’s one-women show, ‘For The Girls’,” stated Norwegian Cruise Line about the announcement. “It is an incredible honor to play Donna Summer along a very talented cast in this highly-rated musical,” said Locke.

NCL Prima top deck concept art

“Donna Summer’s inspirational story and pioneering talent led the way for so many of today’s brightest vocalists. She has left an immeasurable impact on music and culture, and I am excited to bring her story to guests around the world aboard the beautiful Norwegian Prima,” stated Kimberley Locke.

The next individual announced is Valerie Curlingford who will act in the role of Disco Donna. Curlingford is “an extraordinary talent from the Netherlands” states Norwegian Cruise Line. Curlingford will play Disco Donna, when Donna Summer is in her late teens and early twenties.

Duckling Donna will be played by D’Nasya Jordan, who starred as Little Inez in ‘Hairspray’. The character of Duckling Donna shows Donna Summer as she grows up in Boston Massachusetts in the 1960s.

The newest show aboard Norwegian Prima will feature more than 20 of Donna Summers hits, including “Bad Girls”, “Last Dance”, and “Hot Stuff”. It is Norwegian Cruise Line’s hope that the show will provide viewers and guests with a more complete understanding and appreciation for the inspiration behind Donna Summer’s most popular songs.

Norwegian Prima

The musical is set to last 85 minutes and will be the first of its kind at sea, as the Prima Theater will itself transform into a full disco setting. This will allow guests to participate in the show as they dance along to Summer’s greatest hits.

‘Summer: The Donna Summer Musical’ will be just one of the shows featured onboard the Norwegian Prima, taking place in the Prima Theater. Also set to show onboard, will be ‘Noise Boys!’, an original and award-winning beat boxing show produced by Nic Doodson. Doodson is also the creator of ‘Choir of Man’, which is Norwegian Cruise Line’s top-rated entertainment show currently being performed aboard Norwegian Encore and Norwegian Escape.

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