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Live From Celebrity Millennium: Disembarkation Day, Lessons Learned and a Fond Farewell

I'm sad to report that it's now the eighth day, disembarkation day, which means I'm no longer onboard Celebrity Millennium.


Celebrity Millennium funnel at night

Live From Celebrity Millennium: A Great Group of People

Today, day seven, is our last day onboard. It's a sea day, and that presents an opportunity to share a bit about the people with whom I'm sailing. How seasoned are the crew? What was the service like? Are the passengers avid cruisers, and why did they choose this sailing?

Live From Celebrity Millennium: A Third-Party Excursion and a Night in Quarantine

Day six has been eventful. We spent it in Curacao, and because it's one of the ports that's allowing passengers to wander around on their own, I booked an independent, third-party shore excursion.

Now, back on the ship, I'm in quarantine (but more about that in a minute).

Live From Celebrity Millennium: Exploring on My Own in Port

If you are looking for the live blog for the positive Covid tests, read about my experience here.

I've just finished my fifth day, and I'm happily exhausted. I know vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but I've been busy trying to take in everything I've missed about cruising.

Live From Celebrity Millennium: Squeaky Clean

Day four was another sea day, with activities like educational talks, gameshows, dance classes and rooftop movies. Although the scheduled diversions are fun, you already know what those are like, so I figured that, today, I'd cover something that's on most cruisers' minds these days: cleaning procedures and social distancing.

Live From Celebrity Millennium: Ship-Sponsored Excursions

Day three has come and gone with the excitement holding steady. It was our first port day, and we called on Barbados, which is the strictest of the three stops we'll be making on this itinerary.

While the other two -- Aruba and Curacao -- are allowing passengers to make their own plans in port, Barbados required all cruisers who wished to go ashore to do so via a tour purchased through the cruise ship.

Live From Celebrity Millennium: The Buffet Is Better; The Wi-Fi Is Not

It's day two onboard Celebrity Millennium, and the good mood continues. As I mentioned yesterday, today was a sea day, and the schedule was packed with live music, health and port seminars, an art auction and tons of trivia.

Celebrity Millennium funnel

Live From Celebrity Millennium: Onboard and Unmasked

It's almost 7 p.m. in St. Maarten, and during my first three hours onboard Celebrity Millennium, the atmosphere has been one of sheer jubilation. Crew have enthusiastically welcomed back passengers, and every cruiser seems to be in genuine awe of the fact that they're onboard again for the first time in more than a year.

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