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Do Cruise Ships Have Jails?

Jail cell (source: Ichigo121212, Pixabay)

Cruises are like floating cities. They've got their own housing, entertainment, stores, restaurants, spas and swimming pools, among other amenities that allow them to sustain life at sea. So, it's only logical that you might be wondering if cruise ships have brigs.

The answer is yes, they do. "But wait," you're thinking. "What is a bring on a cruise ship?"

A brig is the name for a jail on a vessel. They usually consist of just one small room (with a bed and a toilet) that can be locked from the outside to prevent an unruly passenger from escaping in the event that he or she is too intoxicated or dangerous to be out and about.

Although brigs are standard on cruise ships, we're told that they're rarely used. Instead, passengers are often confined to their rooms, with a security guard posted just outside the door.

Padlock on a chainlink fence at a jail (source: jodyleigh, Pixabay)

This method can be employed in many instances, whether a passenger needs to sleep off a night of drinking, recover from a contagious illness like norovirus or is awaiting disembarkation for a serious infraction when the ship reaches its next port.

But, again, you might be thinking "Hold on a second. Can you get kicked off a cruise ship?"

The answer to this one is also yes.

If you're wondering how to get kicked off a cruise ship, we've compiled a list. Beware: Some of these could cause you to face criminal prosecution in addition to having your vacation cut short:

  • Sneaking illegal drugs onboard
  • Buying alcohol for a minor
  • Becoming seriously ill
  • Fighting with other passengers or crew members
  • Skipping the muster drill