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Cruise luggage tag holders for every cruise line


Those preparing for an upcoming cruise shouldn't forget to buy one pre-cruise essential: luggage tag holders. 

When you arrive at the port, having secure holders for your luggage tags will ensure that they don't accidentally get torn off when being transported onboard. Plus, it'll streamline your embarkation process, as you won't have to spend time providing your cabin number to a porter for a handwritten tag. 

Luggage tags vary in design, though. For example, Royal Caribbean's tags are typically narrower, while Carnival's are wider. You don't want to purchase luggage tag holders that won't fit the tags of your respective line!

Below are cruise luggage tag holders for every cruise line. 

Please note that we have linked Amazon items in this article. The affiliate link costs you nothing extra, but Cruise.Blog will make a small commission if you purchase the item through the link.

What are cruise luggage tags?


When you go to check your suitcase at the airport, you must affix a bag tag before you're able to formally check it in. The tag helps airline staff track and manage your luggage while you're traveling, ensuring that it arrives at the appropriate baggage claim. 

Cruise lines follow a similar process. Before entering the terminal, you'll drop off your larger bags with a porter. The luggage tags will make sure that your suitcase(s) are delivered to the correct stateroom. You don't want to spend the first evening trying to locate a misplaced bag! 

Once you've completed the online check-in process, you're able to print off the luggage tags for your sailing. The tags contain information such as your stateroom, name, cruise details, and any loyalty status you may hold with the cruise line. Some lines, such as Disney and Virgin, don't allow you to print them. 


If you're sailing with Disney, you can expect them to arrive via the mail, while those cruising with Virgin won't need them at all. 

While luggage tag holders certainly aren't a requirement for any sailing (they'll still let you on without them!), they're great for ensuring that your tags stay secure throughout the physical check-in process, as once you hand your bags over to the porter, you won't see them again until they're outside of your stateroom. 

Additionally, if you happen to forget to print them in advance, luggage tags will be available at the terminal; however, it will delay your embarkation process. 

Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises

Luggage tags

Cruise On offers a pack of four luggage tags on Amazon for those sailing on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. The tags, which are priced at $12.99, are highly recommended by customers, with an overall rating of 4.8/5. 

There are no restrictions as to which ships these tags will work for. You can use them for sailings on vessels as new as Icon of the Seas and Celebrity Ascent to those as old as Vision of the Seas and Celebrity Summit. 

Plus, they're easy to assemble with a simple stainless steel metal ring that simply slides through the eyelet of the plastic holder, which allows you to easily secure it to your suitcase.

Carnival Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Holland America Line


Carnival Corporation provides guests with wider tags. If you purchase holders meant for a Royal Caribbean or Celebrity cruise, you'll discover that they're too narrow and, therefore, unable to be used. 

For just $7.99, you can purchase a 4-pack of luggage tags, as well as two cruise card lanyards, for your upcoming Carnival, Princess, or Holland America sailing from the Highwind Store. 

With over 21,000 five-star reviews, you can't go wrong with these tags for your next cruise. Plus, since they're wider, they can technically be used for Royal Caribbean and Celebrity voyages, too, so you don't have to worry about purchasing additional tags in the future. 

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Disney Cruise Line


Disney Cruise Line, as expected, has a slightly different system in place for their luggage tags. Rather than requiring passengers to print them out, they're mailed directly to you. 

Once you receive them, you can place them in your handy luggage tag holders, which can be purchased from Amazon for $12.99. Since they're sold by Cruise On, they're pretty similar to those for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruises; however, they are longer to accommodate the length of Disney's tags. 

Natasha Shead left a review going so far as calling these a "must-have" for Disney cruisers. "First and foremost," she wrote, "the tags are specifically designed for all Disney Cruise Line ships, including the Dream, Fantasy, and Magic."

"This means you can trust that they will fit perfectly and securely onto your luggage, ensuring that your bags are easily identifiable throughout your journey. The pack includes four tags, providing more than enough for your entire party or for multiple cruises. Each tag features iconic Disney imagery and logos, instantly evoking the spirit of adventure and fun that awaits onboard"

Norwegian Cruise Line


Norwegian Cruise Line is known for its "Freestyle Cruising" approach. Rather than having to worry about set dining times or strict dress codes, you can simply show up to one of the main dining rooms whenever hunger strikes. In other words, you aren't bound to a specific time or location. 

Those who have a cruise planned with Norwegian will want to purchase these luggage tag holders from Amazon for $12.99. They're specifically designed to fit printed NCL tags, so you won't have to worry about trying to squeeze it into a holder that's too small. 

Over 2,000 tags have been purchased within the last month, and with a 4.7/5 star overall rating, you're sure to keep your tags safe and secure. 

MSC Cruises


MSC Cruises is a European cruise line that's recently begun to increase its presence in North America. Whether you're looking for a short Bahamian getaway that visits their private island or a port-intensive European or Asian cruise, there's the perfect MSC itinerary for you. 

Like Carnival, MSC's luggage tags are wider than those provided by Royal Caribbean or Disney, so it's important you purchase the right size holders. 

Regardless of where your cruise is taking you, all MSC luggage tags are the same, so this pack of four from Amazon will meet your needs! They only cost $12.99, too, so it won't cost a fortune to purchase enough tags for everyone you're sailing with. 

Virgin Voyages

Scarlet Lady

If you're sailing on Virgin Voyages, there's no need to worry about luggage tags. In fact, they don't even provide you with a boarding pass! You'll take care of everything upon arriving at the port on embarkation day. 

There have even been instances when cruisers have been able to carry their luggage onboard with them, rather than having to check the bag with a porter. Of course, this is still an option, but they'll take care of the luggage tag for you at the port. 

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