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Passenger criticized on TikTok for making a bed on cruise ship balcony


Though it's not uncommon for cruise passengers to spend time on their private balconies, it's rare to see guests drag bedding outside. However, TikTok user @naomijaneadams did just that on her recent sailing to Antarctica with Albatros Expeditions. 

In a video shared in June, Adams is seen lounging on her verandah lying on a plush comforter with the text, "Is somebody gonna match my freak (travel to Antarctica and set up my bed on the ship balcony so I don't miss any whales penguins & seals)." 

Since being posted, the video has garnered over 2.3 million views, 190k likes, 7,800 saves, and 2,000 comments, many of which accused Adams of exaggerating the situation for the sake of garnering views, especially since she was in shorts sailing past icebergs. 

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"100% went back inside after pretending to do that for the content," stated one of the top comments. 

Arima wrote, "I wonder how housekeeping allowed this. Like I have kids and worried for safety reasons lol."

"It's the forced poses that [make] this so laughable 😂," said Buff Bun

tycia remarked, "I can't believe you did all of this to get 500 likes 😭."

"Dumbest thing I've seen on this app today... congrats," added 🍓. 

Rookery of Gentoo penguins

However, many TikTok users came to her aid, stating that she should be allowed to enjoy her once-in-a-lifetime trip any way she chooses. 

"As someone who worked on a cruise ship and had to flip rooms and make beds, this is awesome. These comments are meh. Live your life. We got paid enough with your tips," shared toridemarie.

Shelley said, "Some people will never understand the art of 'posing' to capture the moment, they only see the snapshot. Like do you realize I spent a few minutes for the pic/video and HOURS off my phone? 😂" 

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Spert Island Antarctica landscape

Some even expressed interest in doing it themselves! DGross, for instance, shared, "I would so do this." Similarly, dani♡ said they'd love to read a book there. 

Adams specified that she didn't move the mattress, just the sheets

RCL_AllureBalcony - 1

Earlier this year, a post shared to the Facebook group Royal Caribbean Cruises documented a couple, presumably on Allure of the Seas, on their cabin's mattress relaxing on their balcony. The original poster wrote, “Omg really? Wondering if this guy got in trouble? Allure of the Seas looking from Anthem on 3/13 docked @ Coco Cay.” 

As expected, the idea garnered mixed reactions. Some thought the idea was smart, whereas others found it dirty. While cabin stewards change the bedding on turnaround day, they don't replace the mattress. The passengers sailing in the cabin after the pair who dragged the mattress onto the balcony slept on the same mattress that got fresh Bahamian air. 

"I don't want to sleep on a mattress that someone else placed on the balcony. But you don't care," one user wrote on Royal Caribbean Blog, "Grow up and learn that what you do impacts others. Is it OK for me to defecate in your nightstand because it's not as far away as the bathroom?"

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Moving mattresses to the balcony isn't a new concept


While you won't see rows of mattresses on the neighboring ship in port, moving them onto verandahs is something cruisers have been doing for a while. In March 2023, Sarah Goodwin (@sarahgthatsme) shared a TikTok showing her moving the stateroom's mattress to her balcony. Since being posted, it's amassed over 130,000 likes and 1.9 million views. 

Goodwin has received her fair share of criticism; however, she defends her choice, stating that she did not sleep outside. Instead, she moved the mattress to the balcony for "an afternoon read." She came back inside after about an hour. 

Similarly, @numberonecrush88 took to Reddit to share how they discovered that a twin-sized mattress fits perfectly on the balcony of Carnival Breeze.

(Photo originally shared on @numberonecrush88's Reddit)

"We were very careful to not damage or dirty anything, and we put everything back where it found it after enjoying some wine and a cheese plate on the balcony," they said.

Those staying in inside or ocean-view rooms will have to keep their mattress on the bedframe, limiting enjoying outdoor snacks to the lido deck

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Would you bring an inflatable pool to use on your balcony instead of the cabin's mattress?

(Photo originally shared on Alex Roberson's Facebook page)

Alex Roberson, a self-proclaimed "lover of all things cruising," shared an image on Facebook that showed a balcony consumed by an inflatable pool. Though Roberson said it wasn't a good idea, many responded by praising the creativity of the concept. 

"Genius idea for a [playpen], sleeping, plus, they have their own [lifeboat]. Hope they brought paddles," wrote Mary Charlotte Small

Melissa Rockefeller said, "This was probably used as a bed or [playpen] for a baby or toddler… then put on the balcony during the day to save room. Probably easier to carry around in luggage when deflated, than a pack and play." 

Crystal Smith remarked that it could have been for children who aren't potty trained, as they are prohibited from using the public pools. 


Of course, some questioned how they'd fill and empty the pool—if that was their intention. 

"The real question is how did they fill it and how long did it take? 😂 Asking for a friend…," asked David Slavin.

"My first clue is, how are they going to fill it up with water with one cup at a time? I’ll take them all week just to fill up before the trips over," wrote Shaggy Olsen

"I have actually done this! But we did have a drain on our balcony. We had to fill it up with buckets that took forever!. The kids loved it. For a few days," said Stacey O'flynn, "Then we needed to empty it. So we slowly let the water out. But [of course] we ended up flooding [the] 5th floor balcony because and I quote (the drains weren't designed for that). The drains were leaky." 

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