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Photo of a cruise ship passenger putting a mattress on their balcony is either genius or dumb


For most, cruise ship mattresses are simply a place to rest each evening after a fun day onboard or ashore. Others, however, see it as a multi-purpose piece of furniture, as revealed by a recent social media post. 

The picture, which was originally shared to a Facebook group called Royal Caribbean Cruises, depicts two Royal Caribbean passengers lounging on a mattress that they brought out to their balcony. Notably absent is the standard balcony furniture, which consists of two chairs and a small table.  

Supposedly, this photo was taken in March from Anthem of the Seas while docked in Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean's world-class private island in The Bahamas. The passengers were allegedly cruising on Allure of the Seas, a 225,282 gross registered ton vessel that's part of Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class. 

RCL_AllureBalcony - 1

The offenders are on an oceanview balcony, as those staying in rooms overlooking the Boardwalk or Central Park would not be visible from other ships. Additionally, since these rooms face each other, there's a lack of privacy at all times, even when at sea. 

The original poster captioned the post, "Omg really? Wondering if this guy got in trouble? Allure of the Seas looking from Anthem on 3/13 docked @ Coco Cay." 

After being shared on the internet, the idea has garnered mixed reactions. Some thought the idea was genius, whereas others found it to be dirty. 

"Complete disrespect of property that is not theirs. It's not patio furniture!!!"


In addition to comments about the cleanliness of moving the mattress to the balcony, many said that it was disrespectful. Thomas Nile, for instance, wrote on Royal Caribbean Blog that it was disrespectful to the cruise line's property, whereas GBA thought it was disrespectful to future cruisers: 

"I don't want to sleep on a mattress that someone else placed on the balcony. But you don't care," they said, "Grow up and learn that what you do impacts others. Is it OK for me to defecate in your nightstand because it's not as far away as the bathroom?"

Lexster went as far as hoping that they're never in a cabin where previous sailors had dragged the mattresses outside. 

At the time of writing, there aren't any implicit rules regarding this behavior. There are no rules as to how guests may choose to use their cabin furniture. This trend, however, could prompt Royal Caribbean, along with other cruise lines, to implement new policies prohibiting moving indoor furniture outside. 

"Looks fun to me"


Though the post has its fair share of criticism, there are plenty of comments in support of it. K Fabrice Arceneaux said that while they wouldn't want to sleep outside, they would consider reading or napping on the balcony during the day. Additionally, rather than using the ship's mattress, they'd bring an inflatable mattress. 

Others had similar options, with Vicky Smith Wilderman claiming that while they wouldn't go through the trouble of relocating their mattress, they see nothing wrong with taking air mattresses outside. "Actually," she said, "I think that sounds like a great idea." 

S Ramesh wrote, "Life is short, enjoy it, moving a mattress on the balcony is a fun way to...feel free and have an experience you otherwise won't get a chance to experience."

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Others have taken to social media in the past to share this idea


In September 2023, Sarah Goodwin (@sarahgthatsme) shared a TikTok that showed her moving the stateroom's mattress to her balcony. Since being posted, it's amassed over 102,000 likes and 1.6 million views. It, too, received comments both in support and against the idea. 

However, compared to the replies on Royal Caribbean Blog, many more users seem to think it's a smart concept. Juli-ann 🎧 said that she would definitely try this, while 🌸 wrote that it looks like it's so much fun. 

Though there's tons of support for the idea, a lot of users claim that they'd only do it during the day, citing concerns about random rain showers during the night and lack of privacy. 

"[It's a good idea until] you wake up in the morning and another ship is parked alongside & all are watching you.....," said SarcasticSagitarious. Goodwin replied, "Hahahaha this is only for an afternoon [and] not [an] all night kind of thing 😅😂."

Photo above attributed to @numberonecrush88 on Reddit

Similarly, @numberonecrush88 posted on Reddit that twin-sized mattresses fit perfectly on Carnival Cruise Line balconies. 

The passenger can be seen enjoying some drinks and snacks while resting on the mattress that they transferred from the cabin to the balcony. A later comment by the original poster clarifies that they were sailing onboard Carnival Breeze and staying in a cove balcony. 

"We were very careful to not damage or dirty anything, and we put everything back where it found it after enjoying some wine and a cheese plate on the balcony," they said. 

While moving an entire mattress can be difficult, Reddit user @Lord-Velvetta suggested moving the couch topper:

"The couch topper (also a twin mattress) also fits a balcony perfectly on NCL Breakaway/Getaway. Great place to sleep away a nasty hangover in the sun... (don't ask how I know that... lol!)"

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If you don't have a balcony, don't worry— there are plenty of comfortable spaces to relax onboard


Balcony cabins tend to be more expensive than interior and oceanview staterooms. If you're cruising on a budget or would rather allocate that money for add-ons, you can rest assured knowing that you'll have access to seating with amazing ocean views. 

From Carnival's comfortable clamshell beds in the adult-only Serenity area to Celebrity's plush loungers, these options, albeit not as private as a verandah, will ensure that everyone can enjoy breathtaking scenery without the premium price tag of balcony cabins. 

Even when I've stayed in the cheapest cabin on the ship, I've been able to find somewhere onboard, whether it's on the lido deck or tucked away in an empty lounge, to pass the time and take in the feeling of sailing on the open ocean. 

Would you be willing to move your mattress on your balcony for a relaxing and comfortable afternoon at sea? Let us know in the comments!

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