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Norwegian Cruise Line suites: What's included & is it worth it?

NCL Suite Split Hero

Norwegian Cruise Line suites are unlike standard hotel suites in that they tend to come with quite a few perks that are meant to help elevate your cruising experience. Not only are these cabins more spacious than your standard staterooms, but the upgraded amenities and additional space help to make your cruise more luxurious.  

Depending on what ship you are sailing on, you can expect suites to come in a few different sizes and layouts. If you want the best of the best, you'll want to narrow your search to the cruise line's newest ships. 

Since they are so limited, suites tend to be the first cabin category to sell out on any given sailing. Sometimes, there's only one or two of each specific suite available. On Norwegian Prima, for instance, there are only four Deluxe Owner's Suites located inside of The Haven. If you are considering a balcony room, you'll have much more availability. 

If you think that you want to book a suite on your next Norwegian cruise, here's what's included to help you determine whether or not it is worth the splurge. 

The Haven


The Haven is Norwegian Cruise Line's "ship-within-a-ship" concept that offered unparalleled accommodations and experiences, such as private access to suite-only spaces. If you want to lounge on a private sun deck or enjoy a more intimate dining room, The Haven might be calling your name. 

All Haven Suites come with butler and concierge service to help assist guests in their every need and desire while enjoying their vacation. 

In addition to being the most luxurious staterooms onboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships, guests staying in The Haven have access to exclusive areas and sections of Norwegian ships, such as The Haven Lounge, The Haven Restaurant (complimentary to all guests of The Haven), and The Haven Courtyard and Sundeck. 

Of course, you get so many more amenities that you would not get if you were to stay in a standard cabin:

NCL garden villa
  • Distinctive Haven Keycard
  • Personal escort on and off the ship at the pier and at ports-of-call
  • Concierge Service to help you book dining, entertainment, shore excursions, and more
  • 24-hour trained and certified Butler Service
  • Haven umbrella, available for use onboard & ashore
  • Exclusive access to The Haven with private pool, sundeck, and hot tubs
  • Haven attendants to take care of all your cold towels, fresh fruit, and sun deck refreshment needs (available on sea days from 12pm to 4pm).
  • Complimentary in-suite movies
  • Mobile phone that can be used throughout the ship
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner in The Haven Restaurant or designated specialty restaurant (dinner service not available on Jewel Class ships)
  • Priority when reserving restaurants and entertainment
  • Cocktail party with ship's officers
  • Specialty dining delivered to your suite from any restaurant (cover charges apply)
  • 24-hour suite room service menu
  • Continental breakfast menu
  • Nespresso Coffeemaker and Tea Forte tea bags
  • Treats delivered right to your door each night
  • Fruit bowl replenished upon request

If you are staying in an Owner's Suite or Garden Villa, you'll get a few extra perks, too:

NCL Escape Haven
  • 1 bottle of Moet Champagne upon embarkation
  • Custom selection of liquor (1 bottle for cruises less than 7 days; 3 bottles for cruises 7 days or longer) upon embarkation
  • 2 bottles of spring water replenished daily
  • 2 bottles of sparkling water replenished daily
  • 6 canned sodas replenished daily
  • 1 complimentary laundry pressing

Those in all other suites can expect to get only one bottle of sparkling wine and spring water upon embarkation, rather than the above benefits. 

The Haven Premier Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony


One of the most luxurious Haven suites onboard Norwegian Cruise Line ships feature three bedrooms, a living room area, three bathrooms with jetted showers, and an outdoor private hot tub on the large balcony. 

The three bedrooms all have king-sized beds and one additional sofa bed located in the living room. This stateroom category is able to accommodate eight passengers, or the most amount of guests out of any of The Haven suites. Plus, they measure about 2,100 square feet in size, with a balcony coming in at just about 830 square feet. 

In terms of location, you'll find them on Deck 14 in the aft of the ship.  

You'll find the Premier Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony onboard Norwegian Prima and Norwegian Viva. 

The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa

Gem Three Bedroom

If space is what you're looking for, then space is what you'll get with The Haven 3-Bedroom Garden Villa. These cabins measure up to a whopping 6,694 square feet. The exact measures do depend on what ship you're sailing on. 

For instance, the 3-Bedroom Garden Villa onboard Norwegian Pearl is 4,252 square feet with a 1,675 square foot balcony, while the Villa onboard Norwegian Star measures 6,694 square feet with a 4,455 square foot balcony. 

Regardless of which ship you book, you'll get a spacious living room, panoramic wall of windows, a balcony with a hot tub and al fresco dining area, plus three-and-a-half baths! 

These can be found onboard Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Dawn, Norwegian Star, and Norwegian Jewel.

The Haven Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony

the haven

With a Deluxe Owner's Suite with Large Balcony, you'll get floor-to-ceiling windows, as well as either one or two bedrooms to spread out in, a luxury bathroom, and a separate living and dining room. These rooms can sleep up to six guests (or four depending on the ship) and measure anywhere from 1749 square feet onboard Norwegian Viva to 1,197 square feet onboard Norwegian Pearl. 

You can book a Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony onboard Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Prima, Norwegian Viva, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Pearl, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Jade.

The Haven Aft-Facing Owner’s Suite with Master Bedroom & Large Balcony

the haven

Found only onboard Norwegian's Prima Class, these large Owner’s Suites feature a stylish master bedroom with a king-sized bed, as well as a double sofa bed in order to accommodate up to 4 guests per cabin. Plus, the bathroom is outfitted with a luxury jetted shower and spacious double vanity. 

Outside, you will get jaw-dropping views from your aft-facing balcony. Here, you can watch the ship's wake while soaking in your personal hot tub, lounge on one of the plush outdoor chairs, or even enjoy a meal al fresco at your own dining table. 

Note that suites on Deck 10 (10352 and 10952) don't have an outdoor hot tub. 

The Haven Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony


While only Norwegian Prima and Viva have the Aft-Facing Owner’s Suite with Master Bedroom & Large Balcony, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, and Norwegian Pearl have The Haven Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony.

With this suite, you'll get floor-to-ceiling windows and a private balcony. Plus, there's a separate bedroom with a luxury bath, as well as a living and dining area that can accommodate up to four guests. 

The Owner’s Suite onboard Norwegian Jewel and Pearl measure 791 square feet with a 248 square foot balcony.

The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Large Balcony

Haven 2 Bed

Families sailing onboard Norwegian Viva, Prima, and Encore will love being able to spread out in the 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Large Balcony. These cabins measure anywhere from 606 to 658 square feet in size and have an expansive balcony that's anywhere from 138 to 190 square feet.

These Villas can accommodate up to six passengers and feature two bedrooms, one with a king-size bed and another with a queen-size bed. There's also a double sofa bed, two bathrooms with jetted showers, and a large balcony.

The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony

NCL Gem 2-Bedroom

The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony is available onboard Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Encore, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Pearl.

The primary difference between this cabin and those onboard Prima Class ships is that the balcony is much smaller. Onboard Norwegian Gem, for instance, the balcony only measures 85 square feet. The balcony is even smaller onboard Norwegian Getaway, coming it at just 39 to 50 square feet. 

The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with Large Balcony


These aft-facing Haven suites offer stunning ocean views from the back of the ship, allowing guests to take in gorgeous sunsets from the comfort and privacy of their very own luxury suite that measures 830 square feet. 

These rooms come complete with a king-sized bed and luxury bath with jetted shower. Note that they're only able to accommodate up to 2 guests.

These suites are only found onboard Norwegian Prima, Encore, and Viva. 

The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with Master Bedroom and Balcony

Encore Aft Room

If you want an Aft-Facing Penthouse with availability for up to four guests, you should consider booking a ship with The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with Master Bedroom & Balcony. Note that some of these rooms are advertised as The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with Master Bedroom and Large Balcony. 

These can be found onboard Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Viva, and Norwegian Prima.

These rooms feature a separate bedroom area with a king-sized bed and a living room area with a double sofa bed. Sizing varies based on the ship. onboard Norwegian Prima, for instance, they range from 496 to 599 square feet, while those onboard Norwegian Getaway measure 789 to 824 square feet.

Because these rooms have a wake view, they are located at the very back (or aft) of the ship, meaning that they are not ideal for those who want to be centrally located. 

The Haven Aft-Facing Penthouse with Balcony


The smallest of the Aft-Facing Penthouses are those without a separate bedroom or large balcony. Onboard Norwegian Encore, for instance, these rooms come in at just 319 square feet. Of course, this is still larger than a standard balcony!

Depending on what ship you are on, the rooms can hold 2 to 4 people. Plus, some even connect to standard aft-balconies to make the space even larger!

Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Epic, and Norwegian Encore. 

The Haven Spa Suite with Balcony 

haven spa

The Haven Spa Suites are decorated with relaxing, spa-themed decor, and furnishings. Within each room, you'll find amenities such as hot tubs, king-sized beds, and complimentary access to the onboard Thermal Suite 

Additionally, these Spa Suites are located close to the Mandara Spa, meaning you are never far from being pampered, if you so choose to splurge on a spa treatment or two. 

These rooms are usually capable of accommodating up to 2 people and typically measure from 430 to 433 square feet. Some, however, like those onboard Norwegian Epic are smaller, coming in at 339 to 343 square feet. 

These can be found on the following Norwegian Cruise Line vessels: Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Epic. 

The Haven Forward-Facing Penthouse with Balcony

Forward Haven

Would you rather be located at the front of the ship? Then you will want to avoid the aft-facing suites and look for those that are forward-facing. 

With these rooms, you will have a king-sized bed and either a double or single soda bed to accommodate up to four guests. You'll also have a separate living and dining area. In the bedroom, there's a window that overlooks the front of the ship, while the balcony is situated on the side. 

Some -- like those onboard Norwegian Encore -- are able to connect to standard balconies, giving you even more space! 

The Haven Forward-Facing Penthouse with Balcony are onboard Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Breakaway.

The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony

Encore Haven

These will either be listed as The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony or The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Large Balcony, with the primary difference of the latter being that they have larger outdoor terraces for you  to enjoy. 

Onboard Norwegian Encore, for instance, the large balcony is listed as being anywhere from 104 to 146 square feet, while the balcony for the standard Courtyard Penthouse is 43 to 54 square feet. 

The majority of these rooms are able to accommodate three guests in a king-size bed and single sofa bed. You'll have a luxury bathroom, too, that features a tub. 

Plus, some -- like those onboard Norwegian Gem -- have a separate living and dining room area. In short, there are a lot of different configurations for these suites, so it is important to look at the floor plan on your specific ship prior to booking. 

The Haven Courtyard Penthouse with Balcony is found onboard Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Epic, Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jade, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Pearl.

The Haven Penthouse with Balcony

Prima Suite

Onboard Norwegian Prima and Viva, the lowest tiered suite within The Haven is The Haven Penthouse with Balcony. These rooms can be found aft and midship on Decks 12, 13, 14, and 15. Most rooms are equipped for only two guests; however, some have bedding to fit one more passenger. 

In addition to more living space and Haven amenities, the stateroom also features a luxury bathroom with jetted shower and sitting area. 

The Haven Penthouse with Balcony can vary from 368 to 418 square feet, with a balcony anywhere from 84 ro 134 square feet.

Club Balcony Suites

Club Balcony

Club Balcony Suites were previously called Mini-Suites. Within these rooms, you will find comfortable sitting areas and plenty of storage. Plus, they come with some perks that are not accessible to those in standard cabins, such as the option to pre-book entertainment and dining, complimentary treats delivered to your cabin, as well as a bottle of sparkling wine and the choice of one valet laundry or pressing service. 

Note that not all Club Balcony categories are available on every ship within Norwegian's fleet. 

Forward-Facing Club Balcony Suite with Balcony 

These forward-facing rooms offer guests staying in these stateroom spectacular views from their large private balcony. 

These rooms come complete with two lower beds that convert to a queen sized-bed, and some rooms have a single or double sofa bed. These rooms are able to host up to 4 guests and measure in 241 to 412 square feet.

Some offer larger balconies, too. Onboard Norwegian Prima, the larger balcony is advertised to be anywhere from 129 to 185 square feet. The standard club balconies are only 75 square feet. 

Family Club Balcony Suite

family club suite

Family Club Balcony Suites have enough space for four guests and range from 249 to 291 square feet, depending on the ship. 

While these rooms do not have two bathrooms like some other family suites on other cruise lines, the bathroom is larger than that of a standard cabin on some ships, such as Norwegian Bliss. 

Spa Club Balcony Suite

Like spa suites located within The Haven, Spa Club Balcony Suites are located near the onboard spa and typically allow guests complimentary access to the Thermal Suite. 

Inside the cabin, you will find tranquil spa-like decor, a queen-size bed, and an oversized waterfall shower. 

Club Balcony Suite

club balcony

Club Balcony Suites are the standard balcony suites that's found on every ship in the fleet, except Norwegian Sky, Spirit, and Pride of America. 

With these, you won't get any perks like the Spa Club Balcony Suites or any forward facing views. Instead, you can think of them like traditional balcony rooms that are a little bit larger and come with the standard benefits of Club rooms. 

Sail Away Club Balcony Suite

If you book a Sail Away Club Balcony Suite, this simply means that Norwegian Cruise Line will assign your exact cabin up to one day prior to embarkation. You are guaranteed a Club Balcony room or better, and the exact cabin can be located on any deck of the ship. 

These are the cheapest Club Balconies onboard. 

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NCL suite

The Haven is not available on every ship, and even if it is, you may be able to select another suite for a cheaper price. 

Onboard Norwegian Viva, for instance, you can select one of five suites that are outside of The Haven. Norwegian Gem is another example of a ship that offers both standard suites and The Haven. Onboard Norwegian Encore, however, the only suite options you have, other than Club Balcony Suites, are those within The Haven. 

While you won't have access to the Haven only areas, all guests staying in suite categories have access to butler and concierge amenities. Additionally, passengers staying in suites are able to skip the lines at embarkation and be personally escorted on and off the ship at the pier and at ports-of-call. You'll also get a distinctive key card. 

Note that not all suites are available on every ship. You won't, for instance, find a 3 Bedroom Garden Villa onboard Norwegian Prima or Bliss:

  • Forward-Facing Suite with Master Bedroom & Large Balcony

  • Aft-Facing Suite with Large Balcony 

  • 3 Bedroom Garden Villa 

NCL Star Garden Villa
  • Deluxe Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony

  • Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony 

  • Penthouse with Large Balcony

  • Forward-Facing Penthouse

  • Aft-Facing Penthouse

  • Family Suite with Master Bedroom & Balcony 

NCL haven
  • 2 Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite

  • Family Suite with Large Balcony 

Just how much do suites on Norwegian Cruise Line cost? 


Often when prospective guests are considering booking a suite category stateroom for their next cruise, their first question is how much do these rooms cost? The short answer to this question: it all depends. 

The cost of a cruise all depends on which category of suite, the ship, the itinerary, and the dates. When comparing suite types, guests should first keep in mind their overall budget for their cruise vacation. Once a budget is established, look to see which suite type fits within that budget. 

You also need to keep in mind that Norwegian suites are not all-inclusive, so you will want extra money for certain cruise add-ons, like shore excursions, airfare, specialty dining, and more

At the time of writing, the cost of a suite within The Haven during a 7-night Caribbean cruise onboard Norwegian Breakaway starts at $3,699 per person for the July 14, 2024 sailing. This is for The Haven Penthouse Suite with Balcony. If, however, you want to stay in the most lavish room on the ship, you can expect to pay over $9,000 per person! 

Some suite categories tend to be filled faster than others. Oftentimes, the most affordable suites within The Haven book up before the more expensive ones.

Suites will always be more expensive than balcony or interior staterooms; however, depending on the traveler it may be a worthy splurge for your next cruise vacation! For more tailored advice, you should speak with a travel agent, who can further advise you as what suites are available on what ships.

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