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Cruisers claim they were "degraded" for sneaking a washing machine onboard a Carnival ship


Would you ever think to try and smuggle a portable washing machine onto a cruise ship? Most likely not. Those on vacation typically don't want to think about doing household chores. 

Even if you find yourself needing to wash a few articles of clothing, many ships have self-service laundromats in addition to valet laundry service, albeit the latter is more expensive. 

Carnival Cruise Line's Brand Ambassador, John Heald, took to Facebook to respond to an inquiry he got from a previous guest onboard Carnival Valor, a Conquest Class ship that debuted in 2004, who tried to smuggle a portable washing machine onboard. 


"Mom and [I] were on the Valor back in March. We were called to the naughty room because we had a Kuppet portable washing machine in our big bag. We were treated like criminals and degraded," the message read. 

"I hope Carnival will be more sympathetic to people and do away with this humiliating experience."

Heald began by apologizing to the individual, who is called "L." However, he quickly went to defend Carnival's team, stating that they "...were doing their jobs." 


"I promise the intention was not to 'humiliate you,'" he said, "And who knew you could get portable washing machines? Not me."

In addition to all the items currently prohibited, Heald states that portable washing machines will soon be added, which should help future cruisers avoid similar situations. 

Heald's post has since received over 2,200 comments, many of which are sharing stories about when they were called to the "naughty room"


"Yes one time I had to go to the naughty room," wrote Susan Hartley, "It was due to having a small sewing kit that included a small pair of scissors in my suitcase. They couldn't tell the size of the scissors and wanted to see them. I was able to leave with my bag [intact]." 

Similarly, Corby Botts shared about the time he put bottles of wine in his checked luggage: "Learned after that the wine [needs] to be in out [carry-on]," he said. 

Emmie Comeau tried to bring on a small travel iron; however, it was found by staff and kept until the end of their cruise. 


"[It was] before the days of [the] internet, so I honestly didn't know it wasn't allowed. Now there's no excuse," she commented. 

Susan McDermott Knight said, "I brought a run of the mill extension cord! Nope, not allowed. I understood and handed it over. Next trip I brought a cruise approved extension cord and all was good again!"

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There were a lot of comments siding with the cruise line, too, stating that there's no need for anyone to bring a portable washing machine onboard


"Why bring a washing machine when there are self serve laundry rooms on the ship? Or wait and do laundry at home?" wrote Christine Mack.

Deborah Wilson commented, "A portable washing machine?? I am rolling on the floor laughing. Seriously. Oh my. Just oh my. SMH."

When packing for your cruise, you want to make sure that you don't try to smuggle any banned items onboard


In order to help facilitate and healthy and safe environment onboard, there are certain items that cruise lines have prohibited guests from bringing with them. While some fall within the realm of common sense, including drugs, weapons, and flammable objects, others may come as a surprise to new sailors. 

In 2022, I took one of my closest friends on her first-ever cruise. Not thinking too much about it, she packed her trusty steamer only to find it confiscated when she received her luggage. Though she took it like a champ, she did wish that she had researched Royal Caribbean's policies ahead of time, as she didn't realize how different cruise ships were in comparison to land-based vacations. 

Irons aren't allowed, either. Moreover, you won't have any irons or ironing boards in your cabin. Though some ships may have some in their laundromats or at Guest Services, they're typically few and far between. 


You may be planning on bringing an extension cord, too, especially if you're sailing on an older ship. Well, before you go unplugging all of your devices, make sure that it's a surge-free cord. Otherwise, it'll likely be confiscated since it's a fire hazard. If you don't have a surge-free cord on hand, consider a European power adapter. That way, you can take advantage of all the outlets in your cabin. 

You're better off purchasing some wrinkle-release spray, so you don't spend too much time trying to track down an iron that may not even exist. 

Marijuana, even if it's medicinal, is banned on cruise ships, too. Since it's still illegal at the federal level, and cruise terminals are considered federal facilities, you won't be able to bring any onboard with you, all forms of the drug, including edibles, joints, hash oil, vape pens, etc., cannot be packed in your luggage. 


If I were you, I wouldn't take the risk, especially if you're sailing with Carnival, as they deploy K9 narcotics dogs to sniff out everyone's luggage. 

If you aren't sure about whether a specific item is allowed onboard or not, reach out to your travel agent. If you booked through the cruise line, you can browse their website; however, if you still have any unanswered questions, call customer service. 

Rather than try and sneak a portable washing machine onboard, here are some tips for those who want to do a load of laundry on their cruise

Self-service laundry on Disney Wish

All cruise ships have laundry service, so even if your vessel isn't equipped with a laundromat, you're still able to wash some clothes. 

Most Carnival ships, however, have self-self laundromats that have 2-3 washers, dryers, and an iron. They cost $3.50 per wash and dry, totaling $7.00 per load, and will be charged to your Sail & Sign account. Moreover, there are small boxes of detergent available for $2.00. 

Carnival Jubilee, Celebration, and Mardi Gras don't have laundromats. 


It will be more expensive to wash clothes if you're reliant on the cruise line's valet laundry service. When I cruised onboard Carnival Conquest, I was curious to see how much they charged. A single T-shirt was $4.00, with dresses costing nearly $10.00. 

Portable Tide laundry packets are a great solution for budget-conscious travelers, as no one is immune to the accidental spill! The convenient packets won't take up much room in your suitcase and will allow you to quickly wash any soiled articles of clothing in your stateroom's sink. 

Nine packs only cost a little over $7.00 on Amazon, so you'll save quite a bit of money compared to sending your clothes out to be dry-cleaned while onboard. 

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