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MSC Meraviglia class ships

MSC Meraviglia, the 7th largest cruise ship in the world, makes its Miami debut on Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019

MSC Cruises has made a significant investment in ship construction in the last 20 years resulting in the diverse fleet they have today.

A significant part of MSC’s ambitious growth strategy has been the Meraviglia class of ships. There are currently four of them sailing, with one more due next summer. This class of ships has allowed MSC to add significant capacity to the fleet, taking customers all over the world.

Not only bigger in size, but these ships also leverage the newest advancements in technology to improve the passenger experience and lessen the environmental impact on the marine environment.

Here is what you need to know about MSC’s Meraviglia class of ships.

The Meraviglia Class


MSC’s mighty Meraviglia class brought the company into the realm of mega-ships, welcoming nearly 6,000 passengers.

Termed as the ship for all seasons, the inside of the ship provides numerous amenities for guests to enjoy. The ship's hub is a spectacular promenade with LED ceilings, spacious shopping areas, and plenty of food and beverage venues.

Described as the first prototype in a new design of ships, the Meraviglia class was uniquely designed, allowing for docking in harder to reach ports that other cruise ships can’t access.  

MSC Meraviglia promenade


A wide array of food and beverage options, entertainment, and a vast selection of cabin types are among some of its signature features:

  • Central Promenade with spacious shopping area, restaurants and bars
  • Cirque du Soleil productions
  • Extended MSC Yacht Club area
  • Water park, Sportsplex and F1 simulators
  • New family staterooms
  • MSC for Me app for easy communication and planning
  • MSC for Me chat lets passengers keep in touch without an internet package.
  • A state of the art water purification system
  • Noise reduction technology to reduce the impact on marine life

MSC Meraviglia Class Overview


MSC Meraviglia

Meraviglia aerial

Key facts:

  • Gross Tonnage: 171,598
  • Length:  1,036 feet
  • Width: 141 feet
  • Number of passengers 5,642
  • Year launched:  2017

The first in the class of ships, MSC Meraviglia, introduced MSC cruisers to a whole new type of ship. Its godmother is the legendary Italian actress Sophia Loren which ties nicely to the ship’s name, Meraviglia, which means wonder in English.

Compared to its predecessor MSC Preziosa, the last of the Fantasia class ships, it is 23% larger, with plenty of room for more guests, amenities and onboard activities. World class theatre productions, including the Cirque de Soleil, top restaurants and reimagined spaces, are all huge wow factors onboard.

MSC Meraviglia sails in the Caribbean and Europe. It is currently the only Meraviglia class ship sailing to the Caribbean, including MSC’s private island in the Bahamas, Ocean Cay Reserve.

MSC Bellissima


Key Facts:

  • Gross Tonnage: 171,598
  • Length: 1,034 feet
  • Width: 141 feet
  • Number of passengers 5,655
  • Year launched: 2019

The second is this class of ships is the MSC Bellissima, which is the same size as MSC Meraviglia. It mirrors the diverse selection of dining and drinking venues, along with numerous activities for all ages.


There are a few new enhancements to note. MSC Bellissima was the first ship to welcome Zoe, MSC's high-tech virtual assistant, which can answer thousands of questions and book restaurants in 7 different languages. It also added new London-style theatre shows to its entertainment selections.

The ship sails in the Gulf Region for the winter/ spring of 2022, moving to Asia for the summer of 2023.

Meraviglia Plus ships

Meraviglia Plus ships

A subset of the Meraviglia class, these plus ships are larger in size and have some new amenities and more green technologies.

As MSC puts it," The blue leads us to discovery, but the green leads us towards a better future for all ."The ships focus on delivering new and great experiences to passengers while also serving their strong commitment to lessening their environmental impact.

The Meraviglia plus class of ships further MSC goals by changing the way people think about entertainment and culture in an eco-friendly context.

MSC Grandiosa


Key facts:

  • Gross Tonnage: 181,541
  • Length:  1,094 feet
  • Width: 141 feet
  • Number of passengers 6,334
  • Year launched: 2019

The first of the Meraviglia subclass of ships. MSC Grandiosa is larger than MSC Bellissima, adding more than 10,000 gross tons and room for nearly 700 extra guests.

It has one of the largest pool decks of the fleet, with a giant screen tv, 13 dining venues and 8 new theatrical productions, including two new Cirque de Soleil shows.

MSC Grandiosa sails and visits ports throughout Europe, such as Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Russia and Malta.

MSC Virtuosa


Key Facts

  • Gross Tonnage: 181,541
  • Length:  1,087 feet
  • Width: 141 feet
  • Number of passengers 6,334
  • Year launched: 2021

The newest of the Meraviglia ships, it set sail in 2021 and is one of the most energy efficient at sea. The ship's name celebrates and honors the expertise and skill of the builders, virtuosos of their trade.

This was the first ship with Rob at the Starship Club,  the first humanoid robotic bartender (with a face). The promenade has the longest LED Dome to date with an epic sized 12,000 square foot shopping area. Also supersized are the water park and pool areas.

MSC Virtuosa sails from numerous ports in the Middle East and Europe with itineraries throughout the Middle East and Europe and Grand Voyages.

MSC Euribia


Next up will be the MSC Euribia, the newest ship in the Meraviglia class. It is named after the ancient goddess Euribia who harnessed the winds, weather and constellations to master the seas.

As with the other ships in this class, it is being built at Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint Nazaire, France, and is scheduled for launch in 2023. It will be the second ship in the fleet to be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

MSC launched a contest in October 2021 to find an artist to design the hull of the ship. They have tasked artists to take inspiration from the sea and the marine ecosystem.

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