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Celebrity Cruises ships by class


Celebrity Cruises is known for offering a refined cruise experience onboard its fleet of upscale cruise ships. While part of the Royal Caribbean Group, Celebrity Cruises is one of the more well-known cruise lines at sea, they actually operate one of the simplest fleets of any major cruise line.

With only 16 ships designated among 4 classes, Celebrity Cruises focuses on building innovative, modern, and trendy cruise ships that are sure to leave a lasting impression. 

In essence, cruise ship classes are basically a designation of ships that were designed to be nearly identical and constructed around the same time. Although cruise lines will switch up a few design aspects here and there, typically ships within the same class are built within a few years of each other and are virtually the same. 

Before we dive into the different classes, it's important to note that Celebrity Cruises operates in 2 distinct cruising markets, each offering vastly different experiences.


First, they have their mainstream, mid-sized ships that operate in popular cruising destinations, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe. These TK ships hold up to 3,800 guests, making them considerably smaller than the world's largest ships operated by Royal Caribbean and MSC Cruises. 

Celebrity Cruises also offers expedition voyages on small vessels to the Galapagos Islands. Because the Galapagos Islands have strict regulations regarding cruise ship operations in the archipelagos, Celebrity is one of the few cruise lines that has permission to offer sailings in the islands. These regulations help protect the wildlife and nature of the islands, which is important for the conservation efforts of the islands. 

Even with its modest fleet, Celebrity Cruises has a little something to cater to everyone. Their Edge Class ships feature the most onboard amenities and activities, while the older Millennium ships offer a more intimate, classic cruising experience.  

Before booking a reservation with Celebrity Cruises, you will want to research the class that best fits your travel style and budget. In this article, we will explain what makes each Celebrity class unique and what you can expect when sailing on a cruise ship within each class. 

Edge Class


Celebrity’s newest class of ships is its innovative Edge Class, which launched in 2018 with the debut of Celebrity Edge. Currently, there are four Edge Class ships in operation, with a fifth expected to join the fleet in 2025. Weighing anywhere from 129,500 gross registered tons to 140,600 gross registered tons, they're the largest ships in Celebrity's fleet. Depending on the vessel, they can hold upwards of 3,800 passengers on a single voyage. 

They're also considered the most advanced cruise ships in Celebrity’s fleet and feature the cruise line's newest technology, such as their newest category of balcony cabins: infinite verandas.

A first for the mainstream cruise industry, these balconies feature floor-to-ceiling and outward-facing glass windows that open with the touch of a button. These cabins essentially allow you to decide whether you want extra interior living space or a "balcony." If you still want the experience of stepping outside, you can book one of the traditional balconies. 

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Edge Class ships are also known for blending outdoor and indoor spaces with Celebrity's signature modern design. The Rooftop Garden features real greenery and an outdoor dining venue. It's meant to awaken everyone’s inner child, as the inspiration was drawn from the magic found in childhood playsets. 

The Retreat, Celebrity's "ship-within-a-ship" concept, is featured on Edge, Apex, Beyond, Ascent, and Xcel (2025). Those booked in a suite will be able to enjoy the exclusive sun deck, restaurant, and lounge. Note that The Retreat is larger on the Beyond than on the Celebrity Edge and Apex. 

Because these ships are bigger than other Celebrity ships, they were able to expand the beloved Sunset Bar, which features handcrafted cocktails and unbeatable views of the sea. 

Retreat Sundeck

Celebrity Edge introduced the revolutionary Magic Carpet, a cantilever platform that suspends over the sea. This space is used for a variety of purposes, including a tendering boarding area during the day and a live music bar in the evening. Guests can also take in the stunning views of the open sea while enjoying crafted drinks or a seafood dinner on the Magic Carpet.  

While Celebrity Cruises is one of the mainstream lines that offers a more all-inclusive experience, there are some add-ons that you can purchase. Dinner on the Magic Carpet, for instance, is priced á la carte. 

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Celebrity magic carpet

Finally, Edge Class ships strayed away from the traditional cruise dining experience. Instead of offering one Main Dining Room, there are four complimentary restaurants for guests to choose from, each of which specializes in a different style of cooking and cuisine:

  • Cyprus is a Mediterranean restaurant
  • Normandie specializes in modern French cuisine
  • Cosmopolitan focuses on New American food
  • Tuscan serves up global contemporary options with an emphasis on Southern Italian food

Solstice Class

  • Celebrity Solstice (2008) 
  • Celebrity Equinox (2009)
  • Celebrity Eclipse (2010)
  • Celebrity Silhouette (2011)
  • Celebrity Reflection (2012)

Before the innovative Edge class debuted, Celebrity Cruises launched 5 Solstice Class ships between 2008 to 2012. These vessels weigh between 122,000 and 125,000 gross registered tons and comprise more than half of Celebrity’s cruise capacity.

With five ships in the class, you are likely to sail on one of these cruise ships at some point if you start regularly cruising with Celebrity, as it is the line's largest class of ships. With plenty of glass panels and windows for sightseeing, Solstice class ships sail to far-flung locations like Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Asia, and South America. 

Celebrity Reflection, the newest ship in the class, holds the most passengers with a capacity of 3,480 guests. It also features one of the most luxurious suites at sea, the 2-story Reflection Suite, which measures 1,600 square feet.


With innovation at its forefront, Celebrity Cruises made waves in the cruise industry with these elegant and beautifully designed ships during their debut. Solstice Class ships were the first cruise ships to feature real grass lawns at sea in an area called Lawn Club. While playing yard games on the grass, you can grab a bite to eat at Lawn Club Grill. 

The grass is meticulously maintained by full-time landscapers who regulate a complex irrigation system. It’s no easy feat getting real grass to continuously grow on the high seas!

Additionally, Celebrity Cruises debuted the very first hot glass class at sea onboard Solstice ships in partnership with Hollywood Hot Glass. Working with a skilled instructor, guests can create personal glass pieces in the studio. Note that this experience isn't available on Celebrity Reflection. 

Celebrity Silhouette Cabin

As the cruise industry started building ships with more balcony staterooms, Celebrity jumped on the bandwagon. Solstice Class ships feature deck plans with nearly 80% of staterooms having private ocean view verandas. There's no better view than the one you see right from your stateroom!

Interior and ocean view window rooms are still comfortable and fitted with the same luxurious amenities in veranda staterooms, such as Celebrity's eXhale bedding and a queen-size Cashmere™ Mattress.

The outdoor pools on Celebrity are some of the trendiest and best-designed areas at sea. Solar panels with tons of sunlight shining through the glass ceiling make the adults-only pool one of the best places to relax at sea. 

Millennium Class

  • Celebrity Millennium (2000)
  • Celebrity Infinity (2001)
  • Celebrity Summit (2001)
  • Celebrity Constellation (2002)
Celebrity Infinity

Launching at the start of the new millennium in 2000, Celebrity's Millennium Class features the oldest ships sailing for Celebrity. When they debuted, they were a more modern take on cruise ship design from Celebrity. However, thanks to major upgrades in recent years, these 20+-year-old ships now have some of Celebrity’s most popular amenities and features from its Solstice Class ships, which debuted a few years later. 

All of the Millennium ships hold around 2,560 passengers and weigh 91,000 gross tons, making them about 30% smaller than Solstice ships. For those who prefer more intimate cruising experiences, these ships can be an excellent choice, especially if you are more itinerary-focused. Two ships, Celebrity Millennium and Celebrity Infinity, sail year-round in Asia and Europe, respectively. 

Millennium ships also feature a for-fee Rooftop Terrace that can’t be found on other Celebrity ships. This relaxing area is filled with padded loungers and daybeds for cruisers to enjoy. 

Xpedition Ships

  • Celebrity Xpedition (2004)
  • Celebrity Xploration (2017)
  • Celebrity Flora (2019)

Those looking for an exotic and intimate cruising experience might be interested in Celebrity’s Xpedition cruise ships. Vastly different from the other Celebrity classes, these expedition ships can accommodate anywhere from 16 to 100 passengers. While Celebrity Xploration holds just 16 passengers, the newest ship, Flora, is bigger and holds 100 passengers. Due to their exclusivity, the lowest fare is often more expensive than some suites onboard Celebrity's other ships. 

Celebrity Xploration is the tiniest of the three ships, weighing just 320 gross tons. On the other hand, Celebrity Flora comes in at 5,739 gross tons, and Celebrity Xpedition at 2,842.


Although the ships differ in size, they each offer similar experiences sailing around the virtually untouched Galapagos Islands. Because these ships are much smaller than anything else offered by Celebrity Cruises, you can expect to find fewer amenities onboard with limited options for dining, activities, and entertainment.

The most upscale cruising experience can be found on Celebrity Flora, which is the newest and biggest Celebrity ship sailing the islands. This vessel features two celebrity-inspired restaurants, star-gazing platforms, science lectures, and even a plunge pool. All of Flora’s staterooms are suites, making the experience a top-notch option for those looking to visit the Galapagos Islands.


However, cruising the Galapagos Islands isn’t about the amenities onboard the ship. Those sailing on these expedition vessels get to experience the surreal nature and wildlife of the destination. In fact, the Galapagos Islands is where Darwin was inspired to conceptualize his theory about natural selection!

These expedition-style cruises allow passengers to take Celebrity’s own landing craft ashore to see the famous blue-footed boobies on the island, along with plenty of other wildlife like iguanas and giant tortoises. 


Choosing the right cruise ship that fits your travel style and needs is one the most important factors when booking a Celebrity cruise


If you want to have multiple dining options with plenty of onboard amenities, you are likely going to find the best experience onboard Edge Class ships. From world-class dining to immersive entertainment and upscale accommodations, Edge Class ships feature the latest and greatest offered by Celebrity,

Those who want an ultra-luxurious and intimate experience in the Galapagos Islands will need to cruise on one of Celebrity’s expedition vessels. The exclusivity of these sailings results in a higher price tag, with prices starting at around $5,100. This would be classified as a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip for most people.

Those looking to visit more exotic, unique locations on a mid-sized cruise ship will appreciate the diversity of itineraries on Millennium and Solstice Class ships. Millennium ships offer a more intimate cruising experience, while Solstice class ships are bigger with more dining and entertainment options onboard. A plus to Millennium Class ships, especially Celebrity Infinity and Millennium, is that they sail to far-flung destinations year-round, so you can sail when it's most convenient. 

All of Celebrity’s ships have a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy, from dazzling entertainment to delicious cuisine. Known for their incredible service and modern ships, Celebrity Cruises has created consistency across its cruising fleet to ensure guests have an unforgettable experience. Regardless of the ship you cruise on, you will likely find similar venues and elements across all of the ship classes.

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